Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on

Wednesday 11th January 2017 at 7.30 p.m in the Cator Hall.

Present:Mrs M Curry, Mr R Brown, Mr R Brown, Mr T White, Mr J Sweeney and 4 Parishoners.

Apologies:Mrs S Wilson.

1.Councillors’Declarations of Interest.


2.1:Planning Application No.16/01679/FUL

      Residential development of up to 5 dwellings

      Land Off Triumph Road, Eakring.

The Parish Council had viewed plans prior to the meeting. They discussed the application. Their main concerns centred on the planned parking for the scheme. It was believed that traffic often travelled too fast already for the conditions on Triumph Road and extra traffic and /or parking on this narrow road would be unacceptable. Councillors said that 5 dwellings with a total of 13 bedrooms gave a potential for 13 residents cars and that didn’t even start accounting for visitors. A vote was called. For 4 Against 1 Absent 2 It was decided to add comments 1) Suggest condition that should not be able to enlarge houses up or out. 2) That the amount of parking should be looked at 3) concerns about ability of village sewage system to cope.

2.2:Discussion of proposed 106 for Eco Homes, Land on South Side of Bilsthorpe Road, Eakring. Mrs Curry read out details of a proposed 106 to be attached to resubmitted appeal/application for this scheme(A copy of this had already been circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting).Mrs Curry explained the conditions of the 106 so that Councillors would understand its contents as it was proposed that for a fee of £150 p.a the Parish Council would monitor the 106. She then asked for Councillor’s feelings. Mr Howes said he felt this was ‘just to get planning permission and he was opposed to the Parish Council having anything to do with it and the Parish Council should contact a Solicitor if they decided to go ahead’. It would also involve too much work.Mr White said he agreed with Mr Howes. Mr Sweeney said he would rather the Parish Council than the District Council be involved in administering the 106. Mr Brown said he agreed that it was better to have an element of local control. Mrs Curry said she was in favour but would contact the Parish Council Solicitor.

Mrs Curry said the question was to support the 106 in principle but to contact the Parish Council Solicitor to check the wording. Mr Howes proposed that the issue be put on the agenda for the next meeting.This was not seconded. Mrs Curry proposed that a vote be taken  immediately. This was seconded.by Mr Brown. The proposition Accept the 106 as outlined, subject to legal advice For 3(MC,RB,JS) Against 2(RH,TW) Absent (SW,NK) was approved.

3.Other Agenda Items.

3.1. Increase in Eakring Echo sponsorship fee: The Clerk explained that the cost of sponsoring the village newsletter was now £25. It was agreed unanimously to send a cheque for £5 to the Eakring Echo to make the payment for this year up to the full amount.

3.2: The Clerk pointed out, and the Parish Council recognised, the cost implication of an extra meeting in January.

3.3: The Clerk said he had taken advice from NALC and the Parish Council were able to open a Building Society Account to keep’Reserved Funds’ aside for major projects and a choice from 4  Parish Councillors signing was acceptable.

4.Next Meeting:

4.1: There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.25p.m.

4.2: The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 8th February 2017.

David Ottewell