Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on

                  Wednesday 11th. April 2012 at 7.30.p.m. in the Cator Hall

Present:Mrs M Curry, Mr R Neale, Mr R Howes, Mr L Haslam , Mr R Brown, Mrs S Wilson, Mr P Lambert.

Apologies:Cllr A Stewart, Cllr B Laughton.

Minutes: The Minutes of the meeting held on 14th. March2012 were circulated prior to the meeting.It was proposed by Mr R Brown, seconded by Mr P Lambert and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.

Matters Arising:

1.Road Closure-Kirklington Road 8th-20th May: The Clerk reported that he had met with Jerry Preece (NCC Highways) and been supplied with a detailed map of the proposed works. The road would be closed to through traffic from Church Lane to Brail Lane with an alternative route signposted via Bilsthorpe. The Mansfield Bus would terminate at Bilsthorpe during this period. School buses will operate as normal. The issue of the High School bus travelling down Church Lane was raised. This is a narrow road with a restricted vision access onto Kirklington Road and the verge has been damaged. Clerk to contact bus company to enquire why route has been altered.

2.Trees from Central Networks: A letter has been received acknowledging entitlement to 32 saplings and providing a list from which to make a selection for planting in the autumn.

3.Fixed Assets: Nalc responded to the request for information by stating that all the items owned by the Parish Council need to be on the register even at a nominal £1 but if you were to want to make an insurance claim for loss or damage for an item at a later date it should have an actual ( replacement value) even if it was originally a gift. In the light of this information the Parish Council decided to update their Fixed Assets register

4. Bags of Salt invoice: The invoice for the 2 bags of salt had arrived from NCC. As this was for 2x 1tonne bags of salt and 2x750kg  bags were delivered  the meeting decided unanimously to send a cheque for £99 in payment.

5.Snow Warden: Mr Howes, the Snow Warden for the village, informed the meeting that there had still been no progress in NCC  supplying him with a shovel and high visibility jacket in preparation for winter 2011-2012.. Clerk to contact NCC.

County/District Councillors:

On this occasion none were in attendance


1.NCC: County Council Civic Service 24 June invitation-noted

2.Lloyds TSB: Did the Parish Council still wish to continue to open the ‘Jubilee Account’ and if so signatures were needed at the Ollerton Branch-It was decided to proceed  with it as a ‘Special Event’ account.

3.NCC: StreetLighting Energy Saving Scheme –Consultation for Eakring. Acknowledgement  of receipt of comments.

Items circulated:

1.NSDC: Re Allocations& Development Management Development Plan Document _ Summary of Consultation Comments.

2.Glasdon Brochure.

3.NHS:Re Nottinghamshire Board Meetings.

4.NCN:NationalCitizen Service.

5.Notts Police Authority:Election of Police and Crime Commissioner 15 Nov 2012.

6. Notts Fire & Rescue Service: Response magazine spring 2012-04-17.


                         The following decision notice has been received:

                                            Application Number 11/01321/FUL

                                            Erection of a single 500 KW wind turbine 75 metre  hub height

                                            102 metre to blade tip

                                            Coultas Cover Farm Kirklington Road Eakring

                                            Application Refused Full Planning Permission 27.3.12

A late agenda item:

                        The following planning application has been received and was considered at the meeting.

                                            Application Number 12/00345/FUL

                                            Householder application for erection of a single storey front and

                                            rear extension, new dormers to the front and rear and pitched

                                            roof to existing front dormers.

                                            Santana Back Lane Eakring

                                            For 7 Against Nil

Cator Hall:

Mr Brown reported that Mr Barrows has taken over as Chairman of the CHMC. The Parish Council were updated regarding the situation with the rear retaining wall.

Recreation Ground:

Mrs Curry said that Mr C Parsons of Eakring Farming had again offered to mow the Playing Field at no cost after working on their adjacent field. The Parish Council on this occasion decided to take up this offer.

The Clerk and Mr Howes both pointed out a build up of  rubbish in the dyke by the field and a number of Councillors agreed to form a working party to remove it.


                                          Cator Hall Rent (Oct-Mar)                                             £ 45.00

                                          NCC  (2x750kg bags of salt)                                          £ 99.00

It was proposed by Mr R Neale,seconded by Mr P Lambert with all in agreement that these accounts be paid.

Any Other Business:

1.Jubilee Update: Mrs Curry said that an insurance proposal form for the event had been sent to NSDC. The good news was that a grant for £500 had been obtained from the same source.

Mr Haslam outlined other progress that had been made  and explained that invitations were about to go out to each house in the village.

2.NCC-Bus and Transport options in Newark,Ollerton and Southwell areas (TITAN project): Mrs Curry encouraged all Councillors to fill in the questionnaire and said it was important that as many people in Eakring as possible gave their views on what sort of public transport system they wanted in the area. Details will be passed to Eakring Echo for wider publicity.

3. BilsthorpeDepot: Two Parish Councillors attended the official opening of the Depot and reported back to the meeting.

4. Windfarm Update: Mrs Curry gave an update and hoped to be able to invite a representative from the developers to a meeting shortly where she believed one key agenda item should be a Community Grant.

5.Mompesson Cross:Mrs Curry said the Parish Council had been offered the opportunity to take over ownership of the land on which Mompessons Cross stands. There would be various clauses involved such as no signs, no memorials, no burials etc  but the transfer legal fees would be met. The Meeting discussed the merits of the proposal  and were in favour.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.25 p.m.

D Ottewell

Clerk.  11.4.2012.