Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on

Wednesday 11th November 2015 at 7.30 p.m in the Cator Hall

Present:Mrs M Curry, Mr R Brown, Mrs S Wilson, Mr R Howes,Mr T White, Mr J Sweeney, Mrs N Kirk, Cllr R Jackson (NCC) and 1 Parishoner.

1.Councillor’s Declarations of Interest:


2.1: The Minutes of the meeting held on 14th October were circulated prior to the meeting.Mrs Curry said that she felt that 10.1 should include the sentence ‘The Parish Council discussed the Board and the Covenant restrictions in force on the land.’It was then proposed by Mr Brown, seconded by Mrs Wilson and agreed unanimously that the Minutes be signed as a true record.

3.Matters Arising:

3.1:Bilsthorpe Incinerator Planning Appeal: Mrs Curry said that the Enquiry had one day to go and she felt that the Inspector had been ‘very fair.’Mrs Curry explained how Newark and Sherwood District Council had not got a record of some documents that the Inspector requested and could not produce them and how she found this ‘very disturbing’. Mrs Wilson pointed out that there were no representatives from NSDC at the Enquiry to represent the local viewpoint. After discussion of events including how the missing documents could affect the case against the Incinerator and how if all local(i.e. Nottinghamshire) contracts for waste were already signed up with other incinerators where was the Bilsthorpe plant going to source its raw material? Mr Brown commented that NSDC Planning Department did not appear to be ‘fit for purpose’. Cllr Jackson agreed to look into the Parish Council’s concerns and ask NSDC about the missing documents and lack of support.

3.2:Purchase of Cator Hall update:Mrs Curry reported that a delegation had met with Mr Spraggins at the Diocese Offices and a copy of the Deeds had been produced. Mr Brown said this had not suggested any ‘nasty’ clauses. Mrs Curry continued that as it revealed that the Hall had been signed over to the Diocese by members of the Parish there was no choice but to buy it back if the Village wished to own it.One issue  revealed was that the Hall was not registered with Land Registry and this would be done before any purchase as would sorting out getting repairs to the wall between the rear of the Cator Hall grounds and the Rectory Grounds.Mrs Curry said these things would take time and enable finances from the Solar Farm and Wind Farm to be got in place.

3.3: Wind Farm update: Mrs Wilson explained that a meeting had taken place at the Cator Hall with Mark Spencer MP, Representatives of Laing and 3 concerned Residents. The people from Laing had explained their problems with running the Wind Farm which they said was resulting in reduced income. Residents explained their problems with noise and even suggested some solutions such as a new type of blade (not possible) or turning the blades(possible). Concerns of night-time noise were raised and the solution of triple glazing will be investigated. The issue of the Community Grant was discussed and could it be re-activated and Laing indicated they would be happy to transfer it to the Cator Hall purchase.

3.4: Defibrillator update: Mr Sweeney said it was still in good order. The Clerk revealed that he had received written confirmation that it had been registered with EMAS.

3.5: Christmas Tree Lights organisation: The Clerk said the Cator Hall Had been booked for Friday 11th December 6.00p.m and a notice had been given to the Eakring Echo. The Chairman asked if all Councillors would be attending to help and all agreed. A child was chosen to turn on the lights

3.6:Green Lane: Plans to cut down Trees: Mrs Curry said that at a meeting with a Western Power Distribution representative it had been agreed that certain trees could be cut down or lopped and some hazel coppiced as a safety measure.

3.7: 25kg Bags of Salt: The Clerk said the free bags of salt from NCC had been delivered . It was agreed to distribute them as follows. 1)Back Lane/Church Lane(Hazel) 2)Kirklington Rd end (Matt) 3)Triumph Rd(Tony) 4)Wellow Rd (James M) 5)Cator Hall 6) Fishponds Corner

4.Public Questions and Comments:

4.1:Mr Colclough said that as he understood the missing documents at NSDC related to millions of pounds spent on the former Bilsthorpe Site to landscape it so that the status would alter and then it would either be or not be a brown field site, was there not a case for stopping the Appeal until the information was found. Cllr Jackson said he would look into the issue.

5.County/District Councillors:

5.1:Cllr Jackson said it appeared the devolution process was going ahead involving an elected Mayor with the joining of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. He pointed out the advantages of extra finance for the regions but the reservation was voiced that Nottinghamshire would already be at a disadvantage as it had 9 regions to Derbyshire’s 10.

