Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on

            Wednesday 9th December 2015 at 7.30p.m. in the Cator Hall

Present:Mrs M Curry Mr R Brown Mr R Howes,Mrs S Wilson Mr T White Mrs N Kirk Mr J Sweeney Cllr R Jackson(NSDC) 3 Parishoners and 4 guests.

1.Councillors Declarations of Interests:

The Clerk pointed out that regulations precluded any Parish Councillor taking part in setting the Precept if they were 2 months plus in arrears with paying their Community Charge.


2.1:The Minutes of the meeting held on 11th. November were circulated prior to the meeting. It was proposed by Mrs N Kirk seconded by Mr J Sweeney and agreed unanimously that they be signed as a true record.

3.Matters Arising:

3.1:Bilsthorpe Incinerator Planning Appeal summary: Mrs Curry summarised explaining that the hearing covered ten days including site visits and the Inspector now had until 25th January to pass her report to the Secretary of State who has a deadline of 14th April to make a decision. Mrs Curry said that RAGE represented local residents very well.

3.2: Wind Farm update: A copy of the minutes of the meeting with Mark Spencer MP had been received and will be circulated for Councillors to read.

3.3:Christmas Tree Lights organisation: Mrs Curry said she had acquired the consumables for the event. The Clerk confirmed he had organised the child to turn on the lights All Councillors said they would be attending.

3.4:Green Lane: Mrs Curry asked if WPD had undertaken the proposed tree work yet. It was thought not. The Clerk was asked to contact Ben Durham at Ground Control and find a start date.

3.5: Winter Salt: The Clerk pointed out that the salt bags had not been distributed . It was decided who would contact the proposed recipients and carry out distribution.

4.Public Questions and Comments:

4.1: Nothing raised.

5.County/District Councillors:

5.1: Mr Howes asked if he may again raise the issue of the road repairs; he noted that there was yellow paint around some of the holes now but in his opinion they still remained dangerous. Cllr Jackson explained that once NCC had surveyed the scene and painted the holes they had admitted liability.

5.2: Mrs Curry handed LIS application forms to Cllr Jackson for counter signing and handing in.


6.1:NCC: Budget Consultation: Chance to have your say-phone no. and Email.

6.2: Tree Works: 7 Triumph Close

                            Recreation Ground.

6.3: Correspondence circulated:

a.Local Government Boundary Commission: Electoral Review for Nottinghamshire-Final Recommendations.

b.RCAN: Vote now for UK’s Best Park.

c.Newark and Sherwood CAB: AGM-2nd Dec.

d.NSDC:Garden Waste Scheme.

e.NALC: New Sector Led Body appointed.

f.NALC: Defra Flood Resilience Community Pathfinders.

g.CVS: Community Events to Commemorate the Great War.

h.NALC: Annual Report.

i. NALC: Latest information on Grant Funding.

j.NCC:Launch of Inspire-Culture , Learning and Libraries.

k.Minutes of Meeting with Mark Spencer MP, Laings and local residents re turbines.

l.NSDC: Planning Committee agenda for meeting 9th Dec.

m. NALC: Internal Auditors needed in your area.

n.NALC: New Audit Regime


7.1:The following decision notice has been received:


      Conversion of former Agricultural Buildings to 4no dwellings and erection of 4no


      Application to vary condition added by 15/01248/NMA to amend plans

      approved by planning permission 11/00219/FUL to allow for amend

    designs to buildings and external areas.

    Pond Farm, Kirklington Road

    Permitted Full Planning Permission 15.11.15.

8.Cator Hall:

8.1:Report from Cator Hall Representative: Mr Brown told the meeting that £750 had been raised as a result of the recent Christmas Fair.

9.Recreation Ground:

9.1: Report from Chairman of Playing Field Committee: Mr Sweeney said three Companies had been approached about the first phase of the Field development and brochures were awaited after which quotes would be sought.

9.2:Mrs Curry said she had approached National Grid and had been told they would get back to her.

9.3: The Clerk reported that three trees of varying sizes had been blown down on the dyke side in recent windy weather. Mr White agreed to see if he could do some wood removal. The Clerk said an impressive set of steps had appeared on the far side of the dyke down the bank. It was noted that access to the bridge from the field side was down a slippery bank which would also benefit from steps.

