A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Thursday 22nd April 2010 at 7.30pm in the Cator Hall



Mrs M Curry, Mr R Neale, Mr R Howes, Mr D Brozyna, Mr R Brown, Mr L Haslam, Mrs S Wilson and 14 Parishioners.


Agenda: Planning

Application Number 10/00436/FUL

Erection of a 54 metre high wind turbine and associated substation building

Coultas Farm, Kirklington Road, Eakring


Mrs Curry said that the plans had been circulated to PC members prior to the meeting. She then asked for individual comments.


The following comments were made about the document itself:


  1. Eakring Village was missing from the map provided.
  2. No views were shown of the turbine from Eakring
  3. Other views provided were taken from long distances.


Although the PC said the principle of wind turbines was correct, the site proposed was wrong for the following reasons:


  1. A number of turbines in the area already:

a)     Stonish Hill site approved immediate vicinity

b)     Lindhurst, Hockerton, Worksop local community

  1. Loss of local visual amenity, e.g can see Lincoln Cathedral from here, so they will be able to see the turbine. This is open countryside and a Conservation Area.
  2. Damage to birds and wildlife close to SSI (Dukes Wood). Bat and bird survey was done in February, wrong time to give proper data.
  3. Too close to National Grid helicopters fly close by training men thus turbine could be a health and safety issue.
  4. Noise levels proposed site is closer to the village than Stonish Hill site, but decibel level expected is higher.
  5. Shadow flicker close proximity to the village.
  6. Only the start once infrastructure in place nothing to stop further turbines being added.


The Parish Council voted: For 0 (Nil), Against 7. There was a unanimous show of hands from the parishioners present.


Mrs Curry said she had received a number of offers of support for the PCs views on the proposal and that it was up to individuals to make their views known as the PC could only do so much. The Planning Officer had set a date of 6th May for the receipt of comments.


Mrs Curry said that should NSDC Planning Committee pass the application, she would be pressing for conditions to be imposed such as:


  1. Construction traffic not to be allowed to come through the village.
  2. The turbine to be turned off when a certain decibel level is reached.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.25pm.


Signed: M Curry 12.5.10