Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on

                    Wednesday 9th January 2013 at 7.30 p.m. in the Cator Hall.

Present: Mrs M Curry, Mr L Haslam, Mrs S Wilson, Mr R Brown, Mr P Lambert and 3 Parishoners.

Apologies: Mr R Howes.

New Parish Councillor:Mrs Curry welcomed the three Parishoners who had offered themselves for consideration for co-option to the vacant position of Parish Councillor. She explained that each would be able to address the meeting, ask questions and in return the Parish Council might have questions to ask.

Each candidate was asked if they met the criteria for being a Parish Councillor.

 Mrs Curry then closed the meeting and in turn:

        Mrs Julie Chow

         Mr Peter Clifford

         Mr Tony White

had the opportunity to address the Parish Council and ask and answer questions.

The meeting resumed and after discussion a secret ballot was held and Mrs Julie Chow was co-opted to the vacant Parish Council position. Mrs Curry thanked the other two candidates and said she was only sorry that there were not more vacancies.

Mrs Chow signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

Any Other Business

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.20 p.m.


David J Ottewell