Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on

               Wednesday 29th July 2016 at 7.30p.m in the Cator Hall

Present:Mrs M Curry, Mr R Brown, Mr R Howes, Mrs S Wilson, Mr T White, Mr J

Sweeney, Mrs N Kirk and 1 Parishoner.

1.Councillors’Declarations of Interest:

1.1: Mrs Kirk declared an interest in 2.1c.


The following planning applications were presented for consideration and discussion;


        Vary conditions to attached to planning permission 11/00219/FUL the approved

         drawings 2005/024/10 proposed details- plots 1 and 2 to be substituted for a

         revised set of plans for Plot 2 only.

         Pond Farm, Kirklington Road, Eakring.

After discussion a vote was called For 6 Against 1: The Parish Council agreed in principle with the plan but objected to the proposal to replace a hedge with a screen fence as this was felt to be out of keeping with the rest of the village.


        Demolition of Southernmost existing Cottage (no.2 Tenters Cottage) & Erection

        of replacement Two Bedroom Cottage, Demolition of Derelict Outbuildings

        (Nos 1&2 Tenters Cottage) Erection of Pair of Two Bedroom Semi-Detached

        Cottages, Erection of Three Bedroom Detached Dwelling and Creation of New

        Access to No 1  Tenters Cottage.

        Tenters Cottage, Tenters Lane, Eakring.

After discussion a vote was called: For 7 Against Nil. It was decided to make the following observations to NSDC: a)The proposed new vehicular entrance for Tenters Cottage 1 was thought too close to a dangerous bend on Church Lane.b) Concerns about the proposed 3 bedroomed property regarding the loss of an open space and its siting too close to the road. C) Whilst the 2 bedroomed properties meet the Village housing need for small homes the Parish Council feel a covenant should be put on them so they cannot be extended in future


        Erection of 9 low cost, environmentally sustainable eco homes for rent,

        Publically accessible wildlife area and associated development including

        landscaping, allotments, sustainable drainage reed bed and pond system, PV

        panels, cycle storage, electric car recharging facilities etc.

        Land to the South of Bilsthorpe Road, Eakring.

After discussion a vote was called: For 4 Against 2 Decared Interest 1. Mr White and Mr Howes were against the application but the other Councillors considered the concept of a development producing small units to rent for local people or people with local connections was a scheme that should be supported. The Parish Council took into consideration an Email received from Mr and Mrs Mawer of Apple Cottage and decided to forward its contents to NSDC planning department.

Late Agenda item:

2.1d:No. 16/01012/FUL

        Change of Use/Conversion of Existing Stables to Two Storey Dwelling

        (resubmission of 16/0029/FUL)

        Stable Block, Brail Lane, Eakring.

After discussion a vote was called. For 7 Against Nil. Comments: Those from the original submission to be carried forward plus a suggestion that a condition should be made to made provision for swallows as suggested in the protected species survey.


3.Next Meeting:

3.1: There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.15 p.m. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 13th July at 7.30p.m. in the Cator Hall.


David Ottewell