Minutes of the Meeting of Eakring Parish Council

Held in the Cator Hall, Eakring

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 12th September 2018


Councillor R Ford (in the Chair)

Councillors, R Brown, L Haslam, T White, Cllr M Curry and Cllr J Pennicott

Also Present:  2 Parishioners, Cllr J Peck (NCC) and Cllr L Tift (District Councillor)

89/18         Apologies of Absence

Cllr J Sweeney

90/18        Variation of Order of Business

There was no variation to the Order of Business

91/18        Declarations of Interest

Cllr R Brown declared an interest in agenda items 14 and 16.1 (the Cator Hall) and Cllr M Curry declared an interest in item 16.2 (the playing field)

92/18        Public Participation

A parishioner reported the fly tipping of tires and other items on the Bilsthorpe Road after the 30mph sign. The Clerk will report it to the District Council to have it removed.

93/18        Report from Police and/or County/District Councillors

Cllr J Peck (NCC) reported that the drain on Kirklington road had been slabbed to improve drainage and that the bank on Greenfield had been put down for an additional cut to keep on top of it.

Cllr Peck also reported that the government has put out a public consultation considering circumventing local councils to allow fracking under permitted development. The consultation is available on the government website until the 15th October 2018.

The Nottinghamshire County Council had their most recent policy committee meeting earlier in the day and the idea of a unitary council rather than the two-tier system with County and District councils had been raised. Cllr Peck stated that the issue had first been floated in July but had not come with any facts or figures and a business case had been requested by the County Councillors and consultants were being brought in, to Cllr Pecks surprise, at a cost of £270,000. The City council has put forward its own plan of taking over the suburbs as well. No decisions will be made on any of the plans until after the District council elections.

Cllr Tift (NSDC) stated that obviously the District councillors were not in favour of a unitary council. Cllr Curry pointed out that the District Council had perhaps not helped themselves in this matter by having in the past had no uniformity in their operations. Cllr Tift raised the fact that she felt that Planning should definitely remain a District issue as they know the area. She also pointed out that a lot of work had been done to put the District council back on track after its more turbulent times.

Cllr Tift reported that the District councillors were just back from their summer break and that Mr Parsons had won his appeal for the Eco housing though had not won any costs. However, it was expected that the Eco homes would start to appear soon.

Cllr Tift reported that she and other District councillors were still chasing Violia about the leaflets explaining recycling to the residents. She also reported that a plan was being worked upon to spread funds better across the District after it was seen that the east was receiving more funding than the west.

Cllr Curry raised the issue of the potholes down Kirklington Road and the ones outside Grid being particularly bad. Cllr Peck said he would look into getting this sorted.

94/18        Minutes

 It was RESOLVED after proposal by Cllr Brown, seconded by Cllr Pennicott and agreed unanimously that the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 11th July 2018

95/18        To Determine if any items are to be moved into Confidential Session

 It was determined that no items were of a confidential nature.

96/18        Planning Applications

There were no planning applications to be considered

97/18        Finance

The Council considered the schedule of payments to be made.

It was unanimously RESOLVED, after proposal by Cllr Brown, seconded by Cllr Haslam,   

(1)   That the schedule of bill payments detailed below be approved.

Chq number




Budget Item





Cator Hall Rent

Cator Hall Rent




Sian Bacon

Clerk's Petrol Expenses

Clerk's Salary




Sian Bacon

Clerk's Salary July - September 2018

Clerk's Salary




Current Account

Transfer of funds to Current Account from Deposit Account





Skipton Projects Acc

Transfer of funds from Community Benefit to Skipton Acc















98/18    Chairman’s Announcements (if any)


 There were no announcements


99/18    Parish Council Plan


The Clerk reported the District and County Council’s agreement for the sites for the dog bins and that the bin on Triumph Road could be installed at any time. The other two bins would be required to wait until the County Council had installed the posts for them to be attached to on the highway. Cllr Ford and Cllr Pennicott will install the Triumph Road bin before the next meeting and Cllr Ford will kindly donate the post crete and Cllr Pennicott will use his post hole to make the hole to insert the post. Cllr Curry raised the issue that the footpath on the playing field was to be moved so the bin would need to go on the right-hand side of the gate up against the fence as that is where the path would run as dogs are not permitted on the playing field.


Cllr Ford reported that he had checked the allotments for litter and had not found any. He also reported that the footpaths had been cut in particular footpath 27 had been done and Mill Lane had also been done.


