Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on

                        Wednesday 10th June 2015 in the Cator Hall

Present: Mr R Brown (Acting Chairman), Mrs S Wilson, Mr T White, Mr J Sweeney, Mrs N Kirk  and 6 Parishoners.

Apologies: Mrs M Curry, Cllr R Jackson.

1.Councillor’s Declarations of Interest:

There were none.


2.1:The Minutes of  the meeting held on 13th May were circulated prior to the meeting. It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr J Sweeney and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.

2.2: The Minutes of the meeting held on 28th May were circulated prior to the meeting. It was proposed by Mrs N Kirk, seconded by Mrs S Wilson and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising:

3.1:Bilsthorpe Incinerator Planning Appeal:Mr Brown reminded everyone that protesters would be assembling outside the Bilsthorpe Pit entrance at 9.30 on the 24th June and that details had been placed on the Website. Mrs Wilson added that she had Emailed people and that a notice had been put up on the notice board. There was also a coffee morning in Bilsthorpe Village Hall 10.00a.m on Saturday to raise funds.

3.2:Plans to Purchase the Cator Hall update: The Clerk said that, as instructed, he had contacted Lightsource  and read a reply from Joshua Mellor, their representative, in which he apologised for not replying sooner as he had been on Leave and he was now contacting other colleagues to get answers to the questions of  a) security of annual payment and b) possibility of advance of  three years of payments.

3.3: Plans to develop Playing Field update: The Clerk told the Parish Council that Karen Tarburton, the local RCAN representative, had contacted him regarding the Playing Field. She would contact NSDC to find out why they required planning permission to be sought for levelling the field but also said that RCAN offered a range of services to Parish Councils who were developing Playing Fields all of which were free. She would be prepared to come to the next Parish Council meeting to hear what Eakring wanted and explain what she could offer. The Parish Council agreed unanimously to extend an invitation to Karen to the next meeting.

3.4: Defibrillator update: The Clerk said that the cabinet had now been wired into the telephone box. He had arranged for Newark Community First Aid to run Defibrillator familiarisation courses at 6.45 p.m. and 8.00 p.m on Thursday 16th July in the Cator Hall. They could take up to 16 people on each course.The Courses will be advertised in the next Eakring Echo and the Clerk and Mrs Wilson would collect names. Mr Sweeney agreed to take responsibility for the defibrillator and once fitted in the cabinet the Clerk will inform EMAS that it is ‘live’.

4. Public Questions and Comments:

4.1: It was pointed out that the defibrillator would need to be insured as there were examples of them being stolen.

4.2: Parishoners had questions about the proposed purchase of the Cator Hall and Councillors tried to clarify issues. Mrs Wilson explained that proceeds from the sale would go to St Andrews Church but that they could only use them for certain purposes which would not include giving it back to the Cator Hall or the Parish Council although they might pay rent to use the Hall.When asked  it was stated   that  nor could the Church act as a Mortgagee for the Hall.

4.3: Mrs Wilson explained how the figure of £50,000 as the valuation of the Hall had been arrived at and the Parish Council were asked if they had agreed to go ahead at that price and Mr Brown replied yes.

4.4: Mrs Wilson explained that a request had been made to see the Deeds of the Hall and meanwhile Mrs Curry had checked with the Land Registry and there were no problems.

4.5: Mrs Martin said that once bought the Management Committee would need altering and the Parish Council explained that it would require a different constitution

4.6: Mr Barrows pointed out that paving slabs on Main Street that supported the bank were broken. They had been reported to NCC but not repaired. The Clerk agreed to contact the Authorities again.

5.County/District Councillors:

Cllr Jackson (NCC) had sent his apologies.

There were no NSDC Councillors.

6. Correspondence:

6.1:NCC: Update Better Broardband in Nottinghamshire- Announcement of signing of Contract2 . A site available to check if it will be coming to your area. NG22 0DA says ‘Great News....we are now developing a fibre solution for most, if not all of the unserved properties in your postcode through Contract2 of the rollout’

6.2: Tree Works: Birchwood, Main Street.

