Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on

            Wednesday 13th. June 2012 at 7.30.p.m. in the Cator Hall

Present:Mrs M Curry, Mr L Haslam, Mr R Brown, Mrs S Wilson, Mr P Lambert, Cllr A Stewart, Cllr B Laughton and 8 Parishoners.

Apologies:Mr R Howes, Mr R Neale

Minutes: The Minutes of the meeting held on 9th May were circulated prior to the meeting. It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr R Brown and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.

Matters Arising:

Jubilee Celebrations: Mrs Curry said that first of all she wished to thank the Committee for all their hard work and to give personal thanks to Mr Haslam for taking on the role of Chairman of the Jubilee Committee which produced a great village event. Mrs Curry explained that the Clerk would contact the Eakring Echo to ask if thanks could be passed on to all those who had contributed to making the event such a success.

1.Snow Warden’s Equipment: NCC had again been contacted but the supplies have not arrived.

2.Fixed Assets Register: It was agreed to update the register at the September meeting.

3.Code of Conduct: As no further information on the new Standards and Code of Conduct regulations applicable from 1st July has been received from NSDC it was agreed to leave the current Code of Conduct in place until the next meeting of the Parish Council.

County/ District Councillors:

1.Cllr Stewart said he would follow up the missing Snow Warden’s equipment.

2.Mrs Curry asked Cllr Stewart for NCC’s stance on wind turbines in the light of Lincolnshire CC latest pronouncements on them. Cllr Stewart replied and agreed to raise the issue at County Hall. Cllr Laughton offered observations on wind turbines in Newark and Sherwood District.

3. Cllr Stewart enquired of Mr Haslam if he had heard from National Grid about the placing of the Oil Patch Warrior statue. Mr Haslam replied that he was waiting for a reply from Bryan Ashford after which it was agreed a meeting would be set up involving Cllr Suthers.


1.Mark Spencer M.P.: EDM on Planning Appeals; does not sign EDMs as too costly and rarely effective although ‘sympathetic with the points it raises’- The Parish Council decided to write to the Communities Dept to express their concerns.

Items circulated:

1.NSDC: Items to be considered at Planning Committee-12 June

2.NSDC: Publication Allocation and Development Management and Development Plan Document (DPD) Representation Period.

3.NSDC: The New Standards and Conduct Arrangements for Members- 2 letters.


The following planning applications were considered:

                                  Application Number 12/SCR/00002

                                  Installation of a single wind turbine

                                  3 Bungalow Site Inkersall Grange Road Bilsthorpe

                                  For Nil Against 5  Absent 2

It was believed the cumulative effect of the turbines in the area made this unacceptable.

                                  Application Number 12/SCO/00002

                                  Request for Scoping Opinion for the erection of 500Kw Wind Turbine

                                  Wind Turbine at Coultas Cover Farm Kirklington Road Eakring

                                     For Nil Against 5  Absent 2

A scoping opinion could not be given because paper copies of the plans had not been received in time from NSDC planning department but the Parish Council believed the scheme required an EIA because of its close proximity to other turbines ( also cumulative effect) and important woodlands.


The Parish Council expressed the view that it would be appropriate to write to NSDC saying in view of Lincolnshire County Council’s recent stance on wind turbines they should consider adopting a similar policy .”We are making our contribution in terms of wind turbines :enough is enough.”


The following decision notice was received:

                                      Application Number 12/00345/FUL

                                      Householder application for erection of a single storey front

                                      and rear extension, new dormers to the front and rear and

                                      pitched roof to existing front dormers

                                      Santana Back Lane Eakring

                                      Application Permitted Full Planning Permission 23.5.12.

Cator Hall:

Mr Brown reported on the latest situation regarding the rear wall with the owners of the Hall suggesting different ownership which is being investigated.

Recreation Ground:

The field has received its first mowing of the year and Mr Haslam will contact Eakring Farming re action on the encroaching scrub.


1.Approval of Audit.The Accounting Statements for 2011/2012(year ending 31.3.2012) were presented.It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr L Haslam and agreed unanimously that these be accepted.

2.The Annual Governance Statement was approved by the Parish Council and signed on their behalf by the Chairman and Clerk.

