Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on

Wednesday 12th December 2012 at 7.30 p.m. in the Cator Hall


Present:Mrs M Curry, Mr L Haslam, Mr R Howes, Mrs S Wilson, Mr R Brown, Mr P Lambert, Cllr A Stewart and 1 parishoner.

Minutes:The minutes of the meeting held on 14th November were circulated prior to the meeting. It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr R Brown and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record. The minutes of the meeting held on 28th November were circulated prior to the meeting. It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr L Haslam with all in agreement that these be signed as a true record.

Matters Arising:

1.Arrangements to Co-opt new Parish Councillor: The Clerk informed the meeting that two candidates- Mr Tony White and Mrs Julie Chow – had put themselves forward for co-option. A decision was made to hold a Parish Council meeting on the 2nd Wednesday in January to which the two candidates would be invited to talk to the PC before a decision is made.

2. Traffic dangers on Caunton Road: Councillors expressed concerns at the continued dangers faced by vehicles on this road. It was thought that the recent fatal accident on the A616 at Ompton might slow traffic there and result in more problems on Caunton Road. Also it was pointed out that the deteriorating condition of the verges on the Caunton Road were themselves pushing traffic into the middle of the road. The icy state of this road in the last cold snap was also highlighted.

3.DispensationsRequests: The Clerk read out a letter from NSDC Monitor Officer  dated 6 Dec which provided new information on dispensation requests.

The Parish Council having received application forms from all 6 serving Parish Council members for dispensation requests to both speak upon and vote upon the setting of the Parish Precept for the years 2013/2014,  2014/2015 and 2015/2016 due to having disclosable pecuniary interests by reason of their property interests in the parish voted unanimously to grant these requests as so many members were in this position as to impede the business of the Council i.e. otherwise make it inquorate.

County/District Councillors:

1 When Councillor Stewart joined the meeting Parish Councillors voiced their worries about the Caunton Road which had been raised earlier in the evening. Cllr Stewart said he had been in discussions at County Hall and voluntary weight restriction signs were on the list for consideration for next year’s County Council budget list.

2. Cllr Stewart has been contacted by Mrs Anna Woods from the Youth Club asking for a grant for a table tennis table. The PC agreed the money could arrive via PC accounts.

3.Cllr Stewart said that he the slow progress on re-siting the Oil Patch Warrior statue concerned him and he proposed to contact National Grid direct to see if he could speed up events.

4. Mr Howes pointed out a potential road hazard especially for cyclists where the white lines at road junctions were becoming worn away and required repainting. Cllr Stewart agreed to pass on the observations to NCC.

5.Mr Howes went on to raise the dilemma of  speeding traffic using the village and country lanes as a cut through especially since the placing of speed cameras on the A614. and the  need for  different speed limits between A roads and others. Cllr Stewart suggested the Parish Council draft a letter to the new Police Commissioner or the Chief Constable as the priority should be to enforce the present speed limits rather than the more widely held view of imposing lower speed limits.


1.NCC: Local Improvement Scheme Event 7 Mar 2013.- 2 delegates invited.

Items Circulated:

1.NALC: Training Event –Code of Conduct, Members Interests,Dispensations and the New Standards Regime.

2. NCC: Living at Home Safely for Longer

3.Glasdon Brochure

4.NSDC: Items to be Considered at Planning Committee- 27 Nov

5. RCAN: Bulk Oil Buying Scheme

6. Christmas Card-Notts Police Commissioner


1.March Cottage: applying for retrospective planning permission for the porch to the front elevation.

2.National Grid Pylons: A planning application for a Screening Opinion has appeared on the NSDC web site but the Parish Council have not been contacted. NSDC were contacted by telephone who stated that PC were not on the list of Consultees for a Sreening Opinion but have promised to send details by email.

Cator Hall:

Mr Brown explained that a local contractor had been employed to work on the front grounds wall which still needed completing. It was hoped to direct the invoice to Blackwells on completion.

Recreation Ground:

1.The Sub-station works have been completed on the adjacent field and the new gate is in position and we have two keys with one more that the Clerk will take to Eakring Farming.

2.Mr Haslam asked if he could raise the issue of rock salt. He said that in a recent cold spell the hill at the top of Wellow Road had been like a skating rink. The store of rock salt, kept for the PC, at Eakring Farming was getting low and it was suggested that it ought to be topped up in case of severe weather. The Parish Council agreed to the purchase of two X one tonne bags if they were at a similar price as last year ( £55 each)


                       Clerk’s Salary                                                                         £224.30

                       Office Sundries                                                                       £  19.99

                       Eakring Echo Sponsorship                                                     £  20.00

Late agenda item

                       Christmas Lights turn on expenses                                        £  68.18

It was proposed by Mr P Lambert, seconded by Mrs S Wilson with all in agreement that these accounts be paid.


The Precept for 2013/2014 was considered. The Parish Council were presented with estimated funds for 5.4.2013 and estimated expenditure for 2013/2014. After noting the annual commitments the Parish Council decided to allocate £120 to Hire of Cator Hall, £180 to Insurance, £150 for the audit fee, £1000 towards the Cator Hall Insurance, £100 to be placed in the Election account and £330 towards Community Iniatives. The total precept requirement for 2013/2014 was £3500. It was proposed by Mr L Haslam, seconded by Mrs S Wilson and agreed unanimously that the figure of £3500, the same as last year, be adopted as the 2013/2014 precept figure.

Any Other Business

1.Karen Tarburton of RCAN who was due to attend the meeting to discuss Neigbourhood Plans had to postpone her visit. It was agreed to invite her to the next meeting in February.

2.Snow Warden: As the village snow Warden Mr Howes queried if he would be insured if he was injured carrying out his duties.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.00 p.m.