Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on

    Wednesday 8th February 2017 at 7.30p.m in the Cator Hall

Present:Mr R Brown (Acting Chairman), Mr R Howes, Mrs S Wilson, Mr T White, Cllr R Jackson (NCC) and 3 Parishoners.

Apologies:Mrs M Curry.

1.Councillors’Declarations of Interest:


2.1:Minutes of the meeting held on 14th December 2016 were circulated prior to the meeting.It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr R Howes and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.

2.2: The minutes of the meeting held on 11th January 2017 were circulated prior to the meeting. It was proposed by Mr R Howes, seconded by Mr T White and agreed unanimously that they be signed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising:

3.1: Bilsthorpe Incinerator planning appeal-nothing to report

3.2:Wind Farm update: Mrs Wilson said we were still waiting for results from the sound recordings.

3.3:Condition of Sandy Lane/ Sikey Lane: The Parish Council explained to Cllr Jackson the extremely poor condition of this area of the village and how it was not even safe to walk along the lanes anymore. Cllr Jackson agreed to take up the issue with NCC.

3.4:Dealings with Solicitor re Green Lane and 106 Agreement: The Clerk explained that Mr Ward had offered a verbal opinion on the 106 Agreement. He believed it to be a standard form and not to place any onerous conditions on the Council as long as the Council were happy that’ local’ residents extended to those living in the villages adjacent to Eakring.

The Clerk said that Mr Ward had still not given an update on the Green Lane issue. Bearing in mind the information from Mr Ward the Parish Council confirmed their decision from the last Parish Council meeting to support the 106 Agreement for the Eco Homes and instructed the Clerk to pass this information on to the Applicant.

3.5:Need to update the Emergency Plan: Whilst recognising the need to update the Plan Mr Brown suggested that the subject should be postponed until all Councillors were present.

3.6:Road Works on Kirklington Road: These are now complete. Cllr Jackson explained he had tried to get traffic lights for the scheme but had been unsuccessful.

4.Public Questions and Comments:

4.1: It was suggested that the village would benefit from another litter pick. Councillors agreed and a date was considered.Cllr Jackson pointed out that there would be a National Litter Week taking place in the first week of March. It was decided to hold the Eakring Litter Pick on Saturday 4th March 10.00 a.m Mr Brown agreed to produce leaflets and with the help of Mrs Wilson and Mr White distribute them. Clerk to arrange for plastic bags and collection of full rubbish bags.

4.2: There was a query from Mr White about the proposed access to the planned building scheme at the end of Triumph Road.The Clerk was asked to obtain the playing field deeds and contact NSDC Planning Dept.

4.3: NCC had carried out culvert work on By-Way 25 at the bottom of the grassy section of Mill Lane. Mr Howes expressed the opinion that they had done a good job. Cllr Jackson said it was pleasing to hear some positive news.

4.4: Pot holes on Stonish Hill were pointed out and will be reported.

5.County/District Councillors:

5.1:It was pointed out to Cllr Jackson that the road from National Grid to the A617 was in extremely poor condition with a number of potholes and large gouges missing from the edge of the road. He said that Kirklington Parish Council had also expressed concerns about the same road at their meeting on Monday.He said he would follow this up.

5.2: Cllr Jackson asked about improved Broadband speeds in Eakring and it was emphasised that users needed to contact their providers to take up this improved provision.

5.3: Cllr Jackson thought that next year’s Council Tax was likely to be very close to 5% with 3% for Social Care ring fenced.

5.4: Cllr Jackson had noted the concern about extra traffic on Back Lane but the suggestion from one resident for a one way system was a ‘non starter’


6.1Correspondence at the Meeting:

a.Freedom of Information Request: This concerned all communications the Parish Council had  in 2016 with the Company holding a licence to Explore for Fracking in the Area.We were invited to 2 group presentations held in Derbyshire in April and November to which the Parish Council did not respond or attend . The Parish Council also received a written copy of the presentation given at the second event.

b.Information regarding HGV travelling through Eakring; Saturday 28/1/17: Mrs Wilson explained how a vehicle over 7.5 tons ignored the road closed signs  and tried to get to the Chicken Farm. The driver then had to reverse to Triumph Road before turning round. To compound his misdemeanours he was less than polite to an Eakring resident who pointed out the error of his ways .Mrs Wilson reported that the manager of o the Chicken Farm was most helpful when informed of the situation.

c. Computer Guarantee: It was agreed not to take up the option of a 4 year guarantee on the computer.

d.Letters of Thanks for Donations: Received from St Andrews Church and Newark and Sherwood CAB.

e.Cycle Live 2017: Notification that this will take place 25th June and pass through Eakring.

