A meeting of the Parish Council took place on Wednesday 11th April 2007 at 7.30pm in Cator Hall



Mr D Walker, Mr R Neale, Mrs M Curry, Mrs M Stokes, Mr D Brozyna, Mr R Howes, Mr F Cooper and 11 parishioners.



The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 14th March were read.  It was proposed by Mrs M Stokes,
seconded by Mr D Brozyna and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.  The meeting was then
adjourned to allow Parishioners to raise points for discussion during the meeting.


Matters Arising

a)     Elections May 3rd. Twelve nominations have been received.  An election will therefore take place alongside
the District Council election.  A list of candidates to be put in Eakring Echo.  The Clerk has given written notice
of her intention to resign at the end of August.  Advert for new Clerk to be placed in Echo.

b)     Councillor Andy Stewart had reported that the finger post at the junction of Main Street and Wellow Road is to be
replaced.  Mr D Walker to check whether it could be repaired and if replacement is necessary that it will be of a
similar design.

c)      Village Gateway signs and road markings will be installed in the financial year 07/08.

d)     Mrs V Priestley reported that the officer in charge of Speedwatch is about to go on maternity leave and therefore
reports would not be processed.  Cameras will therefore not be in use again until June.

e)     Councillor Andy Stewart has informed us that the lay-by on Kirklington Road will be built under the Building Better
Communities scheme.  Plans will be made available for comments by the Parish Council.



The following items were received and circulated or displayed.

  1. N&SDC –Organising and Managing a Safe and Successful Event 21st April.
  2. Notice of tree works – Ryalls Farm, Ash Tree House and Barn Close.
  3. NCC re Fiskerton HWRC to be retained until 31.3.2012.
  4. Travel and Transport Briefing April 07.
  5. NALC – Town and Parish Standards (09), Community Empowerment Awards, EM Rural Action Plan, All about Parish
    and Town Councils.
  6. Department Constitutional Affairs – Memorial Safety
  7. New Code of Practice on Litter & Refuse
  8. Minutes of Interim Parish Conference 21.2.07 and Cleaner, Safer, Greener (CSG) Strategy booklet.
  9. Playback Spring 07.
  10. Notices of Parish & District Elections – Noticeboard & Shop
  11. EMDA News March 07.
  12. NHS PCT Public Board Meeting Poster – Noticeboard.
  13. Questionnaire re future Cotham HWRC.
  14. Postwatch response to Government’s consultation on PO Network.



No applications or decisions received.


Cator Hall

Quotes for the disabled access to Cator Hall have been obtained from Carmalor - £3218.18, and Oakring Building
Services £560 + VAT.  Mr R Neale declared an interest and left the room.  It was proposed by Mr D Brozyna, seconded
by Mrs M Curry with all in agreement that Oakring Building Services should do the work.  There will be another work day
on Saturday 15th April to continue the work outside.  Slabs have been donated which will be used to site a new oil tank.


Recreation Ground

Rubbish has been dumped in the dike at the edge of the field – tyres, mattress, crates, tarpaulin etc.  Clerk reported that
N&S Cleansing Department have inspected the situation and informed that it is the landowner’s responsibility. 
They will instigate a search to confirm the landowner.



NCC Mowing (Sept-Nov) £60.66

Clerk’s Salary £330.00

Expenses £13.68

Cator Hall Rent (Oct-Mar) £30.00

It was proposed by Mr R Howes, seconded by Mr F Cooper with all in agreement that these accounts be paid.


Any Other Business

  1. Highways. Parishioner requested attention be given to the continuing deterioration of the surface and edges of
    Back Lane.  Clerk to report.  Hole adjacent to manhole cover at junction of Main Street and Kirklington Road reported. 
    Collapsed drain just outside Parish boundary towards Wellow to be reported as well.
  2. Light on footpath between Church Lane and Main Street (Ellis’ Hill) does not work.  Also path needs sweeping. 
    Clerk to report.
  3. Revised application windfarm.  If this appears during April as has been suggested request to be made for extended
    reply date so it can be considered by the new council to be elected May 3rd.
  4. Large amounts of flies had been reported in village.  Offending heaps said to be cause have now been covered.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.35pm.  The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday May 9th
following the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Parish Council Meeting.


Mr Keith Woodvine expressed thanks on behalf of several parishioners, some of whom were not present, for the time and
effort of Parish Councillors and in particular the Chairman Mr D Walker over the last four years during which time there have
been several difficult issues to deal with.


Signed M Curry     09/05/07