A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Wednesday 14th October  2009 at 7.30pm in the Cator Hall



Mrs M Curry, Mr R Neale, Mr R Howes, Mr D Brozyna, Mr R Brown, Cllr A Stewart and one parishioner.


Apologies: Mr L Haslam, Mrs S Wilson



The minutes of the meeting held on 9th September were read.  It was proposed by Mr D Brozyna, seconded by Mr R Howes, and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.


Matters Arising

  1. Road safety on the A614. Paddy Tipping MP is to hold a meeting on Friday 27th November, 9.30am at County Hall to discuss this issue and proposes to invite 3 representatives from each relevant PC.  It was decided that Mrs Curry, Mr Neale and Mr Haslam would attend on behalf of Eakring PC.
  2. Street name signs. Mr Neale reported that the uprights from the old signs were not reusable.  The Clerk was instructed to look for a source of new posts.  Some old signs would be refurbished.
  3. Resilience store. No parishioners had contacted the PC with concerns about flooding to their property.
  4. Overhanging Foliage. Cllr Stewart was informed that NCC had not taken action about overhanging nettles on Kirklington Road in spite of being informed in July and September.
  5. Eakring Conservation Area at risk. A NSDC Conservation Area Officer believed that the reason the village’s name appeared on English Heritages List of Conservation Areas at Risk was because at the time of the survey the Wind Farm Planning Application was in process.  Mrs Curry agreed to try to discover more information.
  6. Telephone Box. Mr Neale to approach a local tradesman to quote for refurbishment work.  Things needed include: floor lifting, a noticeboard and repainting.


County/District Councillors

  1. Cllr Stewart said that funding for the new bus shelter would be applied for in the next round of BBC bids.
  2. Cllr Stewart was pleased to report that: (a) anti-skid road surfaces were to be laid in two areas – 2 sections on Stonish Hill, and 1 section on Wellow Road near Swish Lane.  (b) The mobile interactive speed sign had been allocated to Eakring.  As it was a heavy piece of equipment, it would be placed on a sturdy lamppost. NCC to contact Clerk to arrange site visit to investigate most appropriate vantage point.
  3. Message from Cllr Laughton that vehicles will not in future be sent from Rufford Mill via Wellow and Eakring.
  4. Mrs Curry expressed the PC concern about the number of times the verges were being cut in the village compared with the number of times they were supposed to be cut.



  1. NSDC Parish Conference 9th Nov, delegates and questions to raise.
  2. Notts Police re interactive speed signs and speed enforcement operations.
  3. NSDC Local Development Framework Core Strategy Options Report.

Items Circulated:

1.      NSDC Housing Market Assessment Parish Council/Member Event 2.9.09

2.      NCC Heritage Open Days

3.      Town & County, Living Willow Offer 2009

4.      Vitalise charity

5.      Valerie Gillespie Award 2009 poster

6.      NALC Communications Briefing

7.      Timberline Brochure

8.      Glasdon Brochure

9.      NSDC Amended System of Delegation

10. Notts Police Commanders Update

11. Coming to a screen near you

12. NCC Planning and Landscape briefing Sept 2009

13. Copy of letter to Cllr A Stewart from Notts police dated 8.9.09

14. NCC Briefing Note, Customer Service Centre

15. Komplay Brochure

16. NSDC Standards Committee Agenda 23.9.09

17. Policing in Notts Annual Policing Plan 2009/10

18. NCC Countrywise No 29, Sept 09

19. NALC IT Training for Town and PC in Notts questionnaire

20. Clerks and Councils Direct Sept 09

21. Notts Fire and Rescue Magazine, Response Aut 09

22. Wickstead Brochure

23. Emda News Summer/Aut 09

24. NSDC Launching N&S Active Card

25. NSDC Funding Advice Bus Visits

26. NCC Planning and Landscape Briefing Oct 09

27. NCC Travel and Transport Briefing Oct 09

28. County Contact, Visits of Mobile Rural Contact Point, Autumn, poster

29. NHS Healthcare in Newark

30. NSDC LDF Core Strategy Options Report and Poster

31. The Flying Colours, Flagmakers Brochure

32. Bassetlaw, Newark, Sherwood Parish/District Community Safety Liaison Group Meeting 26.10.09

33. Village Ventures Brochure

34. NSDC Village Ventures Brochure

35. NSDC Sports Development Unit Brochure

36. NSDC Infrastructure Delivery Plan

37. NSDC WYG Transport Planning

38. NCC Countylink Oct 09



Voting on the following Planning Application:

No 09/00483/FUL

Change of use of farm building to games room for domestic use

Manor Farm, Bilsthorpe Road, Eakring

For 6, Against 0, Abstain 1


Cator Hall

Mr Brown reported that the scarecrow event had been a great success with a number of positive comments. The money raised (£632 approx) was likely to be put towards replacing the main doors. A repeat of the event could be expected.


Recreation Ground

Nothing to report.



The External Auditors have approved the accounts for the year ending 31st March 2009.  The Clerk read out a letter from Clement Keys dated 27 July 2009.


Audit Fee £57.50

Playing Field Committee Donation £25.00

Clerks Salary £368.00

Clerks Expenses £50.46

Cator Hall Rent (Apr-Sept) £27.50


It was proposed by Mr D Brozyna, seconded by Mr R Howes with all in agreement that these accounts be paid.


Any Other Business

  1. The visually impaired strip on the pavement at the corner of Wellow Road/Main Street is crumbling – Clerk to report to NCC.
  2. A discussion took place about inconsiderate parking around the narrow roads in the village.  It was decided to ask to place a note in the Eakring Echo.
  3. Rubbish Bins – a) the bin on Back Lane appeared not to be emptied on the fortnightly rotation.  b) concern was raised about one or two bins that were still out the day after rubbish collecting day.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.30pm.


Next Meeting Schedule for 11th November 2009.


Signed:  M Curry 11.11.09