A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Wednesday 12th March 2008 at 7.30pm in the Cator Hall



Mrs M Curry, Mr R Neale, Mr D Brozyna, Mr R Brown, Mrs S Wilson, Mr L Haslam, Cllr Andy Stewart and 4  parishioners.



Mr R Howes



The minutes of the meeting held on the 13th February were read.  It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson and seconded by Mr R Neale and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.


Matters Arising

  1. The Clerk reported that the audit fee had been set at £50 p.a. in 2006/7 and would remain in force until at least 2011/12.
  2. Madame Chairman pointed out that the Parish Council had already made a grant of £50 to Ollerton C.A.B. this financial year and suggested holding back for a period before the grant approved last month is forwarded.
  3. F.P.3 has been cleared by the Rights of Way Officer. Jim Meanley has lowered the height of the stile on F.P.3. NCC is responsible for maintaining F.P.27 and they have been contacted and informed that it is overgrown.
  4. A letter has been received from NWT about the fence positioned over the badger sett on Mansey Common.  They consider it is not harming the creatures.
  5. The Clerk reported that he had written to NCC over concerns about debris on the road following hedge cutting on Wellow Road and Bilsthorpe Road.   This reply repeated the reply received in November.  The Clerk also approached the landowner who acknowledged the PC’s concerns.  The PC resolved to monitor the situation closely.
  6. Mr Haslam said he and the Clerk carried out the Green Lane inspection and everything was in order.
  7. The Clerk had written to the PO asking about Post Office provision in Eakring after the retirement of the Postmaster in April.  The reply received apologised for the ‘temporary’ closure of the branch and assured the PC that they were doing all they could to reopen it as soon as possible.  Madame Chairman added that she had phoned the PO trying to explain that it was not a temporary closure.  Contact would be ongoing.


County/District Councillors

  1. Cllr Stewart reported that he had been to a meeting about the proposed incinerator at Rainworth and it could potentially have implications for communities like Eakring.
  2. Cllr Stewart hoped to have news about money for road repairs next month.
  3. Asked about road signs restricting heavy lorries in Eakring, Cllr Stewart replied that NCC would not sanction them as the village was on an essential user route when the A617 was closed.



  1. Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment – Draft Methodology Consultation Document.
  2. Invoices for mowing 2007.
  3. Direct telephone no. for Highways Inspectors at Kelham Road supplied by Cllr Laughton.
  4. Glasden Brochure.
  5. Clerks and Councils Direct March 08.
  6. NSDC Visitor Guides 2008
  7. Local Councils Update
  8. Planning and Landscape briefing 3/08
  9. Countylink Feb 08
  10. Planning and Landscape Briefing 2/08
  11. NALC The Council as Employer Course 30/4 or 7/5
  12. Brochure ’Enjoy England’
  13. Safer Neighbourhoods Group Meetings
  14. NCC Travel and Transport Briefing Feb 08
  15. NCC Keeping Children Safe Leaflet.



Application Number 08/00195/FUL

Proposed 3 new dwellings and associated works

Land at Bleak House Kirklington Road

For 1, Against 5, Abstain 1


The following decision notices were received:

Application Number 07/01516/FUL

Proposed replacement of existing dwelling and garage (Revision 02/01269FUL)

Land at Hungerhills, Wellow Road, Eakring

Refuse Full Planning Permission 15.2.08


Application Number 07/01775/FUL

Proposed new dwelling

Middle Farm, Church Lane, Eakring

Refuse Full Planning Permission 25.2.08


Cator Hall

Mr R Brown reported that there had been no meeting since last month.  There was to be a work day on 19th April and the next fund raising event would be a cinema evening (12th April).


Recreation Ground

The Clerk said that there had been two quotes for mowing for the 2008 season.

  1. NCC £32.17 per cut.
  2. Ulyetts of Blidworth £30 per cut plus VAT (£5.25) reclaimable.


Mr D Brozyna expressed the view, supported by the other councillors, that NCC should be given the opportunity to match Ulyett’s quote and the Clerk was instructed to contact them.


The Clerk reported that the roller had been propelled down the hill to the bridge on the Recreation Ground.  Mr R Brown agreed to supervise its removal.



A late agenda item was:

Nottinghamshire County Council (Mowing 2007)  £437.36

Also: Oakring Building Services (disabled access) £658.00


It was proposed by Mr R Brown, seconded by Mrs S Wilson, with all in agreement that these accounts be paid.


Any Other Business

  1. Madame Chairman commented on some disquiet in the village about the Mid-Lincolnshire telephone directory being distributed again this year.  She had spent a long time talking to BT explaining that it did not cover our area.  Mrs Curry suggested a notice in the Eakring Echo with a phone number for BT customers to ring to request a more appropriate directory.
  2. Mr D Brozyna expressed his concern about the positioning of the oil tank close to the highway on the new house in front of Bleak House, Kirklington Road.  Clerk to investigate the safety implications of this.
  3. Councillors discussed what form of drainage the above property was having.  For clarification the Clerk was asked to contact NSDC and enquire whether the house would be linking to mains drains or fitting a septic tank.
  4. Circulation of plans for land at Bleak House had been returned and discussion of the proposals took place.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.35pm.


Next meeting scheduled for 9th April 2008.


Signed: M Curry 09.04.08