Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on

               Wednesday 11th February 2015 in the Cator Hall

Present: Mrs J Chow(Acting Chairman), Mrs M Curry, Mr L Haslam, Mr R Brown, Mrs S Wilson,Mr T White, Cllr R Jackson (NCC), Cllr B Laughton (NSDC) and 5 Parishoners.

Apologies: Mr R Howes.

1.Councillor’s Declarations of Interest:

Mrs Wilson said she wished to raise a query on behalf of herself and Mr Brown. Both Councillors also served on St Andrew’s PCC and they asked the Clerk if he would contact NALC to clarify if this constituted a conflict of interest in them participating in any Parish Council dealings with the Diocese in the possible sale of the Cator Hall between the two parties.


2.1:The Minutes of the meeting held on 10th. December 2014 were circulated prior to the meeting. It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr L Haslam and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.

4.Public Questions and Comments:

The Chairman asked the Council’s permission to bring this section forward as Cllr Laughton had to leave and she knew a Parishoner had an important point to raise.

4.1: Mrs V Priestly of Manor Farm explained that Footpath 26 passed through her ground and she had received a letter from the Planning Inspectorate stating that he proposed to adjudicate on a Modification Order which had been served on the FP.26. The Clerk confirmed that the notification had also been received by the PC in the last week. In effect it was the reinstatement of an old path and at first sight Cllr Laughton and Cllr Jackson said this might be difficult to object to however Cllr Jackson agreed to follow up the matter.

4.2: Mr Haslam said he had been informed that drains at the bottom of Church Lane, opposite Mrs Stokes’ Cottage and at the junction of Kirklington Road/Main St were blocked. Clerk requested to report to NCC.

3.Matter Arising:

3.1: Results of Community Fund Questionaire: The Clerk presented a breakdown of the responses to the questionnaire. 70 Replies:  Cator Hall 34. Playing Field 20. Both 16. Other 17 (N.B. some people ticked 2 boxes). A list of Community Projects was given to Councillors and it was agreed to digest the information, carry out some research and work out what was in the Parish Council’s scope to carry out and then discuss  at next month’s meeting.

3.2:Bilsthorpe Incinerator: Mrs Curry pointed out that now the planning application had been ‘called in’ by the Secretary of State a Planning Inspector would independently decide the outcome. She revealed that yesterday she had attended NSDC Planning Committee meeting where they had decided to continue to oppose the incinerator but as an Interested Party rather than a Rule 6 Party. The difference between the two, the reason for NSDC decision and its implication was explained. Mrs Curry said that RAGE were employing a Planning and a Transport expert but still feel that it would be very beneficial for individuals to write and object. Whilst Rule 6 objectors had until 24 Feb to get letters in others could sent views in after this date she commented.

3.3: Organising a Village Litter Pick: It was agreed there was a lot of litter particularly on the entries to the village. A date of Sunday 15th March 2.00p.m. To find the level  of support t a  form will be place outside Cator Hall so volunteers can sign up in advance. Mr Jackson suggested a contact at NSDC to obtain equipment.

3.4:Obtaining a Village Defibrillator: The clerk explained the problems with filling in the British Heart Foundation application form. It was agreed to put the telephone box as the location.Cllr Jackson said he would provide a contribution to the project from his NCC Councillor’s Fund.

5. County/ District Councillors:

5.1: Cllr Jackson said that the latest phase of broadband was rolling out but Parish Councillors pointed out to a surprised Cllr Jackson that Eakring was not on the schedule.

5.2: Mrs Wilson explained to Cllr Jackson the difficulties that the village had been having with lorries flouting the 7.5 ton weight limit. She said that she had viisited the Coultas Cover chicken farm after 46 lorries were logged going there in one day. A meeting had now been arranged with the transport manager. Mrs Wilson proposed putting an appeal in the Eakring Echo for volunteers to man a lorry watch so that details of rogue vehicles could be logged and then passed on to NCC. Cllr Jackson agreed with these actions.

5.3: Cllr Jackson told the meeting that NCC was part of a scheme working towards combined authorities the benefits of which would be more money from central government.

6. Correspondence:

6.1:The Clerk told the meeting that a Community Benefit Deed Form and an Anti-Bribery 2010 Compliance Form had been received and these had been signed by the Chairman on behalf of the Parish Council and returned. If the Solar Farm achieved completion on time prior to 31 March the first full payment would be due soon after.

6.2: Dept of Communities and Local Government: ‘Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities’: The Clerk pointed out that this had been circulated recently and applied to Eakring. The most significant new factor being that Minutes albeit in draft form must be published within a month of a Parish Council meeting and the Code talks about on a web site. As the Parish Council does not have such a site it was agreed to take up Mr Brown’s kind offer to use the Village site.

6.3: Tree notices received and noted:

       Hallowgate Cottage, Bilsthorpe Road

       Jasmine Cottage, Kirklington Road

       Strete Bank, Kirklington Road.

       Long Ridge, School Lane.

