Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on

                 Wednesday 10th September 2014 in the Cator Hall

Present:Mr R Howes, Mrs J Chow, Mrs S Wilson, Mr l Haslam, Mr R Brown, Cllr R Jackson (NCC), Cllr B Laughton,(NSDC), 7 Parishoners, Mr L Adams (Anesco Ltd).

Apologies: Mrs M Curry, Cllr F Taylor (NSDC).

1.Councillor’s Declarations of Interests:

The Chairman reminded members of their duty to declare any interests in agenda items at this point.


2.1: Minutes of the meeting held on 11th. June 2014 ( circulated prior to the meeting).It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mrs J Chow and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.

2.2: Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd July 2014 ( circulated prior to the meeting) It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr R Brown and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.

2.3: Minutes of the meeting held on 30th July 2014 ( circulated prior to the meeting) It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr L Haslam and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.

3.Matters Arising:

3.1: Mr Howes said that he would like to thank everyone who spoke up on behalf of the village during the hearing in front of the Inspector presiding over the By-Way 25 Modifiction Order . He felt that nothing more could have been done to put over the case and hoped that a good outcome would result.

3.2:Mrs Wilson explained about the cancellation of the visit of Mr Ben Pollock (Eakring Wind Farm Limited) to this month’s Parish Council meeting. Two questions from Parishoners, regarding noise and shadow flicker had been sent to Mr Pollock. The next step would be to send a delegation ( Mrs Wilson and Mrs Chow) to meet with our MP , Mr Mark Spencer. It was also agreed to write to Eakring Wind Farm Limited to express disappointment at the cancelled visit.

3.3: Consultation on Community Fund: Mrs Wilson and Mrs Chow said they were holding back on this until they had details on the valuation on the Cator Hall

3.4: Bus Stop by Triumph Road: The Clerk explained that after what appeared to be a solution in June recently it had been shown that the Mansfield bound buses were still picking up on the verge outside Jasmine Cottage opposite the bus stop in front of Ivy Cottage. After consultation with Elliott Mizen, Transport Facilities Manager, at NCC, it was stated that this was the correct pick up point though the problems associated with such a situation were acknowledged. Mr Mizen suggested two options 1. The bus stop stayed where it was and any Mansfield bound passengers with mobility problems or any others not wishing to walk on the verge could board the bus 5 minutes earlier outside Ivy Cottage, travel up to the terminus to National Grid and back towards Mansfield. Option 2.A new bus stop could be found on the west side of Kirklington Road. The problem with this was sites had been looked for previously without success, people not wanting a bus stop outside their property and the cost which could be upwards of £2000. Stagecoach also warned that if a satisfactory solution could not be found it could mean no stop at all on Kirklington Road or even no services at all in the village. The Parish Council considered the alternatives and decided in favour of Option 1.

3.5:Mrs Chow told the meeting that Mrs Curry was dealing with the Illuminated Eakring Signs and she understood that at present one Company had not been of use and a new Company was being sought.

3.6: The Clerk said that he had again received representations from Parishoners regarding Noble Foods lorries travelling through the village and on Sunday 7 September one had scraped along the side of a van parked on Kirklington Road. As they are moving from premises in the Weight Limit Area or to premises in the Weight Limit Area it was pointed out that they were within their rights. The Clerk was asked to write to Noble Foods to see if as a ‘neighbourly gesture’ they would consider directing their drivers to take an alternative route.

4. Public Questions and Comments:

There were no contributions in this section.

5.County/District Councillors:

5.1: Cllr Jackson said he understood the Village put up good arguments regarding the By-Way 25 Modification Order and now it was just a matter of waiting until the end of October for the result.

5.2: The problem regarding Noble Foods lorries travelling through the village was discussed and Cllr Jackson agreed a letter to the Company appeared the best approach.

5.3:Cllr Jackson announced that the LIS scheme had been reintroduced by the County Council.

5.4: Cllr Laughton will speak against the Bilsthope Incinerator planning application at the NSDC Planning Committee meeting on 7 Oct.

5.5: Cllr Laughton explained how there was no overall control on NCC at present.

5.6: Mr Howes drew Cllr Jackson’s attention to the condition of the road surface along Kirklington Road near Anderson’s Farm. Cllr Jackson agreed to pass the information to NCC.


6.1:Newark Community First Aid: Offer to provide a free 2.5 hr first aid course in the village if a venue is provided- The Parish Council agreed unanimously to fund the rent for the Cator Hall if a Course is set up.

6.2: NALC: AGM 15 Nov details.

6.3: Centre Parcs: Details of forthcoming fireworks displays.

6.4: NSDC: Parish Conference 6 Oct- Councillors to inform Clerk if wish to attend.

6.5: NSDC Review of Polling District, Polling places and Polling Stations.- agreed to circulate

6.6: Email from Parishoner asking if PC might consider leafleting village re-Bilsthorpe Incinerator.- The Parish Council discussed the matter and considered most appropriate methods of getting message across including holding a local meeting, leaflets etc and what had been done so far. Decision made to leaflet village with Mr Brown in charge of leaflet production and Mrs Wilson and Mrs Chow in charge of distribution. It was suggested that in lieu of a meeting in Eakring villagers be directed to next week’s meeting in Bilsthorpe. Another suggestion made was that people needed advice on composition of their objection letters.

