Parish Council News  


A meeting of the Parish Council took place on Wednesday 8th February 06 at 7.30pm in Cator Hall


Present Mr D Walker, Mr R Neale, Mr D Brozyna, Mr R Howes, Mrs M Stokes, Mrs M Curry, Mr F Cooper,
C Cllr A Stewart, D Cllr B Laughton and 14 parishioners.  The meeting was then closed to allow comments
from parishioners and then re-opened.


Minutes The minutes of the meeting held on 14th December 05 were read.  It was proposed by Mr D Brozyna,
seconded by Mrs M Stokes and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.


Matters Arising

a) Signs for Dukes Wood Oil Museum.  The signs in the village have been removed. 
The criteria for tourism signs are not met by the museum (opening times, publicity leaflets etc).

b) Greenwood Community Tree Planting.  When Clerk eventually made contact, all money had been allocated. 
It was suggested we should express an interest to be held on file for grants in the next planting season. 
It was agreed Clerk should do this.

c) Parish Plan.  Final grant payment has been received. NRCC are now VAT registered and £292.98 has to be paid. 
This amount is not covered by the grant but will be reclaimed.

d) Gritting - Wellow Road, Newark Road.  Letter received stating volume of traffic did not justify.  Cllr A Stewart
reported that he was hopeful the roads would be given priority for next winter.  Clerk has reported the Eakring
sign on Wellow Rd was demolished when a car left the road. To be replaced in due course.



The following items were received, circulated, displayed or discussed.

1. Travel and Transport Briefing

2. NRCC Countywise

3. NRCC Annual Report

4. ROSPA leaflet and prices 2006

5. IT questionnaire

6. NCC Countylink Dec 05

7. Boundary Commission Review

8. NCC statement of Community Involvement – Pre Submission Draft

9. Standards of Conduct in English Local Government – The Future

10. Reply from P Thom re gritting

11. MRCP poster for 17th February

12. Clerks and Councils Direct, Suppliers Guide and Year Book

13. NRCC Rural Voice

14. Funding Seminars 06 D Brozyna to attend 9.3.06

15. Planning and Property Briefing Jan 06

16. Wickstead – Their World Brochure

17. East Midlands Airport – Draft Master Plan Poster

18. Green Belt Conference 7th March Reservation Form

19. The Lens form for event publication

20. NHS Primary Care Trusts in Notts Public Meetings 27.1

21. Fire and Rescue Service update

22. Ollerton and District CAB – Incorporation Request for approval. Signed and returned by Clerk.

23. Glasdon leaflets.

24. N&S Register of Members Interests – Guide to Code of Conduct

25. N&S Litter Hit Squad. Parish visit w.c. 17.4.06.  Clerk to suggest cleaning of Ellis’ Hill and
footpath Back Lane/shop.

26. Nottingham Wildlife Trust re fencing Mansey Common.

27. EMDA news Jan 06.

28. Ollerton CAB Annual Report

29. Travel & Transport Briefing Jan 06

30. NSDC Notification of Parish Council representation on Standards Committee.

31. NALC Invitation to Community Leadership Seminar.

32. Dogs Trust Poster – on noticeboard

33. Malcolm Lane – Environmental Craftsman – brochures

34. Living for Tomorrow

35. Tourism Signing in Notts – information (Dukes Wood Oilfield Museum)

36. N&SDC re Online Planning Consultations.  Questionnaire returned.

37. NALC Annual Subscription, Salary Awards for Clerks

38. Open Spaces Society – claiming public paths after 20 years

39. Planning Gain Supplement Documents

40. Windfarm Planning Appraisal

41. N&S Leisure & Culture Community Newsletter

42. Planning and Property Briefing Feb 06

43. N&S Acknowledgement of response to Core Strategy Issues & Options



The following applications were received

Application Number 06/00008/FUL

Hollies Barn Church Lane

Erection of stainless steel flue to north elevation of property

Circulated & returned

For 6, Against Nil, Absent 1


Application Number 05/02799/FULM

Construction of Wind Farm comprising of 7 turbines with associated equipment including anemometer mast,
substation and access tracks for a 25 year operational period on land at Stonish Hill and former Bilsthorpe Colliery. 


Mrs M Stokes declared a personal interest and signed accordingly.  The other six councillors declared their opposition. 
The reasons for the opposition to the application were discussed and the written response was agreed.


The following decision notice was received

Application Number 05/02487/FUL

Erection of multi purpose agricultural building, Ryalls Farm, Main Street

Approve full planning permission


Cator Hall

Decorating proceeding.  New bar to be made and fitted.  Next meeting 27th February.


Recreation Ground

Clerk to obtain quote for mowing in 2006.



NALC Annual Subscription £73.75

Parish Plan – NRCC  £1,391.73 (VAT £292.98)

It was proposed by Mr D Brozyna, seconded by Mr R Howes with all in agreement that these accounts be paid.


Parish Plan

Parish Plan suggested that there was support for an entry in the annual Best Kept Village competition.
Notification that an entry will be made to go in March Echo.  More details to follow.


Any Other Business

1. Mr F Cooper and Clerk to make annual Green Lane inspection.

2. It was agreed that a copy of future agendas should be sent to Newark Advertiser.

3. Mr D Brozyna to attend a funding seminar at Kelham Hall on March 9th.  Clerk to book.

4. Village Emergency Plan.  Clerk to find existing plan and check current requirements.

5. Community Speed Watch. Mrs Val Priestley to organise training of remaining volunteers and
availability of ‘cameras'.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.40pm.

The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 8th March at 7.30pm in Cator Hall.





Signed.  D Walker                           8/3/06