Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on

                 Wednesday 13th February 2013 at 7.30 p.m. in the Cator Hall


Present: Mrs M Curry, Mr L Haslam, Mr R Howes, Mrs S Wilson, Mr R Brown, Mr P Lambert, Mrs J Chow, Cllr A Stewart and 3 parishoners.

Apologies: Cllr N Armstrong, Ms K Tarburton.

Minutes:The minutes of the meeting held on 12th December 2012 were circulated prior to the meeting. It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr R Brown and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record. The minutes of the meeting held on 9th January 2013 were circulated prior to the meeting. It was proposed by Mr L Haslam, seconded by Mrs S Wilson and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.

Matters Arising:

1.Mrs Curry welcomed Mrs Chow to her first meeting as a Parish Councillor.

2.As information was presently arising at each meeting regarding the Wind Farm development and the proposed National Grid pylon development it was agreed to make these standard agenda items.

3.Questions were raised about the present maintenance arrangements in the area around Mompessons Cross and the future provisions. Mrs Curry pointed out that nothing could be decided at this present time.

4. Mrs Curry said that she had held meetings with National Grid since the last P C Meeting on various issues including the pylon development and the Community Grant Mr Lambert said he was alarmed at the way Murphy vehicles were travelling to and from NG; He had seen drivers on radios whilst driving and near accidents had occurred- Other traffic including a crane and Noble Food vehicles also raised comment. Mrs Curry thought it would be possible for the people on the NG gate to observe if traffic was accessing the site from the left or the right of Kirklington Road and would raise the matter with Brian Ashford.    There were various comments about the size of the latest development at NG, including  that lights were visible from the Caunton Road  Mr Lambert proposed that a delegation visit NG to see work in progess and again Mrs Curry agreed to raise the matter with Brian Ashford.

County/District Councillors

1.Cllr Stewart reported on a meeting concerning the Oil Patch Warrior statue which he had held with representatives of National Grid and also our PC representatives. It was proposed to erect a replica statue in Dukes Wood and place the original on a secure public site; location yet to be decided- Signs will be placed directing people between the two sites

. Cllr Stewart will take this proposal to NCC and NWT for comments.

2. Cllr Stewart said he had been made aware of the strong feeling in Eakring at the plans to axe the Countryman bus service at the end of March He heard from the meeting the strength of this feeling and how people depended on it. Cllr Stewart said he understood the concerns and the Countryman’s importance to the Community; he had helped to get the service started in 1981. He explained there was a meeting on Monday to review the closure. He believed the Wednesday service was ‘likely’ to be reinstated but the Saturday service was more ‘problematical’ as it was less used. It was pointed out that 7 people had been on the bus the previous Saturday and 11 on the Wednesday.

3.Cllr Stewart met the Youth Club prior to the Parish Council meeting, having made a £300.00 equipment grant. He thanked the leaders for giving their time freely and said it was a pleasure to meet the members of the group.

4. Mr Howes re-emphasised his concerns, expressed at previous meetings about the speeding traffic through Eakring and the poor state of the white lines at road junctions. He noted that he had received a copy of a reply from Jo Horton ( NCC Highways) sent to Cllr Stewart. Mr Howes highlighted the state of the Caunton Road, potholes etc and with a section coned off. Cllr Stewart said he had been assured that NCC lorries should now only be using the road to get to villages in that area and not as a route to and from Newark for which they must use the A617.


1.NSDC: Register of Electors 2012/2013.- receipt acknowledged.

2.NCC; Councillor’s Divisional Fund- £300.00 for the Youth Club.

3.NCC: Remittance Advice- £66.00 refund for Salt bags underweight last year- accepted and Clerk to bank.

4.NSDC: Modifications to N and S Allocations and Development Management DPD-acknowledged.

5.NSDC: Review of Contact Details for Parish Councils- Email address supplied but told that Planning still to be sent by post.

6.National Grid: Updated site map supplied as requested.

Items Circulated:

1.NSDC: Items to Considered at Planning Committee 8.1.13.

2.Clerks and Councils Direct-Jan13

3.Glasdon Brochure

4.NSDC: Allocations and Development MDP Addendum to final Modifications Consultation Document.

5.NCC: Lengthsman Scheme –evaluation of Pilot and proposals for 2013.

6.NCC: Notts Bus Connect –poster and brochure

7. NSDC: Review of Statement of Principles of Gaming Act 2005

8.NSDC: Items to be Considered at Planning Committee 5.2.13

9. Newark Appeal to help Disabled Ex- Servicemen and Women 2013.

10.NCC: Switch and Save Offer-poster.


                               Application Number 12/01075/FUL

                               Erection of Wind Turbine (500kW) with a hub height of

                               50 metres and a tip height of 78 metres

                               Lockwell Hill Farm Kirklington Road Farnsfield

                               Circulated and returned 30.1.13

                               For Nil Against 7


The following decision notice has been received:

                              Application Number 12/01458/FUL

                              Householder application for construction of Detached Single Storey

                              Building with storage in roof space to form Granny Annexe

                              Nalah Cottage School Lane Eakring

                              Application Permitted Full Planning Permission 17.12.12

Cator Hall:

Mr Brown announced that the CHMC hoped to start refurbishing the Cator Hall soon with Experian agreeing to paint the Main Hall and work starting in the near future on the Small Room.

Recreation Ground:

Mr Haslam said he had spoken to Eakring Farming about the Field for the coming year.


                               Youth Club Grant ( from County Councillor )                         £300.00

                                NALC Subscription 2013-2014                                               £  80.36

It was proposed by Mr P Lambert, seconded by Mr R Brown with all in agreement that these accounts be paid.

Any Other Business:

Karen Tarburton from RCAN , who was due to join the meeting at 8.30, sent her apologies but felt in view of the lying snow she should not attempt to travel. The Parish Council agreed to accept Ms Tarburton’s offer to attend next month’s meeting instead.

1.Future of Countryman Bus: Already discussed earlier in the meeting.

2. Arrangements for Annual Green Lane Inspection: Mr Haslam agreed to carry out this task with the Clerk. Mr Lambert asked if the local Footpaths were inspected regularly by the PC but Mrs Curry said this was a NCC role not a PC task although we reported any problems that we became aware of. Clerk to provide Mr Lambert with a copy of the FP map. Mrs Wilson asked if the PC was aware of the broken FP sign at the entrance to the allotments ( FP No 4 reported)

3.Wind Turbine Planning Application: Mrs Curry told the meeting she had been most disturbed to find that a planning application had been put in to alter conditions of working on this project although the PC had not been informed, it had been sent to Bilsthorpe only for consideration.. Mrs Curry explained that with the aid of Cllr Armstrong she had made the strongest representations to Colin Walker, Head of Planning at NSDC. Mrs Curry agreed with other Councillors that there could be a variety of implications from this procedural error not only legal. Many Councillors felt a meeting should be arranged with the Developers and Mrs Curry agreed to contact them. Meanwhile the plans have now arrived and along with the Planning Application for the National Grid Pylons scheme and it was agreed to hold a PC meeting on 27 February 7.30 p.m.

4. Sandy Lane: Mrs Curry said that there had been reports of four by fours/ motor cycles racing along this road.

5. Litter: Mrs Curry asked if something could be done with the litter bin on the floor by the bus shelter on Main Street and a suggestion was made to organise a litter pick in the Village when the weather improves.

6. Planning: Clerk to contact NSDC re retrospective planning application for a property.

7.Playground Funds: The PC agreed to  contact the Fund Holders to transfer the balance to a new account.


There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.50. p.m.


David Ottewell