A meeting of the Parish Council took place on Wednesday, 8th November 2006 at 7.30pm in Cator Hall



Mr D Walker, Mr R Neale, Mrs Mary Stokes, Mrs Marisha Curry, Mr D Brozyna, Mr R Howes, Mr F Cooper and 8 Parishioners.



The minutes of the meeting held on October 11th were read.  It was proposed by Mr D Brozyna, seconded by Mr R Neale and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.


Matters Arising

  1. Light – Kirklington Road.  New lamp post has been erected.  Old post is still in situ, neither working. Matter reported.
  2. Telephone box light repaired.
  3. Cllrs Andy Stewart and Bruce Laughton to meet with Building Better Communities representative at site of proposed lay-by Kirklington Road, next week.
  4. Community Project – funding from District Councillors. The following suggestions were considered.

a)     ramp for Cator Hall;

b)     chairs for Cator Hall;

c)      new seat near Mompesson’s Cross;

d)     trees – Ring of Oaks;

e)     funding for Playing Field Equipment Committee;

f)        planters near village signs.


It was decided to purchase a new metal seat near Mompesson’s Cross, with any surplus money going towards the ramp.



The following items were discussed.

  1. Parish Conference. Mr R Neale unable to attend. Mrs M Curry to attend with Mr D Walker.
  2. Our payment for insurance has not been registered. N&SDC to trace.


The following items were also received and displayed or circulated:

  1. Letter and leaflet re Care Fees Advice.
  2. Register of Electors – Application for full list – requested.
  3. Notice CAB AGM 30th October.
  4. The Future of Sherwood – 2nd Partnership Conference 22nd November.
  5. Notts Waste Core Strategy – Issues and Options.
  6. NSDC Local Development Framework – Core Strategy Preferred Options.
  7. Wickstead brochure.
  8. Social Care Publications – Update 1.
  9. Clerks and Councils Direct – November.
  10. Countryside Alliance re Post Offices.
  11. Playworld Systems.
  12. Planning Recommendation – Windfarm.
  13. Countywise October 06.
  14. NRCC Annual Report.
  15. Rural Voice.
  16. Countylink October 06.
  17. NALC Annual Report.
  18. Town and Parish Standards 08.
  19. Tractor Show Poster – on noticeboard.
  20. Poster Nottinghamshire County NHS Public Board Meeting.



The following planning applications were received and circulated then discussed.


Application Number 06/01546/FUL

Land to front of Bleak House, Kirklington Road.

Erection of dwelling – re submission.

The proposed dwelling now has no garage, a single storey store is now double storey and there is still some inappropriate cladding.

Against 7, For Nil


Application Number 06/01491/CAC

Doran, Back Lane

Demolition of Brick and Asbestos Bungalow

Circulated and discussed at meeting.

For 6, Against Nil

1 Declared Interest (DB)


Stonish Hill Windfarm

This application was considered by the N&SDC Planning Committee on November 7th.  The application was refused because:


1. The turbines would interfere with the ATC radar at Waddington.

2. … would dominate and adversely affect the rural landscape and character of the area.

3. … would adversely affect the wider setting and landscape character of the registered landscape and parkland of Rufford Abbey.

4. … due to their size and scale and close relationship to the settlements of Eakring and Bilsthorpe are considered to have a major detrimental impact on the character and appearance of these Conservation Areas.


Councillor Bruce Laughton said that ETAG should be commended for the way in which they had raised the profile of the application.  Also the planning department had carried out a difficult job in a professional and helpful way.  The presentations given by Cllr Nora Armstrong, Mr Robert Bradbury of Bilsthorpe and our own Chairman Mr Derek Walker at the planning meeting were all excellent.  It is felt that some general guidelines should be available to stop further expensive applications being submitted in unsuitable areas.


Cator Hall

There will be a further work day in the spring to complete the outside work.  There are some jobs requiring completion which were started by the probation service who no longer seem to be available.  Funding will be required through the precept.


Recreation Ground

The fence has been reinstated.  The hole which appears to be a land drain has again been filled.



Oakring Building Services (fence)              £87.18

Churchyard maintenance grant                   £180.00


It was proposed by Mr D Brozyna, seconded by Mrs M Curry with all in agreement that these accounts be paid.


Any Other Business

  1. Light No 6 Church Lane not working.  Clerk to report.
  2. Pylons at National Grid. Planning Department to send someone out to view.  Clerk to contact John Willey 01636 655046 for outcome and further information.
  3. Community Speedwatch.  Further training to take place on Monday 13th November.  Cameras will then be requested for use.
  4. Cllrs Andy Stewart and Bruce Laughton will continue to argue for the need to salt Wellow Road and the road to Caunton.
  5. Response to East Midlands Regional Plan to be discussed in December.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45pm.


The next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday December 5th at 7.30pm in Cator Hall.


Signed: D Walker                                         5/12/06