A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Wednesday 10th February 2010 at 7.30pm in the Cator Hall



Mrs M Curry, Mr R Neale, Mr R Howes, Mr D Brozyna, Mrs S Wilson, Mr L Haslam, Mr R Brown, Cllr A Stewart and 1 Parishioner.


Apologies: Cllr B Laughton



The minutes of the meeting held on 9th December were read.  It was proposed by Mr D Brozyna, seconded by Mr R Howes, and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.


Matters Arising

  1. Gritting – (a) Mrs Curry read a letter from a parishioner raising concerns about the road surface at ‘High Trees’ corner and a spate of accidents.  After discussion about possible causes Cllr Stewart advised referring the matter to the Highways Dept mentioning the need for regular gully clearing. (b) Mrs Curry raised the issue of a lack of gritting boxes in the village.  (c) Cllr Stewart said that village roads had not been gritted due to difficulties in obtaining supplies of road salt.  A review of the winter’s events will take place when new grit boxes etc will be able to be ordered.
  2. New bus shelter – after some misunderstanding it has been confirmed that the new shelter will be as the design previously approved by the PC.  A completion date of Feb/March has been given.
  3. Anti-Skid Surface – whilst this was completed before Christmas, the PC pointed out to Cllr Stewart that the section on Stonish Hill did not extend down the hill as they had been to believe it would.  He suggested contacting Jo Horton at the Highways Dept for clarification.
  4. Telephone box – Mr Neale reported that the work on refurbishment would begin when the weather improved.  He agreed to find a map of the village, naming the properties in the village, which would be suitable for display in the telephone box.
  5. Cator Hall Lease – A letter had been sent in December to the Southwell Diocesan Board of Finance but no official reply has been received as yet.
  6. Planning – Mrs Curry read out a letter that she had sent to NSDC Planning Dept on behalf of the PC setting out the PCs objections to the Long Springs planning application.


County/District Councillors

  1. Cllr Stewart informed the PC of a planning application by Oakwood Fuels Ltd at Brailwood Rd, Bilsthorpe.
  2. Cllr Stewart was made aware of the works taking place on Sandy Lane.



  1. Ollerton CAB Grant Aid Application 2010/2011.  After discussion it was proposed by Mr R Howes, seconded by Mr D Brozyna, and agreed unanimously to make a grant of £30 to Ollerton and District CAB in the year 2010/2011.
  2. NSDC Register of Members Interests. Parish Councillors were reminded of their obligations to notify the Monitoring Officer of changes in their interests within 28 days of becoming aware of them.
  3. NCC Temporary Road Closure, Newark Road, Eakring 22nd Feb – 13th March
  4. NCC Bus Stop Improvement Scheme – Time tabled Feb/March.


Items circulated:

  1. NCC re offer of bagged salt for winter
  2. Town and County, offer of quotes and brochure
  3. NCC Travel and Transport Briefing Dec 09/Jan 10
  4. NCC Countylink Dec 09
  5. NCC Your County Councillor
  6. NCC Communities and Local Government War Memorials
  7. NCC Temporary Road Closure Newark Road 25/1 – 12/2 and Triumph Road/Close 11/1 – 23/1
  8. NHS Take a Healthy Interest
  9. Notts Fire and Rescue Response Winter 09
  10. Appleby Brochure
  11. NSDC Training on Governance for Town and PC and getting the basics right 18.1.10
  12. Paddy Tipping calendar cards
  13. NHS Public Board Meeting Poster 28.1.10
  14. NCC Blidworth Bilsthorpe & Southwell bus timetable
  15. NSDC Lead thefts
  16. Countrywise Dec 09
  17. EMDA News Winter 09
  18. NCC Planning and Transport Briefing Jan 10
  19. NSDC Trees, Hedges and Landscape Schemes, first point of contact
  20. NCC Ready to React
  21. Clerks & Councils Direct
  22. NSDC Appointment of Parish representative to Standards Committee.
  23. NCC Rods Bulletin Temporary Road Closure Triumph Close/Road postponed
  24. NCC NCC/Parish/Town Council Event, notes on meeting
  25. Ollerton CAB Annual Report
  26. SIA Charity Poster
  27. NSDC Draft N&S Sports and Recreation Facilities improvement plan 2010/12
  28. Rural Voice
  29. East Midlands Fire and Rescue Control Centre
  30. Ward Fencing Brochure
  31. Playing Fields Newsletter Winter 2010
  32. NSPCC How to protect more local children
  33. NCC Visit of Mobile Rural Contact Point 8.2.10
  34. NHS Healthcare in Newark
  35. NCC The Big Learning Weekend
  36. NCC Planning and Landscape Briefing Feb 10
  37. Marshalls Brochure
  38. RCAN letter
  39. The Rural Services Community Network offer of membership