6.3: Items Circulated:

a.Rural Services Network: Building a Rural Community.

b. NSDC: Code of Conduct Training 26.6.15.

c.NSDC: Declaration of Results May Elections

d. Helping Hands: Join Dementia Specialists Online Live Chat

e. NALC: DIS (Direct Information Service) Latest Edition.

f.NCC: New Network of Digital Champions.

g. NSDC: Planning Committee Agenda 9th June

h. Crime Commissioner: Press Release-Survey.

i.John Pope: Anthony Aspbury Associates- Neighbourhood Planning.

j.NALC: Local Awards Scheme- Free Workshop 21.7.15

k.NCE: Flood Management Summit detailds-21/22 Oct

l.Unison: Gazebo Events Volunteers needed

m. NALC: Prayers at Council Meetings.

7. Planning:

No items

8. Cator Hall:

8.1:Report from Cator Hall Representative: Mr Brown said that work on the roof had been completed and now the Committee could turn their attention to the inside. The AGM would take place on the 23rd June.

8.2: The Cator Hall did belong to NAVACH.

9.Recreation Ground:

9.1: The Clerk said the grass needed cutting and Mrs Kirk said she would pass this information to Eakring Farming.

10. Mompesson’s Cross:

!0.1: Update on plans to refurbish Area: The Clerk told the meeting that, as promised, he had contacted Rachel Rickell, theNCC Rights of Way Officer. First she had declared that it was not possible to provide disabled access. NCC  aim to do so wherever practicable but in this situation it is not. Second she went on to say that once the area Contractor had completed his round of mowing in 3-4 weeks he would be available to commence work on the steps and bridge up to the Mompesson Cross. She would be able to give notice before this work would start.

11. Accounts:

11.1: Accounts for payment:

                       Clerk’s Salary  (April-June)                                                                 £ 241.68

                       Office Sundries                                                                                    £   34.77

                       Connecting of Defibrillator in Telephone Box                                    £ 120.00

                       NSDC Insurance                                                                                  £ 211.17

                       Mompesson Cross Insurance Premium                                               £   58.30

It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mrs N Kirk and agreed unanimously that these accounts be paid.

11.2: The Clerk explained the figures on the External Audit- Accounting Statements 2014-2015. The Vice Chairman noted the large difference in the Fixed Asset figure from this year and the previous year and the Clerk pointed out the error that had been made when last year the Fixed Asset figure had wrongly been put down as the Insurance value. This had now been rectified.

The Figures were proposed for approval by Mrs Wilson, seconded by Mr Sweeney and agreed unanimously and signed on behalf of the Parish Council by the Chairman and Clerk.

11.3:The Clerk read through the Approval of Audit Governance Statement 2014-2015 and the Parish Council filled in the form which was then signed on their behalf by the Chairman and Clerk.

12.Other Agenda Items:

12.1:Consideration of adding a July Parish Council Meeting:Discussion of this proposition took place the benefit being that it would avoid a two month gap in meetings when there was an increase in business. Whilst the disadvantages of extra cost in Clerk’s Salary and Cator Hall rent were acknowledged it was agreed unanimously to include a July meeting.

12.2: Noise from Wind Turbines:Mrs Wilson explained that the turbines had been noisy recently and were particularly noisy two weekends ago. She said Mark Spencer MP had been to the village earlier in the year to discuss the issue and she would like the agreement of the Parish Council to approach him again as since he had been re-elected he had been placed on a DEFA committee which would be looking into acceptable noise levels from turbines. The Meeting offered their unanimous support.

 12.3:Recent damage caused around the Cator Hall, the Interpretation Board and in the Memorial Garden: Discussion took place on these issues. It was agreed that mention would be made in the Eakring Echo and Mr Sweeney and Mrs Kirk would have discussions with a couple of Parishoners.

13. Next Meeting:

13.1: There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.25 p.m.

13.2:Bearing in mind the decision at 12.1 the next meeting will take place on Wednesday 8th July at 7.30 p.m in the Cator Hall.


David Ottewell