A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Wednesday 10th December 2008 at 7.30pm in the Cator Hall



Mrs M Curry, Mr R Neale, Mr R Howes, Mr D Brozyna, Mrs S Wilson, Mr L Haslam, Mr R Brown, Cllr A Stewart and Cllr B Laughton.



The minutes of the meeting held on 12th November were read.  It was proposed by Mr D Brozyna, seconded by Mrs S Wilson and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.


Matters Arising

  1. Mr D Brozyna commented on how nice the fingerpost (at the junction of Wellow Road) looked after its repainting.  All the PC agreed and Mrs Curry thanked Cllr Stewart for this efforts in encouraging NCC to carry out the work.
  2. Refurbishment of Street Signs.  The PC received 2 quotes for the work.  It was proposed by Mr Neale, seconded by Mr Brown, with all in agreement that the lower quote of £25 per sign plus materials, submitted by Mr McCool, be accepted.  The work to be carried out on all the signs in the village.  A group of Parish Councillors led by Mr Neale will inspect the signs prior to ordering the work.
  3. Mr Neale suggested that NCC Highways Dept Contractors had carried out a ‘good job of work’ with the ‘least possible’ upset to villagers during the recent road resurfacing and that a letter of thanks should be sent from the PC.
  4. Mr Brozyna suggested the bridge repair on FP8 was unsatisfactory and needed inspecting by the Area Rights of Way Officer.
  5. The Highways Action Team responded quickly to remove leaves etc from FP23.
  6. Councillors noted that stones remained on verges along Church Lane in spite of a reminder in the village newsletter.  Cllr Laughton said he had passed the matter on to NCC Highways Dept.
  7. Summer Fete.  Mrs Curry planned to send a letter to village organisations inviting them to send representatives to a meeting after Christmas at which plans would be set in motion.
  8. Cllr Laughton was thanked for contacting the 2 landowners on Wellow Road who have cut back their hedges.  Mr Neale pointed out 2 sections that were still close to the road.


County/District Councillors

  1. Answering questions Cllr Stewart explained that the Gateway Project could not proceed until the necessary legal steps had been undertaken.
  2. Mrs Curry said that often documents from NSDC and NCC gave a short deadline before the PC had to send their response.
  3. Cllrs Stewart and Laughton warned that the new road surface could be slippery until it had been worn in.  It was suggested a note be put in the Eakring Echo.



  1. NSDC re Planning and Consultations.  The PC opted not to receive planning information by e-mail.
  2. National Grid – apology for speeding drivers.
  3. NSDC re listing of BT K6 kiosks.
  4. NSDC re BT’s Proposals to realign payphone provision.
  5. NSDC tree notices: a) Cratley, Back Lane; b) Tenters Cottage, Tenters Lane
  6. The Rural Services Network.



Items circulated:

  1. Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, Revenue Budget and Council Tax Consultations 2009/10.
  2. NSDC Clean Neighbourhood Environment Act 2005: Dog Control Orders
  3. NCC Planning and Landscape Briefing Nov 08.
  4. NALC AGM Agenda
  5. Palace Theatre Pantomime Flier
  6. Rekk.co.uk
  7. Emda News Autumn 08
  8. NSDC Standards Committee Agenda 1.12.08
  9. NSDC Precept Estimates 2009/10



The following appeal notice was received:

Southlands, School Lane.


The following withdrawal of appeal notice was received:

Middle Farm, Church Lane, Eakring


Cator Hall

It has been necessary to change the main contractor for the toilets project.  The work is now expected to be completed by end February/March.  The new oil tank has been connected.


Recreation Ground

A number of Parish Councillors visited the Recreation Ground to view the fence near the garages.  Mr Brozyna was concerned about the lack of disabled access to the field while Mrs Curry thought the sign needed updating.


Mr Curry proposed that a Playing Field Management Committee, along the lines of the Cator Hall model, should be established.  A meeting will be called in January at which Mr Brozyna, Mrs Curry and Mr Haslam will represent the PC.



Eakring Echo Sponsorship £20.00

It was proposed by Mr R Neale, seconded by Mr L Haslam with all in agreement that this account be paid.



The precept for 2009/10 was considered.  The expenses were raised to £120 and the Eakring Echo donation to £20 while it was agreed to put aside £250 for the Election Account.  Mr Neale believed that the level of the Clerk’s salary was set externally.  It was agreed that the Precept requirement for 2009-2010 was £3350 - £1000 was allowed for the Cator Hall insurance.


Any Other Business

  1. Overhanging trees had prevented an oil tanker reaching the old peoples bungalows on Triumph Close.  After numerous phone calls involving Newark and Sherwood Homes, NCC Highways, NCC Tree Officer and site inspections from representatives from all 3, Newark and Sherwood Homes have agreed to cut the offending branches down.
  2. Mr Neale suggested the telephone box might be turned into a notice board when the PC acquire it.
  3. A York stone slab is raised at the end of Sikey Lane and will be reported.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.00pm.


Next meeting scheduled for 11th February 2009.


Signed:  M J Curry 11.02.09