6.4: Items Circulated:

a.NSDC; Diversion of Footpath 17 for Consultation

b.Roger Jackson: Letter re FP 26 Modifiction  reply from Tin Hart (NCC)

c.NSDC: Planning Committee Agenda 6.1.15.

d.NALC: Provisional Local Government Finance Settlement 2015/16.

e.NALC: National Association Website

f.NALC: Writing to MP’s re. Council Tax Support Grant.

g.NALc: Urgent Message-Witholding of Council Tax Support Grant.

h.Tim Hart(NCC): Eakring FP 26.

i.Glasdon Brochure.

j.Clerk and Councils Direct –Jan 15

k.NCC: Town and County Planning Act 1990 Application called in by Secretary of State-Bilsthorpe Incinerator.

l.NALC: VAT and PAYE/NI seminar 26.3.15.

m. NALC: Local Councils Award Scheme.

n.NALC: Update from Jonathan Owen on Council Grant and Referenda Principles.

o. NALC: Local Government Financial Settlement-Government Consultation.

p.NSDC:Statement of Community Involvement Consultation.

q.Roger Jackson: re:Complaints regarding lack of gritting in the area and NCC response.

r.NALC: Proposed Abolishon of Public Works Loan Board.

s.NSDC: Connecting Communities on Streetlofe.

t.NALC: Audit Seminar 12Feb. Details.

u.Police and Crime Commissioner: Refreshing the Police and Crime Plan.

v.NSDC: Items to be Considered at Planning Committee 3.215.

w. Wickstead Brochure.

x.NSDC: Brochure on provision of OS Data for Parish Council use.

y. NALC: Local Government Finance Referendums relating to Council Tax increases Report 2015/16.

z.Police Commissioner?:

Rise in Precept to help fight against Crime of yet more funding cuts in the budget.

A1: Groundwork,Cresswell, Ashfield, Mansfield: Update.

7. Planning:

7.1:Application Number: 15/000/83

      Installation of a Solar Farm comprising a solar panel array, new and upgraded

     access tracks, inverter units,transformer buildings,substation and associated

     infrastructure for the generationof renewable energy.

     Field Ref No. 3753. Rufford Lane Rufford.

Details of this application were circulated prior to the meeting. Councillors discussed the proposal and a vote then called for. For Nil Against 6. The Parish Council’s opposition to the project was summed up as the cumulative effect when added to the other developments in the area and the fact that it added to the continued industrialisation of the area. In addition there were concerns on the effect it would have on local wildlife. Another point made forcefully was the inefficient nature of the latest renewal energy schemes and how everyone else had to subsidise them.

8.Cator Hall:

8.1:The meeting heard a report from Mr Brown, the Cator Hall Representative, who said another meeting fell due in a week’s time. The issue of the roof had not yet been resolved although it was now watertight and he believed the Surveyor from the Diocese had given his opinion and 3 quotes had been received so hopefully it would be sorted next week.

8.2: Mr White from the Rectory had met with Parish Councillors to explain the situation with the wall behind the Cator Hall. Mrs Wilson offered to approach the Surveyor from the Diocese to see if he can offer Mr White some sources of advice.

9.Recreation Ground:

9.1: The Clerk reported that Western Power Distribution had earlier this week been working at the sub-station on the field on Triumph Road and in doing so had crossed the playing field with vehicles to gain access. Mrs Curry pointed out that this went against their rights and suggested the Clerk contact the Company and point out what permission they had.

10. Mompesson’s Cross:

10.1:Mr Brown said that as agreed at the last meeting he had acquired a valuation of the Cross. Because of the weather this had been done from pictures initially but was £9,000-£11,0000 depending on if Portland Stone or Marble was used in the construction. The Parish Council agreed to seek a quote for insurance cover for £10,000 from NSDC.

10.2: Mr Haslam said he had spoken to Mr Haynes at Community Workshop about a sign and this could be produced with the cost covering Community Workshop contribution.

10.3:Discussions took place on methods of improving the site involving the steps and the bridge in different ways and ultimately Mrs Curry’s suggestion that Balfour Beatty be asked if they would like to provide ideas, manpower, equipment etc was adopted.

11. Accounts:

The following account was offered for approval:

                     NALC Subscription 2015/2016                                                       £78.41

It was proposed by Mr L Haslam, seconded by Mrs S Wilson and agreed unanimously that this account be paid.

12. Other Agenda Items:

12.1:Mrs Wilson said that parking on Kirklington Road remained a hazard to other drivers and providing parking at this point was one scheme that had been proposed as an idea for the Community Fund. It was agreed to approach Cllr Jackson at the next meeting as it was thought that any action would initially have to come from NCC Highways.

12.2:Light out in Telephone Box: Mr Haslam agreed to investigate.

12.3:Updating of Fixed Asset Register: The Parish Council looked at the register and agreed that most figures should remain the same  but that the following items should be added: The Mompesson Cross £10,000 and The Land around the Mompesson’s Cross and The Green Lane. The Valuation for the latter two was thought to be £1 as a Community Asset as the Playing Field had been similarly valued for a number of years but Mrs Curry suggested that NALC be contacted to confirm this course of action.

12.4:Arrangements for Annual Green Lane inspection were made with Mr Haslam agreeing to carry it out with the Clerk and Mr White agreeing to accompany them.

12.5: Mr White pointed out an overgrown hedge on Wellow Road causing a traffic hazard.

13. Next Meeting:

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.55 p.m.

The next meeting scheduled for 11th March 2015 at 7.30p.m.


David Ottewell