A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Wednesday 14th March 2007 at 7.30pm in Cator Hall



Mr R Neale, Mrs M Stokes, Mr F Cooper, Mr D Brozyna, Mrs M Curry, Mr R Howes and 7 parishioners.



Mr D Walker



The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 14th February were read.  It was proposed by Mr D Brozyna,
seconded by Mr F Cooper and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.


Matters Arising

  1. Ball park figure to replace a street name sign is £100.  Signs are only replaced by District Council when badly
    damaged or missing.
  2. County Councillor Andy Stewart reported that from April there will be no funding for police mobile cameras in villages. 
    Community Speedwatch will continue.
  3. The Eakring village sign is on order.
  4. County Councillor Andy Stewart presented a cheque for £300 to Vice Chairman Mr R Neale.  This money is to be
    used towards the disabled access.  Quotations for this are still being organised.
  5. Cllr Andy Stewart to investigate the possibility of repair or replacement with similar of the finger post signpost at j
    unction of Main Street and Bilsthorpe Road.
  6. Light on Church Lane repaired.  Latest set of reported faulty lights still awaiting attention.



The following items of correspondence were received and circulated or displayed.

  1. N&S Community Safety Partnership – agenda for next meeting 30th April.  Notes of meeting 29th January.
  2. Notice of tree work – Old Coach House
  3. Countywise
  4. Nottinghamshire Drafts Rights of Way Improvement Plan (CD).  Hard copy produced by R & H Brown. 
    Replies by 14th May.
  5. Travel and Transport Briefing March 07
  6. Clerks and Councils Direct March 07
  7. Planning and Property Briefing March 07
  8. Sid Paver – New Contact Details
  9. Bennington Metal Furniture
  10. Parish Council Nomination Forms – Election 3rd May.



The following application was received and discussed at meeting.


Application Number 07/00273/FUL

Grasmere, Back Lane

Change of use of land, erect green house.

Mr D Brozyna declared an interest and left the room.

For 5, Absent 1, Declared Interest 1


Windfarm.  A letter was read to Council suggesting that a new application from Eakring Farming and Harworth
Power will be submitted in April.


Cator Hall

It is hoped that quotes can be obtained and disabled access installed in the near future.  Thanks were expressed
for the help with funding.  Enquiries are currently being made as to availability of grants for installation of a disabled toilet.


Recreation Ground

Quotes for mowing received from NCC - £31.24 per cut and a Mr Key in Bilsthorpe - £30 a cut.  It was agreed
unanimously to continue with NCC Landscape Services.


Proposed equipment.  A funding meeting has been attended and a business plan formulated.  Good quality low
maintenance equipment is proposed.





Any Other Business

  1. Green Lane.  Clerk reported all in order.  Free of litter.
  2. The by-way signs installed on Mill Lane/Tenters Lane have been removed.  Installed in error as modification
    order is pending.  NCC have apologised.  Several new signs have appeared around the village on footpaths
    and by-ways not previously signposted.  This is part of the County Council’s new rights of way initiative.
  3. Parishioners had reported poor state of repair of boundary fences etc at 5 Triumph Close.  Cllr Bruce Laughton
    to report as this is a District Council property.
  4. Parishioners had reported an overhanging branch on Kirklington Road.  Previously identified by Highways as
    their responsibility.  Cllr Andy Stewart to report.
  5. Another reported problem with dog barking.  Clerk to provide contact details.  Suggested approach owners
    in first instance.
  6. Problems over some considerable time with surface water and blocked drains outside Greenfield Row dealt
    14th with by Mr J Barrows.  Flooding now alleviated but repairs to drains awaited.
  7. Dog fouling of pavements and footpaths becoming a problem.  Clerk to put notice in Echo.
  8. Nomination papers for the forthcoming election on May 3rd were made available.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.30pm.


Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday April 11th at 7.30pm.



Signed:  D Walker      11/4/07