Application Number 10/00029/CAC

Demolition of retaining wall

Windy Ridge, Brail Lane, Eakring

Circulated and returned 2.2.10

For 7, against 0


Application Number 09/01853/FUL

Householder application for extension to driveway to front and side of dwelling and erection of a retaining wall

Windy Ridge, Brail Lane, Eakring

Circulated and returned 2.2.10

For 7, against 0


Application Number 09/01654/FUL

Erection of detached dwelling and garage (following demolition of building used in connection with former caravan site)

Land at Long Springs, Kirklington Road, Eakring

Circulated and to be returned 5.2.10

For 0, against 7


The following decision notice has been received:

Application Number 09/01578/FUL

Householder application for alterations to garage roof space to create additional bedroom

Ivalo, Mill Lane, Eakring

Approve full planning permission 21.12.09


Cator Hall

An indication has been given verbally that the lease could be extended for a further 20 years.  The entrance doors have been changed and the external lighting to the hall improved.  The uptake in usage of the hall is resulting in a corresponding increase in income.


Recreation Ground

A quotation to mow the field for the 2010 season has already been received from Town and Country.  It was decided to write to NCC Landscape Services to see if they wished to submit a quote in time for the March PC meeting (they would be asked if they would like to retain their fees at the 2009 figure).


Mrs Curry reported that after extensive discussion with interested parties, including Phil Beard (Parks and Amenities Manager NSDC) and a landscape architect, it had been decided to stand down the present Recreation Field Committee and relaunch the development of the Recreation Ground in a new format favouring the concept of a community park.



The Clerk reported that a grant of £165 had been received from Cllr Bruce Laughton.

Refreshments for Christmas Tree switch-on £49.00

It was proposed by Mr L Haslam, seconded by Mrs S Wilson with all in agreement that this account be paid.


Any Other Business

  1. Interpretation Board – after discussion it was proposed by Mr L Haslam, seconded by Mrs S Wilson, that the design as presented be accepted.  The voting was for 6, against 1. Mr Brozyna said that he could not approve the design as it did not show where half the village population lived ie Triumph Road and Triumph Close.
  2. Sandy Lane – a section of this green lane collapsed into a culvert on  31st Jan. NCC have officially closed off the lane at both the Wellow Rd and Newark Rd ends from 1st – 21st February to effect repairs which are already underway.
  3. Trees on Mill Lane – residents reported what they considered illegal tree felling in a paddock at the end of Mill Lane to the PC.  The Tree Officer has been made aware.
  4. Motorcycles on footpaths towards Brail Wood – there have been a number of instances of trail bikes coming from the Bilsthorpe direction into Brail Wood and then along footpaths towards the top of Mill Lane and back round to Brail Wood (Sunday mornings 9.30 – 10.00am).  Police and Rights of Way Officer aware.
  5. Parish Plan Questionnaire – Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire has sent a questionnaire about the parish plan to the PC. Each parish councillor has been given a copy for information and a PC response will be returned.
  6. Mr Neale reported concerns about the uneven surface on FP5 and sections where items were blocking access.
  7. Mr Haslam agreed to carry out the Green Lane inspection with the Clerk.
  8. It was noted the new planter is still not in its new site and it was agreed to complete this task in the next few days.
  9. A large amount of litter was noted around the village.  Possible steps to alleviate the situation were considered.  Initially the PC will:

a)     contact NSDC Litter Hit Squad

b)     Put a note in the Eakring Echo

c)      Contact Eakring WI to see if a joint campaign can be mounted.

  1. Planning – the PC decided to contact NSDC to obtain a written answer to a planning query.  The PC considered a planning application for Stentons Croft, Church Lane.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.22pm.


Next meeting scheduled for 10th March 2010.


Signed: M Curry 10.03.10