Parish Council News

A meeting of the Parish Council took place on Wednesday, 12 th April 2006 at 7.30pm in Cator Hall



Mr D Walker, Mr R Neale, Mr D Brozyna, Mr R Howes, Mrs M Curry, Mrs M Stokes, Mr F Cooper and 5 parishioners.



The minutes of the meeting held on 8 th March were read. It was proposed by Mrs M Curry, seconded by Mr D Brozyna and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record. The minutes of the meeting held on 20 th March were then read. Mr R Neale proposed, Mr R Howes seconded with all in agreement that these be signed as a true record.


Matters Arising

•  Emergency Plan. Updated information outlined. Clerk to contact parishioners on existing plan to confirm still OK and others were replacements are required,

•  Litter Hit Squad. Mr D Walker confirmed that they were expected w/c 17.04 and would cover all roads in Parish. If any areas are missed they will return to clear. Bilsthorpe Household Waste and Recycling Centre expected to open in June.



The following items were discussed:

  1. Land Registry – Voluntary 1 st Registration. Extended to any parishioner 25% discount. Relevant for anyone resident in current property for over 20 years. Mr D Walker to put information in Eakring Echo and pass on relevant details.
  2. A Waste Strategy for Newark & Sherwood 2006-2020. Electronic and paper copy. Third bin for garden waste will be introduced in selected areas. ‘Bring Sites' will still be used for glass and textiles.
  3. N&SDC – Re District Wide Children's Play Provision. Grant money available for researched and proven needs.
  4. N&S Green Spaces Strategy – paper copy requested.


The following items were received and circulated:

  1. Travel and Transport Briefing Mar 06.
  2. Fire & Rescue Service Update Spring 06
  3. N&SDC re Members Interests – Declaration of Land or Property in Parish. Needs updating for some councillors.
  4. Highways re widening M1 junctions 21-30 (Public Exhibitions & Improvements)
  5. MRCP Poster next visit 9 th June 2.00- 3.45
  6. Wickstead Playground equipment
  7. Statement of Community Involvement
  8. Magna Play Seminar – Thur 27 th April
  9. Wickstead Leisure Exhibition dates
  10. Childline – request for support
  11. Planning & Property Briefing April 06
  12. Countywise
  13. Town & Parish Standards
  14. NALC Chief Executives Report
  15. Parish Council Toolkit – Version 2 (CD)
  16. Building Better Communities 3 rd Annual Promotional event. Thoresby Gallery July 4 th .
  17. Best Kept Village – Application Forms 06
  18. Bus Travel Guide – Blidworth, Bilsthorpe, Southwell.




The following planning applications were received:


Application Number 06/00473/FUL

Camelot, Back Lane

Demolition of existing W.C., utility and conservatory.

Rebuild with pitched roof over existing dining room.

Circulated and returned 30.3.06.

For 7, Against 0


Application Number 06/00556/FUL

Land off Church Lane

Proposed residential development – 3 new detached dwellings

Discussed at meetings

For 7, Against 0 Returned 13.4.06


The following decision notices were received:


Application Number 06/00056/FUL

Barns at Chestnut Farm, Wellow Road

Conversion to form offices

Approve full planning permission


Application Number 06/00008/FUL

Hollies Barn Church Lane

Erection of stainless steel flue to north elevation

Refuse full planning permission


The following notice of appeal was received:


Application Number 05/02386/FUL

Land adjacent Hollies Farm

Erection of one dwelling house

Appeal Ref. No. APP/B3030/A/06/2009761


Cator Hall

Work on bar continues. Working Party arranged for April 22 nd . Aim to lay membrane and gravel outside area. Fence and gate to be erected. Garden Society have been approached for help. Rental charges increased from May 1 st . New hourly rate £5.


Recreation Ground

Nothing to report.



NCC mowing (4 cuts) £95.40

Cator Hall rent (Oct-Mar) £24.50

Clerk's Expenses £45.54

Clerk's Salary £317.00


It was proposed by Mr R Neale, seconded by Mr R Howes with all in agreement that these accounts be paid.


Parish Plan

  1. Best Kept Village – It was proposed by Mrs M Curry and seconded by Mr R Howes that we should enter this competition. This was agreed with one councillor (DB) against. Entry will cost £5 and has to be made by 2 nd June.
  2. Community Speedwatch – Inspector Jill Davis now in charge of this initiative. Contact has been difficult. Co-ordinator Mrs Val Priestley will continue to follow up so that training and implementation can proceed.
  3. Minutes were successfully put on website.


Any other business

  1. Mr D Walker reported that motorbikes had used lanes when a gate was left unlocked.
  2. Cllr B Laughton had reported that with regard to the Wind Turbine planning application:

•  that he would not be able to speak at the Planning Meeting because it was alleged he had a prejudicial interest (Rufford Golf Club). Cllr N Armstrong would therefore speak.

•  NCC formally asked N&SDC to carefully consider whether the benefits of the development towards renewable energy targets would not be outweighed by the detrimental visual and other impacts on local communities.

•  Members of the Planning Committee were taken to a site of non-geared turbines where overall turbine height was 60 metres . Mr R Howes asked that in the light of this information our representations should be monitored. It was agreed there needed to be a co-ordinated response with the District Councillor to ensure all areas of concern were covered.

  1. Church Lane verge – Mr D Brozyna expressed concern that pallets and cones were still in place on this verge following the attempted reinstatement. He considered them to be an obstruction. It was agreed that they were unsightly. Clerk to find out who put them there and get removed.
  2. Mrs M Stokes reported need for drains to be cleared. Clerk to write to highways.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.50pm .


Next meeting scheduled for May 10 th following the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Parish Council Meeting ( 7.30pm start).



Signed D. Walker 10 th May 06