Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on

                           Wednesday 11th March 2015 in the Cator Hall

Present: Mr R Howes, Mrs J Chow, Mrs M Curry, Mr L Haslam, Mrs S Wilson, Mr R Brown, Mr T White, Cllr R Jackson (NCC) and 5 Parishoners.

1.Councillor’s Declarations of Interest:

There were no declarations of interest but the Clerk reported on a query raised by Mrs Wilson at last month’s meeting. He had consulted with Ms Kirsty Cole (Monitoring Officer at NSDC) who had provided a detailed judgement that membership of St Andrew’s PCC would not cause a conflict of interest for a Parish Councillor to take part in any debate/votes etc regarding purchase of the Cator Hall.


2.1: The Minutes of the meeting held on 11th February 2015 were circulated prior to the meeting. It was proposed by Mrs Curry, seconded by Mrs Wilson and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising:

3.1:Bilsthorpe Incinerator:Mrs Curry gave an update on events including that Mark Spencer MP had arranged a meeting with the Department of Energy and Climate Change in Bilsthorpe. She emphasised that it was still important to send letters of protest as the volume of letters received counted.

A Grant for RAGE: Mrs Curry explained the grant would go towards a Planning Consultant. In the first wave Eakring had forwarded £500. In the second wave Bilsthorpe PC had given £1000 and Kirklington PC £250. After discussion Mr Brown proposed a grant of £250.00 which was seconded by Mrs Wilson and this was agreed unanimously.

3.2:Obtaining a Village Defibrillator:

a.The Parish Council acknowledged the donation of £ 300 from Councillor Jackson towards the purchase of the defibrillator.The whole meeting expressed their gratitude for the generous donation.

b. The Clerk said that Wel Medical had a defibrillator priced at £841.75 (plus VAT)  which of course with Cllr Jackson’s donation effectively made it £541.75 plus VAT. Purchase of the Cabinet and other items had been agreed at a previous meeting. It was agreed unanimously to purchase the defibrillator.

3.3:Lorry Watch Update: Mrs Wilson reported that there had been a good degree of success with seven volunteers participating. She had met with the Transport Manager of the Chicken Farm, provided a map and explained the rules, details of which have been passed on to his suppliers.

Now with monitoring and lorry numbers being passed to NCC Trading Standards where a personal officer is dealing with problems identified in Eakring, the situation is improving as word seems to be getting round that illegal lorries will be reported and pursued by NCC TS Dept

Mr Howes thanked Mrs Wilson for her efforts but she commented that she still needed more volunteers to keep up the campaign.

3.4:Green Lane Inspection: Mr Haslam told the meeting that he and the Clerk had undertaken the annual inspection and that he believed that the lane would benefit from some attention with clearing of overgrown sections. Mr Brown and Mr White both offered to join a working party.

3.5:Village Litter Pick: The last date chosen clashed with Mothering Sunday so a new date needed to be selected and Saturday 11th April at 10 a.m was chosen. Cllr Jackson suggested Any Kirk at NSDC to be a good contact for equipment.

3.6: Fixed Assets Register: The Clerk said he has consulted NALC as requested and been informed that the land around Mompesson’s Cross should be included as value of what was paid for i.e Nil. Insurance value of items on the list can increase but acquisition value remains constant. It was agreed to return to the subject next month.

3.7:Telephone Box: Mr Haslam reported that the light in the box had been repaired and thanked Mr Paul Colclough for his assistance.

4.Public Questions and Comments:

4.1:Mr Bartle noted that the Minutes had been published early and thought this was good but thought the word ‘draft’ should be on them prior to the actual meeting.

4.2: Mr Bartle wondered if names of candidates for the Parish Council elections would appear in the Eakring Echo plus with information about former Councillors. As an aid to Electors.

4.3:Mr Bartle raised a query about footpath signage on the diverted footpath behind Pond Farm caused by the Pylon Construction. Footpath 15 at its junction with FP16should say diversion going south. As walkers would meet a blockage.

4.4:Mr Bartle raised the issue of risk assessment on the land around Mompesson’s Cross.

4.5; Mr Bartle pointed out that a Millenium Yew purchased in 2000 and planted at Mompesson’s Cross needs attention.

5.County/ District Councillors:

5.1:Cllr Jackson said he had looked into the issue of Footpath 27 but as it had been referred to the Planning Inspector it now had to go through due process and was out of NCC hands.

5.2:Cllr Jackson explained the Council Tax levels for 2015/16-

5.3:Cllr Jackson said that the second phase of Broadband money was being made available. Mrs Curry remarked that maps showed that Eakring would feel no effect of this investment. A discussion followed with Councillors pressing the needs of Eakring residents and Cllr Jackson said he would endeavour to find out if the local BT box at the edge of Eakring is ‘live’.

