A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Wednesday 14th April 2010 at 7.30pm in the Cator Hall



Mrs M Curry, Mr R Neale, Mr R Howes, Mr D Brozyna, Mr R Brown, Mr L Haslam, Mrs S Wilson, Cllr A Stewart, Cllr N Armstrong and 4 Parishioners.



The minutes of the meeting held on 10th March were read.  It was proposed by Mr D Brozyna, seconded by Mrs S Wilson and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.


Matters Arising

  1. Litter around the village.  No formal arrangements have been made with groups to clear the litter around the village though it was noted that NSDC Litter Hit Squad had been seen working in the village.
  2. Bilsthorpe Village Sign. A letter from Bilsthorpe PC requesting permission to erect a Welcome Sign on Eakring Road was read out and pictures of the format of the proposed sign studied.  It was proposed by Mr R Neale, seconded by Mr L Haslam and agreed unanimously to allow the sign in the chosen position.
  3. Bench under Local Improvement Scheme. Forms have been returned to NCC.
  4. Long Springs Planning Application. Cllr Armstrong explained why she voted in favour of this planning application at the NSDC Planning Committee and the Parish Council gave their views on the situation.


County/District Councillors

  1. Cllr Stewart said that a review on 30mph roads had just been completed and he expected some positive news when the results were announced.
  2. Cllr Stewart said that in the short term the outcome of the enquiry into Nottinghamshire Police would be more high visibility policing.
  3. In response to an enquiry from Mr Howes, Cllr Stewart said that NCC were working hard to fill as many pot holes as possible and had set aside £2,500,000 for this purpose.
  4. Concerns had been raised over dog fouling around the village and Cllr Armstrong offered to arrange for NSDC to send out Dog Wardens with cameras to try to catch the owners of offending animals.  The PC also decided to put a warning notice in the Eakring Echo.
  5. The PC pointed out to Cllr Stewart that white lining had taken place in the village on roads such as Side Lane, Back Lane and Church Lane.
  6. Cllr Stewart noted that the new bus shelter had been erected. Mr Neale raised the issue of some water pipes that had been exposed when the old shelter had been removed.



  1. NSDC Briefing Note on Local Authority Publicity in the run up to the Parliamentary Election.
  2. NCC County Council Civic Service 2010 27th June at Southwell Minster.
  3. CPRE Best Kept Village Competition 2010 entry form.
  4. NCC Working with artists to improve and celebrate your local area, presentation 25th April 2010.
  5. NCC Community Emergency Plan Template and Guidance. Mr Haslam agreed to take this folder and report back to the PC.


Items Circulated (18)

  1. NSDC Organic Waste Kerbside Collection meeting 20.4.10
  2. NSDC re Lilac Cottage, Side Lane
  3. Emda News
  4. NSDC re Scheme of Delegation
  5. NCC Notts Bus Concession Explained
  6. NCC Travel and Transport Briefing March 2010
  7. Notts Fire and Rescue Response Magazine Spring 2010
  8. NCC Countylink Magazine March 2010
  9. Glasdon Brochure
  10. NALC Employment Issues Course 9.6.10
  11. Valerie Gillespie Cup
  12. NHS Healthcare in Newark
  13. RCAN Rural Voice Ed11
  14. Paddy Tipping MP Miners Compensation Meeting Poster 16.4.10
  15. Bass/New/Sher Parish/Dis Safety Community Liaison Group Meeting 12.7.10
  16. Notts Police Commanders Update
  17. NCC Planning and Landscape Briefing April 2010
  18. NCC Travel and Transport Briefing April 2010



Application Number 10/00176/CAC

Demolition of Dwelling

Stentons Croft, Church Lane, Eakring

Circulated and returned 14.3.10

For 7, Against 0 (Nil)


Application Number 10/00127/FUL

Demolition of existing dwelling and provision of one new detached dwelling

Stentons Croft, Church Lane, Eakring

Circulated and returned 14.3.10

For 7, Against 0 (Nil)


Application Number 10/278/FUL

Demolition of bungalow and erection of three storey house

Southlands, School Lane, Eakring

Circulated and returned 27.3.10

For Nil, Against 7


Application Number 09/01790/FULM

Erection of 12 No. Two Storey Dwellings

Highbury, Kirklington Road, Eakring

Circulated and returned 29.3.10

For Nil, Against 7


The following decision notices have been received:

Application Number 10/00029/CAC

Demolition of retaining wall

Windy Ridge, Brail Lane, Eakring

Approve Conservation Area Consent 9.3.10


Application Number 09/01853/FUL

Householder application for extension to driveway to front and side of dwelling, and erection of retaining wall.

Windy Ridge, Brail Lane, Eakring

Approve Full Planning Permission 9.3.10


Cator Hall

Mr Brown had nothing to report.


Recreation Ground

  1. There are again some incidents of fly tipping.
  2. Mrs Curry said she had received an e-mail from Phil Beard saying he had a possible source for money for the playing field development for Stage 1.  There was a need to prioritise.  It was hoped to source local help with levelling the field.



Clerk’s Salary                                    £375.00

Clerk’s Expenses                              £48.95

Cator Hall Rent (Oct-Mar)                £35.00

RCAN Subscription                          £7.50

It was proposed by Mr D Brozyna, seconded by Mrs S Wilson with all in agreement that these accounts be paid.


Any Other Business

  1. Garden Waste Bin Collection. After discussion of the principle of the scheme, Mr Neale and Mrs Curry agreed to represent the PC at the NSDC Meeting about the scheme at Kelham Hall on April 20th 2010.
  2. Illegal Building. The PC decided that if they had any concerns about any building projects within the village their policy must be to raise the matter with the NSDC and then regularly repeat raising the issue.
  3. Telephone Directory. It was pointed out that some houses in the village had received the 2010-2011 Directory but this again had been the Mid-Lincolnshire Edition.  It was suggested that as many people as possible should make representations to as many different bodies as possible.
  4. Farmers Hedge Cutting.  Instances of farmers cutting hedges and leaving debris on the road have been reported to the PC.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.35pm.


Next meeting scheduled for 12th May 2010 after the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Parish Council Meeting.


Signed:  M Curry 12.5.10