6.2: Correspondence Circulated:

a.Portland College: Learner Equipment Appeal.

b.NSDC: Crime in Rural Areas Consultation.

c.NSDC:Plan Review Preferred Approach Sites and Settlements: Town Centre and Retail Consultation.

d.NSDC:Planning Committee Agenda 10.1.17.

e.Better Together: NHS CCG Newark and Sherwood Drop in Sessions.

f.NALC: Western Power Distribution Severe Weather Bulletins-Register Now.

g.NCC: Submission of Notts Minerals Local Plan.

h.NALC: Grants and Funding details.

i.Notts Police and Crime Commissioner: Have your Say-Budget Consultation.

j.NALC: Referendum Principles not extended to PCs.

k.Clerk and Councils Direct-Jan.

l.RCAN: Neighbourhood Plan Course 28.3.17 details.

m.Holocaust Memorial Day details.

n.NSDC: Planning Portal unavailable days -10-20Feb.

o.NALC: Plunkett Foundation- Help For PCs.

p.NHS: Help Shape the Future of your Health and Care.

q.NALC: Policing of Remembrance Day Parades.

r.NALC: Latest Grants and Funding Bulletin.

s.NSDC: Planning Committee Agenda 7.2.17.

t.NCC: Notts Cyber Protection Conference  9.2.17.

u.NSDC:Register of Electors 2017.

v.NCC: Road Works Kirklington Road extended  end 4th Feb.

w.Veolia: Recycling tours and talks.

x.NCC: Civilian Life-Honouring the Covenant.

y.RCAN: Reducing Energy Bills in your Community.

z.NALC: Message from New Chairman of NALC.

A1.NHS: Letter from Amanda Sullivan: Financial Challenges and the Shuttle Bus service.


8.Cator Hall:

8.1:Mr Brown said there was c.£7,500 in funds. The CHMC were not planning to deal with the front wall at present. They did intend to place a keysafe box on the outside of the hall so the hall key could be placed in it by people hiring the hall at the end of the night.

9.Recreation Ground:

9.1: report from Chairman of Play Field Committee-absent.

9.2:Mr Brown announced that National Grid would be taking some publicity photographs on the field next week in connection with their donation to the Playing Field Committee.

9.3:The Clerk explained that Severn-Trent Water had access to the field again for two days to attend to sewage problems in pipes running under the field.

9.$: The Clerk reminded Councillors that this was the appropriate time to seek quotes for mowing if they wanted a contractor in place for the start of the growing season.They asked him to contact. Mr Marc Hazard; in addition Town and Country was suggested as a second company.

10.Mompesson Cross:

10.1: Mr Brown revealed he was following Mrs Curry’s suggestion to move any plaques that were at present by Mompesson’s Cross to the Churchyard because the agreement that the Parish Council had when they took over the Mompesson Cross land stipulated no other memorials on the site.


11.1:Accounts for payment:

                        NALC Subscription 2017/2018                                                 £ 88.45

It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr R Howes and agreed unanimously that this account be paid.

12.Other Agenda Items:

12.1:State of Land by Triumph Close Garages: This had been an ongoing issue since last March when the litter pick took place. A resident has recently raised it again with the Parish Council and the Clerk has since contacted NSH but with no result. The Parish Council decided to ask for assistance from Cllr Tift. Another Parishoner raised concerns about leylandii branches overhanging the access road to the garages and the bungalows. These apparently prevent access to larger delivery/collection vehicles and it is feared could fall on people/vehicles. The Parish Council again decided to ask Cllr Tift to intercede.

12.2: The Clerk gave Councillors a copy of the Fixed Assets Register. He asked if they would let him know prior to next month’s meeting if they wished to suggest any amendments so an up to date register could be presented for signing at the next meeting.

12.3:The Clerk reminded Councillors that the annual inspection of Green Lane is due. Mr Brown agreed to accompany Mr Ottewell.

13.Next Meeting:

13.1: There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.15p.m.

13.2: The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 8th March 2017 at 7.30p.m. in the Cator Hall.

D Ottewell