A meeting of the Parish Council was called at 7.30pm on Wednesday 18th July to discuss the following planning matters



Mrs M Curry, Mr R Neale, Mr R Brown, Mr L Haslam, Mrs S Wilson, Mr R Howes, Mr D Brozyna and 9 parishioners and Cllrs Andy Stewart and Nora Armstrong.


Application Number 07/00856/FULEIA

Wind farm of 5 turbines with associated items including anemometer mast, sub station and access tracks for 25 years operational period (re-submission).

Land at Stonish Hill and former Bilsthorpe Colliery Site.


The meeting was adjourned to allow parishioners to raise any points.


In response to one query the chairman confirmed that no consultations had been made with the Parish Council before this re-submission.  The meeting was then re-opened.


Madame Chairman raised the following points which she felt needed clarification in order that the Council could make a duly considered and informed response.


  1. Why the MOD had withdrawn its objection as the slightly reduced height of the turbines was significantly higher than that considered safe in response to the previous application.
  2. What effect any change of use of land would have on permitted noise levels and accepted visual intrusion.
  3. How unacceptable levels of noise would be dealt with after any installation in view of above and recently published concerns about aero dynamic modulation and not just decibel levels.


It was proposed by Mr D Brozyna, seconded by Mr R Brown with all in agreement that questions be put to the appropriate bodies and that the Clerk ask Newark and Sherwood Planning Department for an extension until September for us to formulate our response.


As Madame Chairman will be on holiday on 12th September it was agreed to hold the next meeting on Wednesday 5th.


The following application was also received:

Application Number 07/00885/FUL

Proposed new dwelling (modification of house built not to approved plans)

Middle Farm, land to rear of Hollies Farm

Circulated and returned 9.7.07

For 7, Against nil


The following decision notice was received

Application Number 07/00376/FUL

Detached Garage

Cherry Lea, Back Lane

Approve full planning permission


The meeting closed at 8.15pm.


Signed M Curry 05.09.07