A Meeting of the Parish Council followed the Annual Parish Meeting

and the Annual Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday 9th May 2012

 in the Cator Hall

Present:Mrs M Curry, Mr L Haslam, Mr R Howes, Mr R Neale, Mr R Brown, Mrs S Wilson, Mr P Lambert, Cllr B Laughton and 1 Parishoner.

Apologies: Cllr A Stewart

Minutes:The minutes of the meeting held on 11th April 2012 were circulated prior to the meeting. It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr R Brown and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.

Matters Arising:

1.Snow Warden’s Equipment: The Chairman asked Mr Howes if he had received his promised supplies from NCC yet and he replied no. The Clerk revealed that Mr Alan Burt(Manager –Highways North  NCC)  had been sent an Email on 19 April. They requested he be contacted again.

2. Road Salt: The Parish Council were pleased to hear that a credit note had been received from NCC stating ‘total reduced following dispute on weight of salt delivered’.

3.Fixed Assets: Consideration was given to valuations of assets. Resilience Store   replacement costs are c. £1000 (details NSDC), Telephone Boxes a minimum £1950. It was believed the metal benches at Mompesson’s Cross and the Recreation Ground would be £500 to replace and the wooden benches on Main Street and Kirklington Road £200. Mr Lambert suggested a valuation of at least £480 on the new noticeboard. Mrs Curry suggested that the flags should be included on the register. Regarding the wooden bench on Kirklington road the Clerk reported that he had written to the County Solicitor to enquire where the licence from December 2007 for its placement had got to as this was not returned at the time.

4. Road Closure-Kirklington Road:  The general opinion was that this was working well though Mr Neale reported some initial bus reversing problems at the Wellow Road junction.

5. High School Bus: Mrs Curry explained that the High School bus had been travelling down Church Lane because of a change of route with no more pick ups in Wellow so the bus. had to turn somewhere in the village. An Email had been sent suggesting alternatives and it appears that for the last fortnight the bus has been using National Grid as a turning point.

County/District Councillors:

1.Cllr Laughton explained how changes in payments are made for council tax benefit claimants from national to local governments will result in a significant shortfall and its implications.

2. Cllr Laughton said the LDF was expected to be ratified at the end of June. Mrs Curry asked what if villages wanted to their own plan together. She explained to Cllr Laughton that the Parish Council saw it as a means of protecting the existing village village open spaces.

3. Mrs Curry said she had spoken to Cllr Stewart about the Oil Patch Warrior statue and that he had said that it would not go to Kelham Hall but would stay in the area. She had put forward National Grid as an appropriate site.

A discussion followed where it was stated that the statue should not go out of the village and that of the different areas considered in the village it had the strongest connection to National Grid. Mr Haslam said that if National Grid were happy to have it sited at their entrance he proposed that site, Mrs Wilson seconded the proposal and it was agreed unanimously as the Parish Council preferred option.


1.NCC.Pilot Lengthsman Scheme:An Invitation to Participate- The Parish Council decided to wait to see if they were approached by any other Parish Councils to join a group.

2.RCAN: Are You Ready For Localism? Courses-16.5.12. and 23.5.12.

3NSDC:Revised Ethical Framework-noted

4.NSDC: Parish Council Insurance Scheme Renewal 1st June 2012.- The Parish Council decided to accept the renewal premium of £181.28 after hearing that the Clerk  had contacted Zurich Municipal direct and been informed that to obtain individual Parish Council insurance would cost £225. NSDC get a discount for operating a bulk scheme.

Items Circulated:

1.Bassetlaw,Newark & Sherwood Community Safety Partnership: Community Safety Liaison Group Meeting – Kelham Hall 23.5.12.

2.NSDC: Items to be Considered at Planning Committee 8.5.12.

3.Clerks and Councils Direct- May 2012.


                                      Application Number 07/00856/FULEIA

                                      Documents/Plans received on 23 April 2012 in respect of

                                      Discharging conditions 7,8,9,16,17 & 19

                                      Wind farm of five turbines with associated items including

                                      Anemometer mast, substation and access tracks for 25 years

                                      operational period (re-submission)

                                      Land at Stonish Hill & Former Bilsthorpe Colliery Eakring Road


                                      Received 27.4.12  for comments by 9.5.12.



The following decision notice was received;

                                      Application Number 12/00022/FUL

                                      Temporary Planning Permission for a period of 5 years for two

                                      single storey accommodation blocks housing 20 bedrooms

                                      each (C2) and temporary permission for 80 space car park

                                      extension in association with the existing on site training centre

                                      National Grid Transco PLC Kirklington Road Eakring

                                      Application Permitted Full Planning Permission 3.5.2012

Cator Hall:

Mr Brown gave an update on the retaining wall. The Insurance Company are declining to cover the cost of repair claiming a pre-existing problem. The CHMC plan to query this decision. Discussion then centred on possible costs of repair and methods of meeting them. Mrs Curry said that information had been obtained from NALC but she felt that an open meeting would have to be held to canvas views before any long term commitment was taken.

Recreation Ground:

1.Mrs Curry thanked those who gave up their time to clear out the dyke.

2. Mr Neale expressed his concern that scrub was slowly encroaching on to the field (2-4 mts. in places) on the east side and that if it is not cleared the field will be lost permanently. It was suggested that Eakring Farming might be asked to assist when they mow the field and Mr  Haslam agreed to approach Alan Greswell.


                         Jubilee Fund       (Julie Chow)                                                         £122.00

                         Jubilee Fund       (Anna Woods )                                                     £  33.35

                         Parish Council Insurance (NSDC )                                                  £181.28

It was proposed by Mr R Neale, seconded by Mr L Haslam with all in agreement that these accounts be paid

Any Other Business:

1.Jubilee update; It was noted that the invitations had been circulated throughout the

Village. Mr Haslam revealed that he had contacted National Grid but had received no funding so far although he had been invited to a meeting by Bryan Ashford. Mr Haslam said he would raise the issue of the Oil Patch Warrior statue at the same time.

2. New Noticeboard:  Mr Brown suggested that a suitable site for this would be the brick wall between the Cator Hall and the Church as the forward wall around the hall is awaiting attention. The rest of the Parish Council supported this option.Mrs Curry spoke on behalf of the whole Parish Council when she thanked Mr Lambert for making the new Noticeboard.


There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.20.p.m.



Clerk 9.5.2012.