Minutes of the Meeting of Eakring Parish Council

Held in the Cator Hall, Eakring

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 13th June 2018


Councillor R Ford (in the Chair)

Councillors, R Brown, J Pennicott, M Curry, L Haslam, T White, J Sweeney

Also Present:  2 Parishioners

47/18         Apologies of Absence

Cllr L Tift (District Councillor) and Cllr J Peck (County Councillor)

48/18        Variation of Order of Business

There was no variation to the Order of Business

49/18        Declarations of Interest

Cllr R Brown declared an interest in agenda items 15 and 17.1 (the Cator Hall) and Cllr M Curry declared an interest in agenda item 17.2 (the playing fields).

50/18        Public Participation

The drains and gullies were raised by a parishioner as not all of them had been cleared when the contractors came around to do them. A parishioner gave the Clerk a list of the ones that had been missed and she agreed to report them to the County Council. The Clerk updated the councillors on the progress getting the plans for the drains and gullies and it was agreed that the council wished to have a copy so the Clerk would continue to chase it.

The state of the verges around the village was raised by Cllrs Sweeney and Ford who had both received complaints from parishioners and it was agreed to query Cllr Peck to see if any action could be taken to improve the situation. The village of Wellow was raised but the council was informed by Cllr Curry that Wellow pays for the maintenance of their verges.

Issues with overhang were raised by a parishioner it was noticed that private land needed to be dealt with by the County Council who were able to write letters and enforce them unlike the parish council. It was agreed that the overhang issues would be reported to the County Council and Cllr Peck by the Clerk. Cllr Curry reported that the verges were not cut at nesting time due to the policy of leaving wildlife corridors through the grass. It was noted that Side Lane and Kirklington Road had both had vegetation cut back where it was overhanging.

It was reported that the pot holes on Kirklington Road were still causing issues and the Clerk agreed to report these to Highways and Cllr Peck. It was also raised that hedge cuttings had been left on Kirklington road and Back Lane.

A parishioner raised that there was some unsightly vegetation growing on to the footpath on Wellow Road. It was suggested by another parishioner that the Clerk seek out the Adopted Highways Map from the County Council to show who is responsible for which areas to make it easier to resolve issues where responsibility is in doubt.

51/18        Report from Police and/or County/District Councillors

No report given

52/18        Minutes

 It was RESOLVED after proposal by Cllr Sweeney, seconded by Cllr White and agreed unanimously that the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 9th May 2018 be approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

53/18        To Determine if any items are to be moved into Confidential Session

 It was determined that no items were of a confidential nature.

54/18        Planning Applications

There was no planning to be considered.


55/18        Finance

The Council considered the schedule of payments to be made. The Budget Monitoring will be presented at the July Meeting.

It was unanimously RESOLVED, after proposal by Cllr Brown, seconded by Cllr Haslam,   

Chq no.




Budget Item










Sian Bacon

Clerk's Salary

Clerk's Salary




Sian Bacon

Reimbursement for ICO Registration - ICO

Misc Provision




Sian Bacon

Clerk's Expenses - Petrol (3 trips @ £10 each)

Clerk's Salary




Sian Bacon

Reimbursement for Defibrillator Sign - x2 connect ltd

Misc Provision




Sian Bacon

Toner, phone calls and paper - (Makro & Amazon)

Office Expenses














(1)   That the schedule of bill payments detailed below be approved.



56/18    Chairman’s Announcements (if any)


 There were no announcements


57/18    Parish Council Plan


The Clerk reported that the newsletter requested at the last meeting had been printed and was ready for distribution. It was agreed that Cllrs would take on individual areas and drop one at every house.


58/18    Audit – Approval of the Annual Governance Statement 2017/18


It was RESOLVED to approve the Annual Governance Statement for 2017/18 and it was signed by the Chairman.


The Clerk reported that the accounts would be available to the public for inspection from the 18th June until the 27th July 2018.


59/18    Audit – Approval of the Accounting Statement 2017/18


It was RESOLVED to approve the Accounting Statement for 2017/18 and it was signed by the Chairman.


60/18    Audit – Receipt of the Internal Audit Report


The Internal Audit was received by the Council and it was reported that all was satisfactory with the Councils finances.


61/18    Cator Hall Purchase Update


It was reported that a meeting had been set with the solicitors to formally discuss and begin the process or purchasing the Cator Hall. It was also reported by Cllr Brown that at the Cator Hall Management Committee’s AGM Cllr Haslam had now taken over as chair of the CHMC. Cllr Haslam stated that he wished to be present at the solicitors meeting and it was agreed that he should attend.


62/18    Town Clerk’s and Councillor’s update of matters in hand


Bilsthorpe Incinerator Planning Appeal Update: There is at present no further news on the appeal.


