Minutes of the Parish Council held on

Wednesday 14th September 2016 at 7.30p.m in the Cator Hall


Present:Mrs M Curry, Mr R Brown, Mr R Howes, Mrs S Wilson, Mrs N Kirk, Mr J Sweeney, Cllr L Tift(NSDC. and 8 Parishoners

Apologies:Mr T White, Cllr R Jackson (NCC).

1.Councillors’Declarations of Interest:


2.1:Minutes of the meeting held on 13th July 2016 were circulated prior to the meeting. It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr J Sweeney and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.

3.Matters Arising:

3.1:Bilsthorpe Incinerator Planning Appeal update:Mrs Curry said the Environmental Permit had still not been applied for so nothing had changed.

3.2:Wind Farm update:The Parish Council have received a letter from NSDC requesting details of any Eakring residents who have suffered interference to their television reception as a result of the Wind Farm.A decision  was taken to put an appeal in the Eakring Echo for people to provide information so statisics could be collated.

Mrs Curry said that results had not yet been received from the sound monitoring equipment tests.She had been asked by Laings when the Parish Council wanted the next 3 years money from the Community Benefit payment. It was decided this would be an issue to look at next month.

3.3:Naming Pond Farm Development: The two roads are to be called Pond Farm Drive and Newton Paddocks.

3.4:Verges: Aletter has been received from Mike Keeling (NCC Highways) which the Chairman read to the meeting. This addressed the poor cutting of the verges discussed last month and explained NCC ruling that bollards and signs were not permitted on verges.- It was agreed to supply a copy to an interested Resident.

3.5:Mr Howes pointed out that the long standing issue of the pot holes on Kirklington Road from National Grid to the A617 had still not  been resolved. The Parish Council agreed they had been remarkably patient. Now they resolved to write to VIA, as they had taken over responsibility for highways, and ask they come and inspect the road and see what their opinion is.

4.Public Questions and Comments:

4.1: Concerns were raised at the speed that traffic travelled on Kirklington Road especially near the Triumph Road junction which meant it was dangerous to cross.It was pointed out that Main Street was not much better. Solutions including road humps, speed cameras and flashing speed indicators were discussed. It was agreed to contact Cllr Jackson and see if polices speed  patrols could be introduced.

4.2:The bus time table has changed but it is still the old one on the bus stop. Cllr Jackson and NCC to be contacted.

4.3: A query about the dyke on Back Lane and the clearing of it- No resolution to date.

5.County/District Councillors:

5.1:Cllr Tift explained that the Eco Homes Planning Application was withdrawn at the last moment- Adjustments will be made and it will be represented.

5.2: Cllr Tift said that the Tenters Cottage scheme had been passed but with phasing.

5.3: It was mentioned to Cllr Tift that some Stagecoach buses had begun turning round in Triumph Road instead of going up to National Grid. She suggested this was another item Cllr Jackson could assist with.


6.1:Items at Meeting:

a.NSDC: Annual Parish Confewrence 3Oct.

b.NCC:Better Broadband For Nottinghamshire-Eakring:The fibre cabinet servingakring is

now live.

c.NHS:Financial Challenges-Have Your Say:Meetings 19-29 Sept.

d.NCC: Shale Wealth Fund_Government Consultation Closing Date 26 Oct-The Parish Council agreed to put this on next month’s agenda.

e.NALC: AGM 16Nov.

f.Center Parcs: Notice of Fireworks Sundays and Wednesdays 6p.m from 2Nov.But noise levels to be up to 27% less.

g.Tree Works:Land off Mill Lane. 

6.2:Items Circulated:

a.Mark Pencer MP:Poster for Surgery in Cator Hall 17 Sept.

b.NCC: Shout Up Survey.

c.Clerk and Councils Direct-Sept.

d.Community Linc:Women’s Enterprise Day 17 Nov

e.NHS:Financial Chalenges Have Your Say.

f.PSO Outreach: Tackling Fraud Event 27 Sept.

g.NALC: Government Consultation on Neighbourhood Planning Bill.

h.CVS: Veterans Information Netwoek Notts Newsletter.

i.NSDC: Preferred  Approach Strategy: Parish Briefing Presentation re. Planning.

j.NSDC: Fly Grazing-ACommunity Problem.

k.CVS: Non NCC Funding x2.

l.NCC:Shale Wealth Fund-Government Consultation.

m.NALC:Survey on Community Led Housing.

n.NALC: Information Provided by Police- Your View.

o.NALC: Development Plan Review PC. Briefing 5 Sept.

p.Police and Crime Commissioner: The Beat- Aug.

q.Beaumond House: Events.

r.NHS: Newark,SherwoodClinical Commissioning Groups AGM.

s.NSDC: Plan Review Preferred Approach -Stategy Consultation.


The Following Planning Applications were received and Returned:

7.1: No.16/00911/FUL

       Vary Condition 5attached to planning permission 11/00219/FUL the approved

       drawing 2005/024/10 Proposed Details- Plots 1 and 2 to be substituted for a

       revised set of plans for plot 2 only.

