Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council

              on Wednesday 2nd July 2014 at 7.30 p.m. in the Cator Hall.

Present:Mr R Howes, Mrs J Chow, Mr L Haslam, Mrs s Wilson, Mr R Brown and 3 Parishoners.

Apologies: Mrs M Curry.

Correspondence:The Clerk read an Email from Cllr Peter Lambert submitting his resignation from the Parish Council.

1.Councillor’s Declarations of Interest:

The Chairman reminded Councillors to declare any interests in any agenda business.


2.1:Application Number: Proposed Development Lodged with NCC for Consideration.

      Remove and temporary storage 75,000 cu.m. of colliery spoil from lagoon 4,

      prior to the removal off site of approximately 40,000 cu,m. of coal material;

      and any red shale arising from the works to be either used on site or exported.

      Bilsthorpe disused colliery, Eakring Road, Bilsthorpe.

The application was considered by the Parish Council who then voted:

For Nil Against 5 Absent 1 (MC).

Their key objections were:

a.The owners of the site had received millions of pounds in grants to develop the area after  it closed as a colliery and this development would affect all the wildlife introduced at this time.

b. The development would result in both noise and dust that could affect both the many people working on the site (NCC Depot etc) and living nearby thus raising a health and safety issue.

c. A number of extra lorries are planned to arrive and leave the site and this will cause problems at the A614 junction and on the A614 itself which both are problem area already.

d. The cumulative effect should not be forgotten; there already being a 5 turbine wind farm on the site and a solar farm with planning permission passed and a large NCC depot plus an incinerator in the pipeline.

The implications of this development on the latter were mentioned.

2.2:Application Number 13/01363/FUL

       Erection of 1 No. 500 kW wind turbine measuring 60m to the hub and 87m

       to the blade tip (additional bat survey)

       Land at Brecks Farm, Maplebeck

       The application received consideration and then Mr Howes called for a vote.

       For Nil Against 5 absent 1 (MC). The consensus being that the additional information had not altered the Parish Council’s opinion that ‘Enough was Enough’, and that the cumulative effect of the number of wind turbines being erected in the area was having a negative effect.

2.3:Late agenda item:

      Application Number 14/01131/FUL

      Addition of galvanised steel fire escape to the proposed extension previously


      Ryalls Farm, Main Street, Eakring

      The Application was discussed and then the Chairman called for a vote.

      For 5 Against Nil  Absent 1 (MC).

3. Other Agenda Items:

3.1: Suggested format for document to distribute regarding Community Fund: This had been prepared by Cllr Lambert prior to his resignation but the meeting decided to discuss it. A decision was made that Mrs Chow and Mrs Wilson would take over joint responsibility for the paper which would be amended with additional information including approximate costings before it is ready for distribution. Mr Haslam agreed to assume Mr Lambert’s role of liaison with Mr Woods regarding the By-Way 25 Enquiry.

4.Next Meeting:

Wednesday 10th September 2014.

The Meeting Closed at 8.00 p.m.


David  Ottewell