Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held on

                          Wednesday 12th. March 2014 in the Cator Hall

Present:Mrs M Curry, Mr L Haslam, Mr R Brown, Mr R Brown, Mrs S Wilson, Mr P Lambert, Mrs J Chow, Cllr R Jackson (NCC), Cllr B Laughton (NSDC) and 13 Parishoners.

Minutes:The Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th. February 2014 were distributed prior to the meeting. It was proposed by Mrs J Chow, seconded by Mrs S Wilson and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.

Matters Arising:

1.By-way No. 25 Modification Order: Mrs Curry asked Mr Lambert to update the meeting on progress made by the Action.Committee. He explained that Mr Bartle assisted by Mr Walker had been carrying out a historical investigation. Mr Bartle said this showed traditional usage of the lane on foot and indeed there was both living memory evidence, physical evidence and  documentary evidence on maps that at least  1884- 1940’s/50’s there were gates (posts) on the lane positioned at the top of Mill Lane end and Tenters Lane end.

It was important to show that it was a footway, bridleway and did not have vehicular access.

2.Community Fund: The Parish Council had received a Freedom of Information Request from a Parishoner which enquired about the fund offered by Laings for the Wind Turbine development. Mr Lambert supported by other councillors said it was unclear how the Fund was set up and administered. Mr Howes was of the opinion the village should be able to spend it how they wanted as compensation for the inconvenience being suffered. It was agreed to write to Laings for a better explanation of how the Fund is administered

Parishoners wished to comment and Mrs Curry pointed out that once more information was available the Annual Parish Meeting in May would be a good opportunity for Parishoners to express their thoughts.

Mrs Curry told the meeting she believed that a similar letter also needed to be sent to National Grid as she had an Email from the Company offering money in relation to the T-pylons and it was agreed to send such a letter.

3.Update of Fixed Assets Register: After discussion it was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr P Lambert and agreed unanimously that the Fixed Assets Register should remain at the same figure as last year and it was signed by the Chairman.

4.Update of Emergency Plan: Mrs Chow agreed to assist Mr Haslam in updating the Emergency Plan.

Public Questions and Comments:

1.The question was raised as to would the Parish Council confirm that nothing would be done towards any proposed development of the Playing Field until Laings had been written to and a reply received. Mr Lambert said after a reply was received it was planned to consult the village on future spending.(see Other Agenda Items)

2.Mrs Woods asked what had happened to the money raised in earlier years by Parishoners for the Playing Field development. Mrs Curry replied that it had been placed in a bank account by the old Playing Field Committee.

County/ District Councillors:

1.Cllr Jackson told the meeting he had walked By-way 25 with Ann Newstead. He had also had further discussions with NCC ( Allison Garroway and Neil Lewis) but they were still reluctant to impose a TRO- there being a feeling that this could suggest the By-way is a road.

2. Cllr Jackson said the Environmental Weight Limit for Eakring had been passed although Cllr Laughton arrived later at the meeting and mentioned that the local weight limit was ‘about to be implemented’.

3. There is to be a site meeting for the Bilsthorpe Incinerator development on 25 March but as yet there is no date for the Planning Committee meeting. Mr Jackson did not know if the 25March visit would include Eakring.

4.2014/2015 budgets have been set with increases of 1.99%-NCC and Nil- NSDC.

5.Mr Howes pointed out local road issues with the 50mph limit on the A614 diverting speeding traffic to village roads as a quick cut through. Mr Lambert added that there appeared to have been a timing issue on the Rose Cottage lights.

6. Cllr Laughton said 24 March was the date the Boundary Commission was expected to  report on the new NSDC Wards.

7.Concern was raised about the NCC planning website regarding the Incinerator where it proved hard to access responses from Consultees and objection letters from some Eakring residents were missing. Cllr Laughton said all the information would be in the report.


A: Freedom of Information Request: Received and Complied with.

1.Jane Bowen; Hon Sec Grove and Rufford Hunt: Apologising for upset caused on hunt day and stating had forwarded correspondence to Hunt Master for that day.- No news from Hunt Master to date and Cllr Laughton agreed to contact her on behalf of the Parish Council.

2.Cycle Live Nottingham: Great Nottingham Bike Ride  will pass through Eakring on Sunday 22 June.

3.Western Power Distribution: Works to underground overhead line on Parish Land at Eakring: Contacted and explained that land not in Parish Council ownership.

Items Circulated:

1.Clerks and Councils Direct- March 14.

2.NALC. Common Problems When Managing Formal Disciplinary Action-briefing paper.

3.NALC: Latest Position on Cheque Payments-Legal briefing.

4.NALC: Power for Local Authorities to sell Electricity.

5.NALC: Independent Custody Visiting Volunteer Scheme-details.

6.NALC: Finance Matters-Training Seminar-1May-details

7. Best Kept Village Competition 2014-details

8.Police Commissioner: TheBeat-Feb2014.

9.NSDC: Items to be Considered at Planning Committee- 11 Mar

10: Tree Notice: St Andrews Church.


             Item received and circulated:

                               Application Number 14/00340/FUL

                               Change of use from cart shed to live-work unit (development permitted

                                under 13/00410/FUL)

                                Chestnut Farm Wellow Road Eakring

                                For return by 19.3.14

Cator Hall.

Mr Brown reported that the leaking roof over the toilets had been inspected by a contractor and a report had been received that the roof needed replacing.The CHMC have begun seeking three quotes, the first of which has come in at £2,200. Mr Brown delivered the good news that Eakring Farming have made a donation of £600 to the Cator Hall.

Recreation Ground:

Nothing to Report.


                            Clerk’s  Salary                                                                                £226.54

                            Office  Sundries                                                                             £   32.56

                            2 Bags of Road Salt from NCC                                                     £ 110.00

It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson,seconded by Mr L Haslam and agreed unanimously that these accounts be paid.

The Clerk said that Mr M Beaumont had agreed to accept the post of Honorary Internal Auditor for this year and the Parish Council resolved to send a letter of thanks to Mr Peter Walker for his work in this role over the previous years.

Other Agenda Items:

Further to the issue raised by parishioners in the Public Questions and Comments section of the meeting. Mr Haslam said for clarification he proposed that no action should be taken on  plans to develop the playing field until communications had been sent to and received back from Laings.This was seconded by Mr Lambert and agreed unanimously.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.15.p.m.


David Ottewell