A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Wednesday 9th April 2008 at 7.30pm in the Cator Hall



Mrs M Curry, Mr R Neale, Mr D Brozyna, Mr R Brown, Mrs S Wilson, Mr L Haslam, Cllr N Armstrong and 3 parishioners.



Mr R Howes



The minutes of the meeting held on the 12th March were read.  It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr D Brozyna and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.


Matters Arising

  1. Post Office Update: Madame Chairman reported on the latest situation with the imminent closure of the post office.  She had held a meeting with the sub postmaster and the MP Paddy Tipping.  A further meeting is arranged with the same parties for next week, at which a representative of the P.O. would attend.  Suggestions were made for ways to resolve the situation.
  2. Paddy Tipping has agreed to approach B.T. about the Mid-Lincolnshire telephone directory being supplied to the village.
  3. NSDC has not responded to the PC questions about the house being built on Kirklington Road and a further copy of our letter has been sent.
  4. Discussion took place about the PC and the use of e-mail in the future.


County/District Councillors

  1. Cllr Nora Armstrong mentioned that while NSDC were in the process of identifying areas of building land this was the time for PCs to make representations for ‘social housing’ in their communities.
  2. Cllr Armstrong gave an update on developments at Kirklington Hall.



Application Number 08/00257/FUL

Erection of detached dwelling and garage.

Land rear of Highbank, Kirklington Road, Eakring

Circulated and returned 31.3.08.

For 2, Against 5


The following decision notice was received:

Application Number 07/01780/FUL

Proposed one No 4 bedroom family house

Land at Long Springs, Kirklington Road, Eakring

Refuse full planning permission 12.3.2008



  1. NCC Proposals for Eakring Village Gateway Scheme.
  2. From Post Office welcoming applications from potential retail partners to run Eakring PO and meanwhile informing us of nearest alternative PO.
  3. From Paddy Tipping MP enclosing a copy of PO letter above, asking if PC know of anyone who might be interested in running the PO.
  4. NCC informing PC that Kirklington Road lay-by scheme ‘put on hold’.
  5. NCC invitation to Building Better Communities Annual Event (17th June)
  6. NCC invitation to Sherwood Forest Regional Park Local Councillors Event (11th April).
  7. NSDC questionnaire about burial sites in the parish.
  8. Details of 2008 best kept village competition.
  9. Parish/District Community Safety Liaison Group Meeting (28th April) Agenda.
  10. Tree Works Notice: Ashling, Back Lane.
  11.  NCC Update of NCC Parish Database Questionnaire
  12. Travel and Transport Briefing 3/08
  13. NSDC Visitors Guides 2008
  14. Local Councils Update
  15. Standards Committee Agenda 19th Mar
  16. East Midlands Development Agency News Spring 08
  17. Rufford Craft Centre Programme Apr-July
  18. Notts Fire and Rescue Service Magazine – Response – Spring
  19. Sutcliffe Play Brochure
  20. Wickstead Brochure
  21. Town and Parish Standard Mar 08


Cator Hall

  1. Fund raising events planned include a Spring Concert and a Jazz Concert.
  2. An application for funding towards the disabled toilet which was made to NCC has been rejected on the grounds that it was received too late.  Other sources of funding were suggested.


Recreation Ground

  1. The Clerk reported that as requested he had written to NCC Landscape Services to see if they could match the other company’s quote for mowing the recreation ground for the 2008 season.  In reply, Landscape Services say that as we are a ‘much valued customer’ to continue to mow the playing field on 14 occasions between April and October 2008 at £30.00 per cut.  It was proposed by Mr R Neale, seconded by Mr L Haslam, with all in agreement that this quote be accepted.
  2. The PC noted incidents of fly tipping on the recreation ground.  The culprits appeared to be entering via a broken fence near the garages on Triumph Close.  The Clerk will place a notice in the Eakring Echo and approach the NSDC about the fence and signs.



Clerks Salary (1)                   £167.50

Clerks Salary (2)                   £167.50

Clerks Expenses (1) £9.65

Clerks Expenses (2) £40.94

Cator Hall Rent (Oct-Mar)    £30.00


It was proposed by Mr R Neale, seconded by Mr D Brozyna with all in agreement that these accounts be paid.


Any Other Business

  1. Gateway Proposals: After discussion it was decided that in each case the preferred position would be before the first house in the village.  The name sign should say ‘Eakring – Please drive carefully through the (our) village’.  On leaving the village, it should say ‘Thank you for driving carefully’.  The 30 sign should come separately after the name sign.  The roundels would be placed on the road. Cllr Stewart arrived after the PC meeting had formally closed.  He heard our proposals, and suggested a site meeting involving NCC, himself, Madame Chairman and the Clerk.
  2. Speeding cars were a concern in the village.  A reminder is to go in the Eakring Echo and the Clerk is to contact Val Priestley, the Speed watch Co-ordinator.
  3. A planning issue was raised.  Clerk to contact NSDC.
  4. The PC discussed tree pruning on Back Lane.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.30pm.


Next meeting scheduled for 14th May after the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Parish Council Meeting.


Signed: M Curry 14.05.08