5.2: Mr Howes asked if he could point out the poor condition of 2 roads not actually in Eakring Parish. 1) Deerdale Lane where it joins the A614 turning left is breaking up 2) Eakring Road where it joins the A617 is breaking up. It was also mentioned that, in spite of some areas having been patched, the Kirklington Road from the National Grid towards the A617 needs attention in a number of places.

5.3: There were no NSDC Councillors present.

5.4:Cllr Jackson suggested writing to Chief Executive and Leader of Newark and Sherwood District Council  if the Parish Council had concerns that they were not getting  representation.


6.1:NCC: Latest news from the Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire Programme: Eakring will be part of part Contract 2 – connected Spring 2018

6.2: Sherwood and Newark Citizens Advice: Letter of thanks for donation of £50.

6.3: Tree Works: Walnut Cottage, Main Street.

6.4: Items Circulated:

a.The Great British Bake Off

b.NCFA: Request for Information on Village

c.Groundwork Cresswell,Ashfield, Mansfield:Newsletter-Nov

d.Newarkand Sherwood CAB: poster

e.Notts Crime Commissioner:’The Beat’

f.Beaumont House: Christmas Events.

g.CPRE: Valerie Gillespie Award 2016.

h.RCAN:Civilian Life Event-County Hall-12Nov.

i.RCAN: Play Inspection Training-28 Oct.

j.CVS: Non NCC Funding.

k.CHMC: Minutes of 13 Oct Meeting.

l.Clerks and Councils Direct-Nov.


The following planning applications have been received:


      Application to vary condition added by 15/01248/NMA to amend plans

      approved by planning permission 11/00215/FUL to allow for amend

      designs to buildings and external areas.

      Pond Farm, Kirklington Road

      Returned 6.11.15

      For 6 Against 1


      Works associated with conversion of former agricultural buildings to 4 no

      dwellings (amendments to listed building consent 11/0220/LBC to allow

      for altered design)

      Pond Farm Kirklington Road

      Returned 10.11.15

      For 6 Against 1

7.3: A late agenda item

      No. 15/01993/FUL

      Householder application for single storey side extension

      Apple Cottage, Bilsthorpe Road.

This planning application was discussed and a vote taken

 For 7 against Nil

8.Cator Hall:

8.1:Report from Cator Hall Representative: Mr Brown pointed out that the Christmas Fair would be held on Saturday. The wiring had been checked and had received a clean bill of health except that the fire exit signs needed updating for which quotes were being sought. Mrs Curry suggested a new electrician who had just moved into the Village should be approached to offer one of the quotes.

9.Recreation Ground:

9.1: Mr Sweeney explained that he had been in touch with Karen Tarburton (RCAN) who had given ideas of Companies who might give quotes to provide an all weather pitch. Mrs Curry said to go ahead and get quotes.

9.2: Mrs Curry said a meeting had been held to reform the Playing Field Committee. Mr Sweeney had been elected Chairman,Mr Haslam Treasurer, Mrs Kirk Secretary and Mrs Curry Vice Chairman. It was hoped to get more members including youngsters.

9.3: The Clerk said he had applied to NSDC for planning permission to prune the hawthorn tree that was leaning on the Triumph Road Garages but except for an acknowledgement no communication had been received back yet.

10. Mompesson Cross:

10.1:Mrs Curry said she had spoken to Mrs Barrows (Chairman of the WI) about the Interpretation Board and had explained the covenant that went with the land and had been to see the Board. She circulated photographs for Councillors to look at. Mrs Curry explained that after discussions with Mr Christopher Parsons she could reveal that the view of Eakring Farming was that in this instance they were prepared to pass the decision over to the Parish Council but with the stipulation that the Board is not concreted in. The Parish Council discussed the issue with concerns raised about breaching the covenant and setting a precedent aired but it was also noted that it had been done with the best of intensions and the meeting came to the conclusion that the Board should be erected but with the no concrete’ stipulation emphasised and mentioned that it would need to be fixed securely.

10.2: Mr Colclough has agreed to erect the ‘Mompesson Cross’ name sign.


11.1: Accounts for payment:

         Grant to RAGE (agreed last month)                                                   £ 250.00

         St Andrews Churchyard Maintenance Grant                                      £ 180.00

It was proposed by Mr R Howes, seconded by Mrs N Kirk and agreed unanimously that these accounts be paid.

12.Other Agenda Items:

12.1: Mr Brown pointed out that a large branch had fallen from a big beech tree on the Newark Road just after Fishponds Corner. There were 2 ideas as to ownership and the Clerk agreed to investigate.

13.Next Meeting:

13.1: There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.

13.2: The next meeting is on Wednesday 9th December 2015 at 7.30 p.m.


David Ottewell