                   Jubilee Fund     (Barry Binch)                                                          £ 235.00

                   Jubilee Fund     (Alex Cahill)                                                           £ 250.00

                   EON (telephone box light electricity)                                              £   23.40

                   Gate hanger for Recreation Ground                                                 £     8.40

                   Clerk’s Salary                                                                                   £ 224.30

                   Office Sundries                                                                                 £   30.64

                   Jubilee Funds   (N Barrows)                                                             £   37.38

                   Jubilee Funds   (H Brown)                                                                £   15.00

                   Jubilee Funds   (Machins Butchers)                                                  £ 240.00

                   Jubilee Funds   (J Chow)                                                                   £  58.95

It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr L Haslam and agreed unanimously that the above accounts be paid.

Any Other Business:

1.Memorial Seat Draft Licence: The Parish Council delegated the next stage of dealing with the  County Solicitor’s Department over this issue to the Chairman and Clerk.

2.Consultation on Appointment of External Auditors 2012+: None of the Parish Council raised any objection to the appointment of Grant Thornton as external auditors.

3.Dog Fouling: Concerns were raised about this particularly on Church Lane and down the footpath by the old Post Office. The Parish Council agreed with views expressed by a Parishoner that catching owners of offending dogs on camera would be useful evidence.

4.Follow Up Action Required:( Contact NCC)

a)The verges have not been cut and particularly dangerous is the junction of Church Lane and Kirklington Road.

b) The drain on Back Lane outside Orchard Cottage is blocked.

c) The drain on Back Lane outside Camelot is unable to cope with the water when it rains heavily.

d)A road works sign needs removing from outside Stentons Croft.


Representatives from the developers of Stonish Hill Wind Farm joined the meeting along with a number of Parishoners. Mrs Curry gave the floor to the three visitors and said that Parishoners would be able to ask questions.

1Annette Lardeur-Peel Energy

2Neil Kenyon-John Laing (new owners)

3Phil Holden- Blackwells(employed to carry out construction)

Mr Holden(Contract’s Manager) set out the timetable for the development.

Work would commence in 2 weeks with the Construction Compound built first.

Tracks to foundation bases-end June-end Sept.

Platforms-mid July-begin Sept.

Pylons-20thJuly-29th Aug.

Foundations-end July-end Oct.

Sub Station-end July-mid/end Nov.

Begin Commissioning April 2013.

Mr Holden outlined the impact.

There were possible problems of dust, noise pollution and road traffic all of which Blackwell’s aimed to keep to a minimum as they belonged to the Considerate Constructor Scheme and they were externally audited and accountable to NSDC.

There will be no access off Bilsthorpe Road all access through Industrial Estate . He guaranteed no traffic through village of Eakring as this was part of planning agreement. If see any take number and contact him direct.

There will be weekly noise checks. Mr Holden promised to supply the noise levels they had to keep too the next day via the Parish Council and also to visit any home and carry out an individual check if anyone thought it ‘too noisy’. Work hours permitted were Mon-Fri 8a.m.-6p.m. Sat 8 a.m.-1 p.m. but they just hoped to use week days.

Turbines were Repower and remained on the same co-ordinates. If there were concerns about noise once up contact NSDC or Laings 1st. Same with shadow flicker. Protocol is to investigate complaints and then offer a solution. Annette L suggested that it might be possible to offer blinds to houses if they experienced problems. Parishoners pointed out the flaw in this thinking.


It was pointed out that there were strongly held feelings about the project. Mr Holden said he could not change the decision to build it ‘but could build it sensitively with the least impact on you.’ Blackwells were responsible for construction. Once built it was the responsibility of Laings who would award operational contracts to run and maintain the access routes, turbines and substation. They were low maintenance and people would not be on site daily.


After 25 years the turbines and concrete would be removed to ground level but the access tracks would remain. Asked if they were likely to remain after 25 years Mr Kenyon said he could not answer.

Community Fund: Mr Kenyon confirmed a sum of £15,000 p.a between Eakring and Bilsthorpe for the period of the scheme with the option to roll up the first 5 years money. Different forms of administration possible.


The meeting closed with an opportunity to look at the plans and ask individual questions.


D. Ottewell

Clerk. 13.6.2012.