The issue of the stile and the gate post at the allotment were raised and the Clerk reported that as there was soon to be a new person dealing with the footpaths at the County Council no long-term work was being taken on until that person was installed. Cllr Curry brought up the fact that the stile had been originally taken apart to allow access to those with mobility issues. It was suggested that a gate would be better and the Clerk agree to look into this with the new person at the County when they were in place.


100/18   Cator Hall Purchase Update


The Clerk reported that she had been in email contact with the council’s solicitor, Ben Couch, and he had informed her that the Cator Hall was in the process of being registered by the diocese and that this would take a little time. However, he was hopeful of more substantive news soon. The Clerk also reported that the Cllr’s who had signed the documents at the last meeting and herself were required to take id into the solicitors. It was agreed that this would be done prior to the next meeting.  It was raised by Cllr Curry that in the original discussions with the diocese about the purchase the council had been assured that the money paid for the Cator Hall would be sent to St. Andrew’s Church in the village. It was requested that the Clerk raise this with the solicitors and she agreed to do so. Cllr Haslam reported that he was having difficulty contacting Nigel. However, Cllr Brown reported that he had seen him and had been told about the registration. At this point it was RESOLVED that there would be no more unofficial contact with the diocese on this matter and that everything would proceed through the solicitors.


101/18   Firework Release on Council Property


Following the previous meeting’s (11th July) decision to ban flying lanterns and helium balloons from being released on council property the issue of fireworks was raised. It was unanimously RESOLVED, proposed by Cllr Curry, seconded by Cllr Brown, to ban all unauthorised firework release from council property.


102/18   Approval of Updated Council Constitution


The Clerk produced the updated council constitution that had been submitted to the council prior to the meeting. It was RESOLVED, proposed by Cllr Brown, seconded by Cllr Haslam, to adopt the updated constitution. The Clerk reported that she had submitted it to the solicitor for use during the Cator Hall purchase as requested. Cllr Brown agreed to post the constitution on the website.


103/18    Parish Clerk’s and Councillor’s update of matters in hand


Bilsthorpe Incinerator Planning Appeal Update: There is at present no new update on the appeal.


Wind Farm Update: Cllr Curry reported that the issue raised at the last meeting of noise had been resolved and the blades had been reangled to reduce the noise.


Flooding Issues with Drains and Gullies, Highways and Verges: The clerk reported that Mike Keeling at the County Council had emailed to say that the drains and gullies map and the adopted highways map were unavailable to the council due to it being broken down into small chunks and it was not felt that the officers time was best spent putting the map together in a proper scale for the parish council. He did note that he could assist with specific areas should it be required.


104/18    Reports from Representatives on Outside Bodies and Working Parties


Cator Hall: Cllr Brown reported that the Cator Hall Management Committee (CHMC) had held a meeting on the 19th July 2018 and had established they had roughly £11,500 in funds at present. It was also reported that the oil burner had been serviced and the CHMC had been informed they needed to move the oil tank for safety reasons. Cllr Pennicott reported he had contacted a specialist for a second opinion and the specialist had stated that the tank will not require moving provided the base has slabs placed round it and the window in the room is sealed. The CHMC had agreed to do this as it was significantly cheaper than the £1000 that had been quoted for moving the tank.


Cllr Brown reported that a risk assessment and the accounts for the Parish Council’s records would be given to the Clerk.


Recreation Ground: There was no new update on the work to be done on the recreation ground. Cllr Ford expressed frustration at the delays and Cllr Curry agreed to assist in the project with Cllr Sweeney.


105/18   Mompessons Cross Update


Cllr Ford reported that all was well up at the Cross and Cllr Pennicott agreed to repaint the bench at the site before the next meeting and submit the invoice to the Clerk.


106/18   Correspondence/Information

Correspondence was received from:

1.     NottsALC – Reporting that the Royal British Legion were requesting that councils don’t order lamp post poppies until advised due to issues with availability and then to keep orders conservative. – The Council are not doing anything by themselves for the Centenary and are instead supporting St. Andrews with their activities.

2.     NottsALC – reporting that the 11th edition of Charles Arnold Baker’s Local Council Administration was available for order at a cost of £105 - it was decided not to purchase this year.

3.     North Muskham Parish Council – reporting on the Parish Council Conference they are organising for 13th October 2018.

4.     NottsALC – reporting on their AGM to be held on the 14th November – it was noted that this was the same date as the Council Meeting in November.

107/18   Date of Next Meeting and Confirmation of Meeting Dates for the Year

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 10th October 2018 beginning at 7.30pm in the Cator Hall.

Confidential information

No Items were moved in to the confidential session

The meeting closed at 8.50pm