6.7: Email fom Parishoner warning of thieves operating in area and use of tracking devices under cars. The message has gone to Neighbourhood Watch and Eakring Echo.

6.8:Tree Works: 1.Sternhill Paddock  No.1

                           2.Ryalls Farm

                           3. Sternhill Paddock  No.2

6.9: Items Circulated:

a: Lightsource uk: Update on Community Benefit

b:Police and Crime Commissioner – ‘The Beat’

c:NALC:Plain English Guide to the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 Consultation.

d; NALC: Open Letter to all Councillors of Member Town and Parish Councils.

e.NSDC:SPD’s Cosultation.

f. Beaumond House Community Hospice.

g.NCC: Better Broardband For Nottinghamshire-Aide Memoire.

h.NALC: New Rules on Open and Accountable Government.

i. NALC: Transparency Code for Parish Councils-Consultation Outcome.

j.Insignia UK Ltd: Centenary Commemoration.

k. NALC: The Basics of Planning and How to Deal with Planning Applications- Course 24 Sept.

l.NALC: Technical Consultations on Planning.

m.RCAN: Heating Oil-Top 10 Tips-Buy Early

n.NSDC: Items to be Considered at Planning Committee 9 Sept.

o. Clerks and Councils Direct- July

p.Parkers Wholesale Catalogue.

q. Glasdon Brochure

r.NSDC: Register of Electors information

s.NALC: Vitalise Charity poster.

t.NCC: Seasonal Decorations-Christmas 2014.

u. Wickstead Brochure.

7. Planning:

7.1:Proposed Development (lodged with NCC)

      Proposed development of the Bilsthorpe Energy Centre (BEC) to manage unprocessed

      and pre-treated waste materials through the construction and operation of a Plasma

      Gasification Facility, Materials Recovery Facility and Energy Generation Infrastructure

       together with supporting infrastructure.

       Bilsthorpe Business Park, Off Eakring Road Bilsthorpe.

This was circulated prior to the meeting and expert advice sought as per last Parish Council Meeting.

For Nil Against 6

The Parish Council discussed this application their particular concerns centred around unanswered questions of What is the composition of the waste? And Where is the waste coming from? They were particularly concerned that Eakring appeared to be right in the path of the fall out of potentially ‘noxious emissions’. Other concerns were the anticipated increased volume of heavy goods traffic (110+ daily trips) at the A614/Deerdale junction

7.2:Application Number 14/01283/FULM

      Vary Conditions 2,3,9 and 13 and removal of conditions 4,6,8,11.12.15 and 16 of

       Planning permission12/01/01594/FULM (Solar Farm)

       Former Bilsthorpe Colliery, Eakring Road,Bilsthorpe.

       Circulated and returned 12.8.14

       For Nil Against 6

The following decision notice had been received:

7.3:Application Number 14/01131/FUL

      Addition of galvanised steel fire escape to the proposed extension previously approved

      Ryalls Farm, Main Street, Eakring

      Application Permitted Full Planning Permission 12.8.14.

8.Cator Hall

8.1: Mrs Wilson explained that a Valuer had been out to view the Hall but that he required further information to provide the vendors with a selling figure. Issues such as the condition of the roof were being considered.

8.2: Mr Brown gave his report as Cator Hall Representative saying that Mrs Lambert now held the post of Chairman of the CHMC. Mrs Martin as Treasurer, expressed concern the position of the oil tank might mean that it could require moving or replacing.

8.3. The Clerk confirmed that a letter had been sent after the June PC meeting to the owners of the wall behind the Cator Hall:a reply had not been received. The Parish Council expressed concern at the length of time it was taking to effect repairs and instructed the Clerk to send a further letter on this occasion ( send recorded, ask for a reply by the next Parish Council meeting or ‘we would have to seek legal advice’)

9. Recreation Ground:

The field has been mown-Nothing else to report.

10. Accounts:

10.1:Clerk’s Salary                                                                            £231.92

        Office Sundries                                                                          £  38.79

        Cator Hall Insurance                                                                  £685.57

It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr L Haslam and agreed unanimously that these accounts be paid.

10.2: Conclusion of Audit 2013-2014: The Clerk told the Parish Council that the External Auditors,Grant Thornton, had signed off the Audit although they had pointed out that the Council Tax Support Grant of £50 received in 2013/2014 was not classed as part of the Annual Precept but an ‘Other Receipt.’

11.Other Agenda Items:

11.1:Casual Vacancy: Mr Tony White and Mr Jon Sweeney both of Triumph Road stood for election to the Parish Council. Mr Howes allowed each candidate the opportunity to address the Parish Council. A vote was taken and Mr Tony White was duly elected to Eakring Parish Council.

11.2: Mr Howes has suggested that the names of Parish Councillors as well as County and District Councillors should be listed on the notice board. It was agreed to include Addresses and telephone numbers.

11.3: Mr Lee Adams, Director of Sales,Anesco Ltd the Company now developing the Solar Farm on the old Bilsthorpe Colliery site explained to the meeting why his Company had put in a planning application to vary or remove a number of conditions on the original planning permission granted on the site. The Parish Council questioned him closely on his reasons but

ultimately after hearing what he had to say thought their decision to oppose Anesco’s new planning application was perfectly justified.

12.Next Meeting:

The meeting closed at 9.00 p.m. The next meeting to take place on Wednesday 8th October 2014 at 7.30 p.m in the Cator Hall.


David Ottewell


10.9. 2014