5.4: Following on from the Lorry Watch discussion Cllr Jackson was asked about the size of the Weight Limit signs as it was suggested the signs might be too small for drivers to see and larger signs could result in greater observance of the limit.

6. Correspondence:

6.1: Letter from Heather Brown on behalf of WI: Proposal that they fund an Information Board, similar to the one outside the church, to be sited at Mompesson’s Cross- The Parish Council voted unanimously to accept this generous offer.

6.2: NSDC: Register of Electors 2015.

6.3:E.ON: Changing Deemed Contract Rates on 1 May 2015.

6.4: Items Ciculated:

a.NALC: Update LTN on Meetings.

b.NSDC: Chairman’s Chat-Feb2015.

c.NALC: Council of the Week

d.NSDC: Items at Planning Committee 3.3.15.

e.NSDC:Consultation on the Gypsy and Traveller Development Plan Document Preferred Strategy.

f.Police and Crime Commissioner: ‘The Beat’ Feb/Mar.

g.NALC: VAT/PAYE Seminar  26.3 15

h.NCC: Public Consultation into The Care Act 2014- New Universal Deferred Payments Scheme.

i.NALC: Summary of Rural Housing Policy Review.

j. Notts County Show Poster 10.5.15.

k. Clerks and Councils Direct-March

l.Wickstead Brochure

m.Plantscape Brochure.


7.1:           Application Number 15/00275

                 Erection of new agricultural shed at Eakring Farming, Bilsthorpe Road

                 Eakring, Nottinghamshire

                 Saville Court, Main Street , Eakring

                 Returned 10.3.15.

                 For 7 Against Nil

7.2:           Application from NCC.( Revised Information Notification)

                 Proposed Development: Removal and temporary storage 75,000cu.m of

                 Colliery spoil from lagoon 4 prior to the removal off site of approximately

                 40,000cu.m of coal material; and any red shale arising from the works to

                 be either used on site or exported.

                 Bilsthorpe disused colliery, Eakring Road, Bilsthorpe

                 Returned 3.3.15

                 For Nil Against 7.

8.Cator Hall:

8.1: Report from Cator Hall Representative: Mr Brown said that there had been one quote for £2,200 to repair the Hall roof which had been accepted and work would commence on 18 April. Other quotes had not been like for like. He said that whilst the roof was not leaking at present it was felt it needed doing so it would not leak in future. The quote did not include ventilation but this could be put in after as it only involved a couple of bricks and would only cost a few pence.

8.2: Mrs Wilson gave an update on discussions with the Surveyor from the Diocese. An estimated cost of purchasing the Hall was now c50,000 but with a claw back clause if it was sold on. There would be legal fees( c.£1500) and use the Parish Council’s own Solicitor. Mrs Wilson said it was now a matter of waiting for a firm proposal from Mr Spraggins at Southwell Diocese. Some Councillors pointed out that if the Hall is not bought the rent will inevitably rise.

9.Recration Ground:

9.1:Report from Playing Field Committee:Nothing to report.

9.2: The Clerk said that the grass was getting long and needed cutting. Mr Haslam agreed to check with Eakring Farming to see if they would be performing this task in 2015. A mess has built up in the dyke and Mr Brown and Mr Haslam will remove.

10. Mompesson’s Cross:

10.1: Update on Plans to Refurbish Area: Mrs Curry said that Balfour Beatty would be disposed to provide labour but not finance to a refurbishment project with the steps and the bridge being highlighted as key areas. Mr Haslam said that the sign would be coming from the Community Workshop.

10.2: The Clerk said he had heard from NSDC Insurance Officer and the premium to insure the Mompesson Cross would be £58.50 p.a. It was proposed by Mrs Wilson, seconded by Mr Haslam and agreed unanimously to accept this quote.


11.1: For payment approval:

                            Clerk’s Salary                                                                                £ 237.37

                            Office  Sundries                                                                             £   37.33

It was proposed by Mrs Wilson, seconded by Mr Haslam and agreed unanimously that these accounts be paid.

12. Other Agenda Items:

12.1:Consideration of Community Benefit Questionaire responses:Discussion took place on the responses received. Some felt that some of the alternative suggestions were unachievable or too small scale but it was pointed out that the actual amount of money available was not really clear.Whilst the purchase of the Cator Hall was the most popular option the development of the Playing Field was also popular and it might be possible to do both.

Mr Haslam for one said it was such a big decision that nothing should happen until a new Parish Council is elected in May whilst others felt a start could be made now.

The Clerk was asked to investigate with NALC borrowing procedures for Parish Councils.

13.Next Meeting:

The meeting closed at 8.50 p.m.

 The next meeting will be on Wednesday 8th. April 2015 at 7.30p.m.


David Ottewell