Minutes of an extra meeting of the Parish Council held on

                        Wednesday 28th May 2015  in the Cator Hall

Present:Mrs M Curry, Mr R Brown, Mr R Howes, Mrs S Wilson, Mr T White, Mr J Sweeney, Mrs N Kirk.

1.Items for Discussion:

1.1: Development of the Playing Field: Mrs Curry told the Parish Council that arrangements had been made with Eakring Farming to supply and deliver top soil for Phase 1 of the project namely levelling a section of the field and a fee arranged. Mr Chris Parsons had also agreed to make a donation of £200. Unfortunately or fortunately Mrs Curry said she decided to check with NSDC Planning Department if it was acceptable to go ahead with the work . They had informed her that as it involved engineering works it required full planning permission. A surveyor would be needed to help draw up plans indicating current and proposed ground levels. The Clerk had contacted RCAN who contacted NSDC on behalf of the Parish Council but they confirmed their decision.

Mrs Curry proposed that the Parish Council return to Groundworks. Mr Howes asked who Groundworks were. Mrs Curry reminded him that they had drawn up the original plans for the development of the playing field and they would project manage and deal with everything

Mr Brown seconded Mrs Curry’s proposal and it was agreed unanimously. It was confirmed that a full schedule of costs would be obtained before commencement. Mrs Curry would contact Groundworks .

The Clerk was asked to write a letter to Mr Parsons to thank him for his kind offer and why the Parish Council would not be taking him up on it.

1.2:Cator Hall: Update on negotiations to purchase- Mrs Curry said a delegation of herself Mr Brown and Mrs Wilson with the Clerk had met with Mr Spraggins from the Diocese. From the meeting a number of issues had become clear. First the ownership of the Hall, whilst not in the hands of St Andrews or the Diocese of Southwell it is technically lodged with Diocese Board of Finance who are overseen by the Charity Commissioners to get the best value for it. However whatever is received from the sale will pass to St Andrews Church.

Mr Howes felt the Parish Council should engage a Solicitor at this point. Mrs Curry argued against this as did Mr Brown and Mrs Wilson who said it would be a waste of money at this point. Mrs Curry said when we spend money then we are committing ourselves. Mr Howes was still of the opinion that there was nothing to stop the Parish Council using a solicitor now to obtain legal advice as we are ‘covering ourselves’ as ‘we are spending other people’s money.’

Mrs Curry said that there were options. Mr Spraggins said if we do not want to renew the leasein 2020 the Hall will be put on the open market at market value. We can renew the lease at an increased rent or we can buy the  Cator Hall. She explained that the Surveyor from the Diocese had valued it and had then taken certain factors into account such as improvements made by the village. The upshot was they would take an offer of £50,000 but could not be talked any lower. There would also be our own legal fees and their legal fees(c.£1200).

Mrs Curry pointed out that as Mr Brown and Mrs Wilson were Church Wardens if the if the reet of the council were in agreement it was felt appropriate that they could discuss isues relating to to the purchase of the Cator Hall but had agreed not to vote on matters relating to the issue.

The Clerk was instructed to contact the owners of the Solar Farm to clarify if the Community Benefit Fund was guaranteed and if so for how long, especially the next 3 years. Also to raise the possibility of the next 2 years payments being made in advance.

2. Correspondence:

2.1:NCC: County Council Civic Service 28 June Southwell Minster- No Councillors wished to attend.

2.2:NCC:Digital Champions Event 4 June RuffordPark Golf Centre.

2.3: Letter from Mr Kirk of Bilsthorpe:A Parish Councillor agreed to follow this up in person.

3. Any Other Business:

3.1 Mompesson’s Cross: Mrs Kirk said that Eakring Farming had agreed to take away the slabs previously used as steps, when the new steps are fitted. Mr Howes said it still worried him that provision was not being made for disabled access. Other Councillors pointed out the impracticability of this. The Clerk agreed to contact the NCC Footpaths Officer and raise Mr Howes concerns.

4. Next Meeting:

4.1: The next meeting will be on Wednesday 10th June 2015. At 7.30 p.min the Cator Hall

The Meeting closed at 8.30p.m.

David Ottewell