       Pond Farm, Kirklington Road

       For 5 Against 1 Absent 1 (RH)

7.2: No.16/01258/FUL

       Application for the removal/variation of condition attached to application

       16/00808/FUL; Conversion of former agricultural buildings to 4 No. dwellings

       and erection of 4 No. dwellings (Application to vary Condition 7 of planning

       permission 15/01413/FUL to allow for the provision of bat boxes and bird nest

       boxes to be on a plot by plot basis.

       Pond Farm, Kirklington Road

       For 5 Against 1 Absent 1 (RH)

7.3: No.16/01293/FUL

       Householder Application to demolish existing flat roofed extension and replace

       with pitched and hipped roof extension, also extension to the side elevation to

       provide an en-suite.

       Newhaven, Kirklington Road.

      For 6 Against Nil Absent 1 (RH).

7.4: No.16/01239/FUL

       Householder application to install white woodgrain finish PVC-U internal opening

      french doors to Master bedroom and Juliette balcony and install 13 A rated

      white woodgrain PVC-U windows.

      Hogwin House, Church Lane.

      For 6 against Nil absent 1 (RH)

The following decision notices have been received:


      Change of Use/Conversion of Existing Stables to Two Storey Dwelling

      (Resubmission of 16/00294/FUL)

      Stable Block, Brail Lane.

      Permitted Full Planning Permission 18.8.2016.


      Demolition of Southernmost Existing Cottage(No2 Tenters Cottage) & Erection

      Of Replacement Two Bedroom Cottage, Demolition of Derelict Outbuildings

      (Nos 1&2 Tenters Cottages), Erection of Pair of Two Bedroom Semi-Detached

      Cottages. Erection of Three Bedroom Detached Dwelling and Creation of New

      Access to No 1 Tenters Cottage.

      Tenters Cottages, Tenters Lane.

      Permitted Full Planning Permission 4.8.2016.

8.Cator Hall:

8.1: Report from Cator Hall Representative: Mr Brown told the Parish Council there had been a meeting last week at which the accounts showed £6700 in the Bank. Events e.g. a Christmas Fair and a Wine Tasting had been arranged to boost funds.

8.2: The Clerk was asked to write to Mr Nigel Spraggins at the Diocese for an update of what was being done to repair the wall between the Cator Hall land and the Rectory.

9.Recreation Ground:

9.1:The Clerk said that an invoice had been received from the mowing contractor and the Parish Council needed to make a decision on how many cuts to authorise for the remainder of this season .After discussion it was proposed by Mr J Sweeney, seconded by Mrs S Wilson and agreed unanimously that up to a maximum of 3 more cuts depending on growth would be agreed.

10.Mompesson Cross:

10.1: Mrs Curry said that the WI had weeded in the area around the Cross enclosed by the railings. She believed the railings and the seat were in need of a coat of paint. She suggested that ideally a local tradesperson should be employed to do the work and asked for suggestions. Mrs Curry was arranging two quotes for tree work that needed undertaking at the site.


11.1:Accounts for payment:

        Clerk’s Salary (July-Sept)                                                                            £265.29

        Office Sundries                                                                                            £  18.66

        Cator Hall Insurance                                                                                    £738.56

        Telephone Box Red Paint                                                                            £  48.10

It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson seconded by Mr J Sweeney and agreed unanimously that these accounts be paid.

11.2:Discussion on setting up a ‘reserved funds account’. Mrs Curry said that following on from the last meeting she had looked into opening an account for the Parish Council with a Building Society to place money specifically for a project, initially the purchase of the Cator Hall. This would put the Community Benefit funds to one side as there were already two sums of over £17,500 towards the purchase of the Cator Hall. It was proposed by Mr R Brown, seconded by Mr J Sweeney and agreed unanimously that Mrs Curry collect the application forms from the Skipton Building Society.

12.Other Agenda Items:

12.1:Damage to Interpretation Board: Mr Brown explained how he had found the interpretation board damaged on Kirklington Road and in what circumstances. It has gone for repair.

12.2:The Parish Council welcomed Miss Sarah Nixon and a colleague from Creative Care, an organisation which has purchased Sternhill Paddock on Back Lane. They explained how they would be running a 6 bed unit for autustic clients aged 18-30 and how it would be operated. The Parish Council and Miss Nixon agreed that they welcomed the Residents joining in as many of the Village activities as possible.

12.3: Pam Dutton and Ian Pope, representing Cultas Farming, attended the Parish Council meeting to explain a planning development they proposed on land at the end of Triumph Road adjacent to the Playing Field. Their scheme would involve five houses with provision for ten cars. The meeting were shown plans and pictures and had opportunities to ask questions.

13. Confidential:

14.Next Meeting:

14.1: There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.15p.m.

14.2: The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 12th October 2016.


David Ottewell