9.4:Planning permission had been received from NSDC to cut the hawthorn tree down. Robert Marshall had been contacted (27 Nov) and he stated he would be available in 2.5-3 weeks to do the work.

10.Mompesson’s Cross:

10.1:Mrs Curry said that Mr Chris Parsons from Eakring Farming had agreed to supply some tarmac road scrapings which would be suitable to top dress the steps up to the Cross.The Clerk told the meeting that Mr Gresswell would transport the scrapings up to the site, all that was needed was to arrange a day and time when people would be available to spread the scrapings.


11.1: Accounts for payment:

        Clerk’s Salary (Oct-Dec)                                                                   £241.68

        Office Sundries                                                                                  £  30.86

        Eakring Echo Sponsorship                                                                £  20.00

        Election Expenses (Parish Council May 2015)                                 £795.11

It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson seconded by Mr R Brown and agreed unanimously that these accounts be paid. The Clerk pointed out that the rest of the Community Benefit money would be transferred to the Deposit Account but that this was paying 0.1%.

11.2:Setting the Precept 2016/2017: The Clerk said that a letter had been received from NSDC  asking Councils to set as prudent a budget as possible and reminding them that a Referendum could be imposed in certain circumstances.The Clerk presented figures estimating balances at 5.4.2016.and the breakdown of precept estimates for 2015/16 to help them calculate their 2016/2017 precept requirement. It was proposed by Mrs M Curry seconded by Mrs S Wilson and agreed unanimously that the Clerk be moved to salary point SCP 19(£1050p.a.) from the next financial year. It was agreed to allocate £270 to Insurance payments and £1000 to the Cator Hall Insurance.£200 would continue to be put aside in the Election account. Community Iniatives were allocated with £497. It was proposed by Mrs M Curry seconded by Mr R Brown and agreed unanimously that the total precept requirement for 2016/2017 should be £3660. i.e a 1.66% increase .

12.Other Agenda Items:

12.1: Consideration of Future Audit Arrangements: Mrs Curry explained the future audit arrangements for Smaller Authorities i.e. those with a turnover of less than £25000 p.a. which meant that at the present time Eakring PC qualified. In essence at this time  the Parish Council needed to decide if it wished to have an External Auditor appointed by the Smaller Authority Audit Appointed Authority Ltd or opt out and choose their own External Auditor.It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson seconded by Mr J Sweeney and agreed unanimously to take the former option.

12.2: The Meeting was joined by Mr Christopher Parsons and Miss Louise Parsons of Eakring Farming, and Mr Nick Martin and Mr Simon Tilley from Hockerton ECO Housing Project: Mr Parsons explained a project which he was considering developing on land on south side of Bilsthorpe Road near Stonish Hill. He emphasised that if the Parish Council were totally opposed to the scheme he would not proceed with the planning application. He outlined the scheme as 3 rows of 3 ecologically built houses with their own sewage system.They would be screened from the road are they would have earth mounds over the roof. There was already road access to the site from the farm road and two footpaths over the site. There would be an open access area for Eakring villagers and parking. The homes would be small one and two bedroom units to rent. Mr Parsons said he had already had expressions of interest from 8 local people and the expectation was that the properties would be rented to local people or those with a local connection.

Possible plans, contour plans and photographs were produced and the Visitors answered questions. It was pointed out that the scheme was hoping to build on farming land that was otherwise not particularly valuable but Mr Parsons said that to show he was in the scheme for the long term he would be happy if a clause were included that the houses could not be sold for 15 years.

To gain an initial level of interest from the Parish Council each Councillor was asked their opinion. Mrs Kirk declared an interest. For 2 Against 1 Uncommitted 3. Mrs Wilson said it would be helpful to view similar houses and Mr Tilley offered to conduct a tour of the Hockerton scheme; arrangements for which were made for 16th December.

13.Next Meeting:

13,1: There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.30p.m.

13.2: There is no meeting in January. The next meeting is on Wednesday 10th February 2016.