A meeting of the Parish Council took place on Wednesday, 13th September 2006 at 7.30pm in Cator Hall



Mr D Walker, Mr D Brozyna, Mrs M Stokes and 7 parishioners.



Mr R Howes



Mrs M Curry, Mr R Neale, Mr F Cooper



The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 14th June were read.  It was proposed by Mrs M Stokes, seconded
by Mr D Walker and agreed that these be signed as a true record.  The minutes of the meeting held on 16th August
were also read.  It was proposed by Mr D Brozyna, seconded by Mrs M Stokes and agreed that these be signed as
a true record.


Matters Arising

a)     Drains.  The drains in and around the village have finally been cleared.  Investigations are currently under way
for the installation of a new drain opposite Bell Brigg to alleviate flooding at this location.

b)     Footpath No. 9.  Aerial photographs show that ‘The Flash’ does not obstruct this footpath.

c)      Litter Hit Squad due in village w.c. 18.9.06.

d)     New pylons at National Grid.  It has been suggested that this is not a matter for the District planners. 
Cllr Bruce Laughton to make further enquiries.

e)     Best Kept Village.  Clerk to inform Eakring Echo of winners with summary of where we were marked down,
i.e. community involvement.



The following items were discussed.

  1. Building Better Communities Year 3 Application.  Request for lay by on Kirklington Road to be submitted again.
  2. NALC 60th AGM.  No one to attend.  30 year long service certificate to be requested for Mrs M Stokes.


The following items were received, circulated or displayed.


  1. NCC Changes to Seasonal Decoration License.
  2. CPRE raise your local profile training 22.7.06.
  3. Nottingham Classics 2006-2007.
  4. MRCP Poster 1.9.06 2-3.45pm.
  5. Fire & Rescue Service Summer 06.
  6. A short guide to making your premises safe from fire.
  7. N&S Community Safety Partnership Agenda 24.7.06.
  8. CHUB Annual Report – on website.
  9. Notts Fire and Rescue Poster re access to annual report & Best Value Performance Plan.
  10. NCC Information and Questionnaire re Fiskerton HWRC & others.  Completed and returned.
  11. Clerks and Councils Direct July 06.
  12. Play equipment leaflet.
  13. Best Kept Village shortlist.
  14. Litter Hit Squad – follow up letter.
  15. Planning and property briefing.
  16. Travel and transport briefing July/August
  17. Boundary Commission – future electoral arrangements N&S
  18. Countylink
  19. Central Networks – building better and safer environments in your community.
  20. Notes of interim parish conference 21st June.
  21. Timber playtime for little people – playground supplies.
  22. N&S NHS Trust final annual public meeting 20th Sept.
  23. New rural touring cinema scheme for N&S.
  24. Planning and property briefing Aug 06.
  25. Wickstead Leisure – playground inspirations.
  26. NCC Rufford Craft Centre Aug-Dec.
  27. NCC Stages Sept-Dec.
  28. EMDA News Aug 06.
  29. Problem Oriented Partnerships – Conference details
  30. Countywise.
  31. NRCC Training Opportunities for Parish Councillors Questionnaire.
  32. Town and Parish Standards 07.
  33. NALC AGM notification and voting forms.
  34. Local Environmental quality – a town and parish council guide.
  35. ENCAMS – a guide to improving your local environment.
  36. Litter and the law.
  37. Proposed statement of gambling policy.
  38. Best Kept Village results and comments.
  39. NRCC – Connexions Youth Activity Questionnaire.
  40. Clerks and Councils Direct.
  41. Planning and Property Briefing Sept 06.
  42. Glasdon News Sheet.
  43. MRCP Poster 27.10.06.
  44. ODEF Tourism Action website poster and information.
  45. Travel and Transport Briefing Sept 06.



Cllr Bruce Laughton had outlined the planning policies now in force which had been reported at the interim Parish Conference. 
In our area of N&SDC committed planning permissions have already exceeded targets set for up to 2008.  The chances of
obtaining permission for new properties is
very small.  This is the reason the applications for land at Pond Farm and off

Church Lane
have been withdrawn.


The windfarm application will be considered at the planning meeting on Oct 3rd.  Bilsthorpe and Eakring Parish Councils
will be given 3 minutes each to put their case.  Cllr Nora Armstrong will also speak.


Cator Hall

The Working Party to complete the outside area has been postponed.


Recreation Ground

Fence.  The Clerk had received no reply from NCC as to whether the mowing gang could throw any light on the missing fence. 
Clerk to follow up.


Equipment.  An enthusiastic committee has been formed to explore the possibility of reinstating some form of activity equipment
on the playing field.  Funds are available from various sources.  The Parish Council will however need to cover the increased
insurance cost as well as the annual inspection charge.  It was agreed that this would be budgeted for in the precept when required.



NCC mowing (April-June) 6 cuts  £181.98.

CAB Grant – not quorate, discuss October.


Any Other Business

  1. Cllr Bruce Laughton had handed out leaflets re Staying Put Agency – helping people to stay in their own homes. 
    It was agreed to publicise this service in the Eakring Echo.
  2. Cllr Bruce Laughton had also announced funding through our District Councillors of £500 for a community project. 
    Ideas to be discussed at October meeting.
  3. The Eakring sign on Wellow Road has still not been replaced.  There is no white line on the end of Swish Lane. 
    Cllr Andy Stewart to report.
  4. It has been suggested that the new edging to the verge outside Jaleno, Church Lane may be too high. 
    Cllr Andy Stewart to ask highways to investigate.
  5. Complaints have been received from several residents throughout the village about excessive and prolonged barking dogs. 
    Item for Echo with number for advice and help to solve problem – Environmental Health Department.


There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.35pm.


Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday 11th October at 7.30pm in Cator Hall.


Signed: D Walker 11th Oct 2006.