Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on

              Wednesday 8th March 2017 at 7.30 p.m. in the Cator Hall.

Present:Mr R Brown (Acting Chairman), Mrs S Wilson, Mr T White, Mr J Sweeney, Cllr R Jackson (NCC), Cllr L Tift (NSDC) 2 Parishoners.

Apologies: Mrs M Curry, Mr R Howes.

1.Councillors’Declarations of Interest:


2.1: The Minutes of the meeting held on 8th February 2017 were circulated prior to the meeting.It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr R Brown and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.

3.Matters Arising:

3.1:Bilsthorpe Incinerator update:Councillors were reminded  that the next stage is the application for an Environmental Permit although it was noted that it appeared  that this type of incinerator could not be made to work elsewhere. Cllr Jackson struck a note of caution as he said that the granting of the planning permission had,he believed, established the principle of the site being available for some type of incinerator even if in the long run what was built might be different to what was originally proposed.

3.2:Wind Farm update: The Clerk informed the Council that he had put a notice in the Eakring Echo stating that last claims for television interference due to the wind farm had to be submitted by 31.3.17. To date there had been none from Eakring.

3.3:Condition of Sandy Lane/Sikey Lane: Cllr Jackson said he had passed Parish Council concerns to NCC but had not heard back from them.

3.4:Eco Homes: An updated agreement had been received from the Developer’s Solicitors- including the Parish Council as signatories-. A copy was available for Councillors to view. Mr Sweeney requested he be sent an Email version.

3.5:Mr Brown reported on the visit he and the Clark made to carry out the annual inspection of Green Lane.He said it was in good condition however they found cable casings with the metal centres removed dumped in the lay-by opposite. This was subsequently reported to NSDC and removed.

4.Public Questions and Comments:

4.1:It was noted that top soil had been dumped on the end of Sandy Lane but had now been cleared. Also that bushes had been dumped on Stonish Hill in the lay-by. The Clerk explain that these had been collected on Tuesday(8.00a.m by NSDC) but had been replaced by an even larger pile less than 4 hours later.

4.2:A Parishoner had telephoned the Parish Council to express concern about youths playing football on Kirklington Road near the Junction of Triumph Road. The Parish Council discussed the issue but felt there was little they could do and believed if it was causing a nuisance it should be referred to the police.

4.3:Another Parishoner had contacted the Parish Council about trees being cut down in the village without permission. The Parish Council decided to place a notice in the Eakring Eacho reminding residents that Eakring is a Conservation Area and its implications for tree cutting.

5.County/District County Councillors:

5.1:Cllr Jackson said that he believed that NCC Highways had carried out some work on Kirklington Road towards the A617 and that it was in better condition than previously.

5.2: Cllr Jackson explained that this would be his last meeting as County Councillor for Eakring as the NCC elections were coming up in May. The Parish Council thanked him for his efforts on behalf of Eakring over the last 4 years.(A letter of thanks to be sent)

5.3:Cllr Tift was thanked for her help in getting the accumulated rubbish removed from around the garages on Triumph Close. She said NSDC were still trying to contact the householder about the trees overhanging the access road.


6.1:Correspondence at Meeting:

aNSDC:Consultation of the CIL Draft Charging Schedule-The Clek said he would Email this document to Councillors so they could respond individually if interested.

6.2:Correspondence Circulated:

a.Clerk and Councils Direct March

b.NSDC: Planning Committee Agenda 7.3,17

c. Beaumont House: Parish Newsletter.

d.National Plant Monitoring Scheme.

e.Street Furniture Direct.

f.John Walker Timber Products Ltd.

g.MK Illuminations UK Ltd.

h.NALC: New Councillor Training-28.3.17.

i.RCAN:Neighbourhood Planning Event 28.3.17.

j.CUS:Growing a Greener Britain-Small Grants Programme.

k.Talking Memories Course 20.4.17 Newark Library.

l.ROC Conversation 22.3.17


7.1:Planning application received and considered at meeting:

      Application No.17/00262/FUL

      Householder application for erection of a single storey extension and alterations

      to the rear.

      Hillside View, Brail Lane.

Discussion took place and a vote was called For 4 Against Nil Absent 3.

7.2:The following decision notice had been received:

     Erection of Single Dwelling

     Land Off Mill Lane Eakring.

     Permitted Full Planning Permission 21.2.17.

8.Cator Hall

8.1:Report from Cator Hall Representative: Mr Brown had nothing to report.

9.Recreation Ground:

9.1: Report from Chairman of Playing Field Committee: Mr Sweeney told Councillors he had been in touch with Mike Brabham of Groundworks and had discussed funding possibilities to add to the money already available for the first phase of the development.He said that designs were needed to submit to help to apply for this extra funding.

9.2:Councillors made positive comments about the improvements to the footpath through the field with the addition of steps down to the bridge and a new metal gate in place of the stile.

9.3:Two quotes had been received for mowing.Town and Country: Fortnightly cuts 14x£40 plus VAT. Marc Hazard: Fortnightly cuts 14x£30. It was agreed that Mr Hazard did a good job last year and the Council voted unanimously to accept Mr Hazard’s quote. He also offered to strim the edges at £15 per hour at monthly intervals. The Council authorised the first one hour stim and then decided to see ahat was needed later.

9.4:The Clerk reported on danger areas viz:1. Fence on south side(belonging to PC) broken beyond gate to sub-station field- Mr Sweeney agreed to deal.2.Molehills on field.3.Flytipping including remains of bonfire and a wooden(?) picnic table.

10.Mompesson Cross:

10.1:This area has received a good general tidy up although Mr Brown reported that there appear to be no plaques now remaining.


Clerk’s Salary (Jan-Mar incl. extra meeting in Jan)                                              £ 313.53

Office Sundries                                                                                                     £   18.60

It was proposed by Mr Sweeney, seconded by Mrs Wilson and agreed unanimously that these accounts be paid.

12.Other Agenda Items:

12.1:Signing of up to date Fixed Assets Register:The Parish Council agreed unanimously that the Fixed Assets Register did not require any alterations and it was signed on behalf of the Parish Council as a true record by the Acting Chairman, Mr Brown.

12.2:Consideration of need for Solicitor for future legal work. Mr Brown reminded Councillors of the legal work the Parish Council had needed recently and outlined the potential legal work needed in the near future. It was agreed that an easily accessible solicitor was essential.

13.Next Meeting:

13.1: There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.10 p.m.

13.2: The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 12th April at 7.30p.m. in the Cator Hall.


David Ottewell