Wind Farm Update: The Clerk reported that the Wind farm had been invoiced for the Community Benefit payment of £7500 for 2018.


Flooding Issues with Drains and Gullies: The Clerk reported that she had been notified that the drains and gullies around the village had been cleared since the last meeting however she had had reports of some being missed and so had reported the areas again. It was reported that there are plans of all of the drains and gullies and it was agreed that the Clerk would request them from highways. Cllr Sweeney stated that he had photos of the flooding with dates on them that he would send to the Clerk as evidence of the flooding issues. It was also reported that footpath number 27 leading to the old mill site was completely overgrown. The Clerk agreed to report the footpath to the County Council. It was further agreed that the footpath plan would be uploaded to the website and placed on the noticeboard. 


63/18    Reports from Representatives on Outside Bodies and Working Parties


Cator Hall: It was reported by Cllr Brown that the CHMC had had their AGM and Cllr Haslam had been elected chair of the Cator Hall Committee with John Barrows as Vice Chair. Cllr Haslam reported that he was in the process of putting together a new constitution in preparation for the purchase of the Hall from the Diocese.


Recreation Ground: Cllr Sweeney reported that so far there had been no movement on the work for the playing fields since the last update. It was reported that Ground force and Cllr Sweeney had been having communication issues due to full schedules. Cllr Sweeney stated that he was confident in Ground force and that they had been very supportive during the process so would continue with them. It was reported that the playing field will require the ground levelling and a wall putting in as part of the works.


Cllr Curry put forward the suggestion that as the playing fields were receiving the community benefit from the wind farm of £7500 that when the Cator Hall was purchased it would be sensible to give the same amount to the Cator Hall on a yearly basis ringfenced from the community benefit from the solar farm. It was agreed to put the proposal on the agenda for September when things had progressed with the purchase.


64/18   Tree Conservation and TPO’s

Cllr Brown reported that he had met with the Tree Officer from Newark and Sherwood District Council and that essentially there was nothing the Parish Council could do to conserve the trees in the village through TPO’s as they were only granted on trees found to have a public amenity value such as a particularly significant history. Cllr Ford stated that the Council need more engagement from the District about conservation. It was noted by Cllr Sweeney that there are plans to plant trees on a section of the playing field. The Community Orchard proposal attached to the recently approved work/live units to be built in the village was also raised as another area of trees for the village.

65/18   Welcome to Eakring Signs

It was reported by Cllr Brown that the original competition plans could not be found and it was suggested that the competition could be re-run at a later date. It was agreed to put plans for the Welcome to Eakring signs on hold until the council was in a healthier financial position in the following year after the purchase of the Cator Hall.


66/18   Mompessons Cross Update and Bridge Query


It was reported by Cllr Ford that saplings were still being destroyed up at Mompesson’s cross and that the metal bench at the site requires a paint. Cllr Prescott agreed to go and have a look with a view to repainting it. It was also reported that as of yet the bridge had not been widened. Cllr Ford noted that aside from the above issues there was only a small amount of litter with no further signs of the untoward behaviours that have taken place previously.


67/18   Dog Poo Bin Installation


The Clerk reported that the bins had been ordered with the posts and that a meeting had been arranged with the officers from the County Council Highways and Footpath’s departments to discuss the locations for the bins. Cllrs Ford and Brown agreed to go and meet with the officers and to discuss the bins locations with them and the homeowners nearest to the agreed siting’s of the bins and report back.


68/18   Correspondence/Information

Correspondence was received from:

1.     The Highways Department at the County Council – concerning the gully and drain plans. It was agreed that the Clerk will chase up the plans.

2.     The Children’s Air Ambulance querying if the council had a place for a textiles bank. –  The council at present do not have an area suitable.

3.     Newark and Sherwood District Council requesting the council consider a resolution to prohibit the release of sky lanterns and helium balloons on council land. – the proposal will be placed on the next meeting’s agenda for discussion.

4.     The Local Council Public Advisory Service offering a paid for support service to the council – it was agreed that such a service was prohibitive in cost and at present unnecessary.

5.     Nottinghamshire Association of Local Councils with a copy of the Notts Police and Crime Commissioner Newsletter ‘The Beat’ – it was agreed tat a link would be put on the website for people to have a look.

6.     Perfect Motion informing the Council of the Cycle Live event taking place over Nottingham and running through the village.

7.     An email from a parishioner about the drains and gullies – the Clerk has raised the issue earlier in the meeting.

8.     Nottinghamshire Association of Local Councils with information about a small grant for a silhouette installation to commemorate WW1. – the council decided that it was too expensive even with the grant and that the church was already organising something for the event.

69/18   Date of Next Meeting and Confirmation of Meeting Dates for the Year

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 11th July 2018 beginning at 7.30pm in the Cator Hall.

Confidential information

No Items were moved in to the confidential session

The meeting closed at 9.15pm