Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held on

     Wednesday 11th. September 2013 at 7.30 p.m. in the Cator Hall


Present: Mrs M Curry, Mr L Haslam, Mr R Howes, Mr R Brown, Mr P Lambert, Mrs J Chow, Cllr R Jackson and Cllr B Laughton.

Apologies: Mrs S Wilson.

Minutes: The Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th. June 2013 were circulated prior to the meeting. It was proposed by Mrs J Chow, seconded by Mr R Brown and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record. The Minutes of the Meeting held on 10th. July 2013 were circulated prior to the meeting. It was proposed by Mr R Brown, seconded by Mr L Haslam and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.

Matters Arising:

1.Neighbourhood Watch Update: Mrs Chow explained that the Eakring scheme was now on the internet and had 3 members. If Members were agreeable she proposed to place a piece in the Eakring Echo about the scheme giving the website address so any Village residents will be able to sign up. Cllr Jackson  said that a new Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator had been appointed and gave a NSDC  contact. He also mentioned that the Police Alert System would send relevant Email information to Village Coordinators.

2.Village Sign: It was agreed to set up a competition to create a design for the sign with a prize for the best suggestion received by the November PC meeting.

3. Telephone Box: The Clerk said he had found a source for the plastic ‘telephone’ signs at £15.38 plus VAT and the Parish Council agreed to purchase two.

4. Solar Farm: Mrs Curry noted that this scheme had received planning permission. Cllr Jackson asked if there would be any benefit to the village and Mrs Curry replied that the Developers had been approached about a Community Fund but had replied in the negative. Cllr Jackson said he was aware of the feelings about the Bilsthorpe Incinerator but not withstanding these a clause about a Community Fund should be negotiated.

Public Questions and Comments:

There were no members of the public in attendance.

County/District Councillors:

1.Mrs Curry asked Cllr Jackson if he had any news on a timetable for the introduction of the Environmental Weight Limit Signs in the Village. Cllr Jackson replied that Eakring was in the Southwell Scheme for an area road weight limit which was already at Consultation now so the signs were at present on hold as they would have to be replaced quite soon if the Southwell Scheme got approval.

2.Later Cllr Jackson left to go to another meeting. Later still Cllr Laughton arrived from another meeting and he showed the Parish Council a map of the proposed Southwell weight limit area with Eakring outside the boundaries. It was decided to contact Cllr Jackson for clarification of Eakring’s position with regard to the Environmental Weight Limit.


1. NCC Winter Service -Offers of Assistance to Parish Councils: It was agreed to request the 5 free 25kg bags of salt. It was agreed unanimously to purchase 2x one tonne bags of salt at £55 each.. No blue grit bins were required.

2.Sherwood and Newark CAB: Grant Aid Application 2013/2014: After discussion Mr R Howes proposed that a grant of £50.00 be made. Mr R Brown seconded the proposal and it was agreed unanimously.

3. NALC : Annual General Meeting 2013: Forms for:

a) Appointment of Voting Delegates

b) Nominations for the Election of Officers

c) Nominations for the Election of the Executive Committee-no returns decided.

4. Allied Westminster: Return of £19.53 overpaid Cator Hall insurance

5.NALC: ‘Local Councils Explained’ : new publication available £49.99

6. NSDC: Parish Conference 7th October: Themes- Parish Council precepting and Resilience to Flooding- Attending- Mr Haslam, Mr Lambert, Mr Ottewell

Items Circulated:

1.Peel Environmental: Proposed Bilsthorpe Energy Centre

2.NSDC; Recovering from a Stroke-Course poster

3.Clerks and Councils Direct-July

4.NSDC: Standards Training Course-9.9.13

5.Roger Jackson: Email ‘ HGV through Eakring

6 NSDC: Blidworth Leisure Centre

7. East Midlands Trains: Major Re-signalling Works 20th July- 25th Aug

8. NCC; Proposed Development : The Stud Farm Rufford

9.NSDC: Adoption of the N&S Allocations and Development Management DPD

10. NCC: Conference Meeting and Events venues in Notts.

11. Police Commissioner: The Beat- July and Aug

12. Clerks and Councils Direct- Sept

13.East Midland Trains: Nottingham Station Reopens

14.NALC: The Good Councillor Guide-availability

15.NALC: Can you help make policing in Notts better?

16.NALC: Finding and Bidding for Project Funding-course

17.NSDC: Items to be Considered at Planning Committee 3.9.13

18. Worksop Masonic Club: Remembrance Service and Lunch-poster and details.


                           Application Number 13/00952/FUL

                           Proposed Erection of 1 No. Wind Turbine and Associated

                           Works and Infrastructure and the Decommissioning and

                            Removal of a previously approved Vergnet Wind Turbine

                            and Associated Infrastructure at Rufford Forest Farm Farnsfield

                            Rufford Forest Farm, Centenary Avenue, Rufford

This application was discussed and Mr Howes called for a vote. For 0 Against 2 ( Mr Howes and Mr Brown) Abstain 4. The reasons against were that the new turbine would be considerably larger than the one it would be replacing and concerns about the cumulative effect of the number of turbines locally.

The following decision notice had been received:

                            Application Number 13/00635/LBC

                            Replacement of Windows

                            Eakring Windmill, Wellow Road, Eakring

                            Application Permitted Listed Planning Consent 3.7.13.

Cator Hall:

1. Details of Offer of New Lease: The Clerk outlined the terms being offered for a new 25 year lease including yearly rent. In view of the fact that the old lease had until 2020, rent free , to run the Parish Council opted to continue with the present lease and renegotiate at a later date.

Recreation Ground:

1.The Clerk reported rubbish, mostly tree roots and branches, dumped on the side of the field and in the dyke near the bridge.

2.Councillors expressed concern about the vandalism resulting in the gate  fronting Triumph Road  again being taken off its hinges( kindly replaced by Alan Greswell of Eakring Farming in a hopefully permanent manner). This and the fact that no one in the area observed these acts were considered to be worrying signs.


                    Cator Hall Insurance                                                                       £ 678.86

                    Clerk’s Salary                                                                                  £ 228.76

                    Office Sundries                                                                               £   26.99

It was proposed by Mr L Haslam, seconded by Mr P Lambert and agreed unanimously that these accounts be paid.

Other Agenda Items:

1.Bilsthorpe Incinerator:The Parish Council agreed with Mrs Curry’s suggestion that if Bilsthorpe Parish Council gave a positive response then the two bodies should combine their Public Meetings.  Bilsthorpe PC had already arranged theirs for Monday 14th. October . 6..30p.m.

2.Plans for the New Trees: After a chance for ideas to be aired the meeting agreed with Mr Haslam’s suggestion that the Green Lane off Bilsthorpe Road was possibly the best available site for the trees. He and the Clerk will survey the area and report back to the next meeting.

3.Footpaths and Pavements:

   A)Overhanging hedges- Mr Brown said he had received complaints about hedges blocking walkways.- It was agreed to put a note in the Eakring Echo.

  B)Poor state of paving at disabled crossing points- Mr Brown said that it had been pointed out to him that these two sections of pavement on Wellow Road were crumbling. The Parish Council decided to contact NCC to request repairs but at the same time informing them  that  the cause was large vehicles cutting the corners at this road junction.

4. Resilience Store: Mr Haslam presented the meeting with a list of the contents of the store and approval was given for Mr Haslam to acquire sand for filling the sand bags.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.55 p.m.


David Ottewell