Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held on

        Wednesday 27th February 2013 at 7.30 p.m. in the Cator Hall


Present:Mrs M Curry, Mr L Haslam, Mr R Howes, Mr R Brown, Mrs S Wilson, Mr P Lambert, Mrs J Chow.


                         Application Number 13/00117/FULM

                         Erection of 6 T-pylons, overhead lines, associated access tracks, and a

                         detached storage, training and welfare building to be used as part of

                         existing training centre

                         Field Reference Number 9054 Triumph Road Eakring

As the plans were laid out for inspection Mrs Curry explained that NSDC only supplied a small selection of those present for consideration and the majority had to be sourced from National Grid. The Parish Council, as a body, considered this unacceptable and asked Mrs Curry to arrange for NSDC to receive a delegation from Eakring Parish Council to hear of their disquiet regarding recent planning issues in person(s)

The meeting studied the plans and a thorough debate ensued in which issues such as the Eakring area and industrialisation, then and now, pylons and their effect on the environment, the spread of the National Grid complex and its size, National Grid and local employment were all aired. Eventually Mrs Curry asked each Councillor to summerize their views and a vote was taken. For 5 Against 2 (Mr Howes and Mr Lambert). Although  supporting the proposal it was recognised that there were concerns about the visual impact of the pylons  and the size that the site of National Grid was becoming in relation to the village of Eakring. Many members of  the Parish Council also raised the issue of the associated Community Grant. A suggested figure was not considered sufficient, by many Councillors, considering the extent of the project and the financial outlay involved. Mrs Curry said she had already raised this with representatives of National Grid and they in turn had referred the matter to Head Office and she was awaiting a response.


                          Application Number 13/00019/FUL

                          Variation of Condition 18 of Planning Consent 07/00856/FULEIA to

                           allow potentially ‘noisy’ activities associated with turbine erection to

                           take place outside normal working hours of 7.30-18.00 due to weather

                           dependency of the operation

                           Land at Stonish Hill & Former Bilsthorpe Colliery , Eakring Road

                           Bilsthorpe Nottinghamshire.

The Parish considered this application and after discussion a vote was taken:

For Nil Against 7. The main points raised against the scheme were:-

1.      It was not in the original planning application on which basis the Planning Inspector granted the appeal

2.      It must be rejected to protect local residents from noise during anti-social hours.

3.      Working at these times could be harmful to nesting birds and animals just emerging from hibernation.


               Application Number 13/00135/FUL

               Change of use of land for outside storage, erection of porta cabins and


                Land off Brailwood Close Bilsthorpe Nottinghamshire

The Parish Council considered this application and after discussion a vote was taken:

For 7 Against Nil

Any Other Business:

1.      The Clerk reported that some suspicious looking cable had been dumped on the edge of the Recreation Ground. Mr Lambert agreed to go and have a look before the Council decide on further action.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.


David Ottewell