A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Wednesday Oct 11th 2007 at  7.30pm in Cator Hall



Mrs M Curry, Mr R Neale, Mr D Brozyna, Mr R Howes, Mr L Haslam, Mr R Brown, Mrs S Wilson and 8 parishioners.



The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday September 5th were read.  It was proposed by Mr R Neale, seconded by Mr L Haslam and agreed that these be signed as a true record.


Matters Arising

  1. Community Speedwatch.  Cameras have been used over last few days.  Unfortunately camera broke yesterday and has been returned to police at Ollerton.  More volunteers are required.
  2. Flood Resilience Conference.  Emergency Plan to be established for every parish.  Clerk to update existing plan.  Sandbags, shovels etc and shed for storage available if required.
  3. Safer Neighbourhoods.  New meeting scheduled for Nov 6th at Farnsfield.  Mr R Howes to attend.  Also on agenda for Parish Conference to be held Monday 12th November.  Mrs M Curry and Mr L Haslam to attend.



The following items for correspondence were received, circulated or displayed.

  1. Travel and Transport Briefing
  2. NCC Closure Old Peoples Care Homes – Review
  3. NCC Travel to School in Nottinghamshire
  4. Lens Free Publicity Jan-Apr 08
  5. Town and Parish Standard Sept 07
  6. Response Autumn 07
  7. NRCC AGM Notices and Annual Report
  8. The Rural Voice
  9. DEFRA- Ways to Tackle Climate Change



Application Number 07/00856/FULEIA

Wind Farm of 5 Turbines with associated items (re-submission)

Land at Stonish Hill and former Bilsthorpe Colliery site.

Madame Chairman reported that an unsatisfactory e-mail has been received from N & S re change of use of land.  Other replies had been received as reported last month. Mr D Brozyna asked if feedback had been received from the questionnaire attached to the developers leaflet distributed to all households.  It was stated none had been received or requested as it was not considered relevant to Parish Council response.  Mr D Brozyna also objected to comments he said were written by Mrs S Wilson in red on the MOD’s response.


Madame Chairman asked each councillor in turn to say whether they opposed or supported the application and why – reasons must relate solely to planning issues.


Oppose – Mr R Howes, Mr R Neale, Mr D Brozyna, Mrs S Wilson, Mr R Brown, Mrs M Curry


Support – Mr L Haslam


It was agreed that a considered response would be formulated at the end of the meeting based on issues raised.  Response to be hand delivered to Kelham and put on village website.


The following decision notice was received:

Application Number 07/00885/FUL

Proposed new dwelling (modification to property built not according to plans)

Land rear of Hollies Farm (Middle Farm)

Approve full planning permission.


Cator Hall

Nothing to report.


Recreation Ground

Mr R Neale had examined the damaged gate.  Another new gate required.  Mr R Neale to obtain quote for a wooden gate.  Clerk to speak to Mr J Meanley about a metal gate.


Clerk reported that grass has been cut throughout the summer months but no invoice so far received.



Audit Fee                               £58.75

Clerk’s Salary                        £335.00

Expenses                               £33.44

Cator Hall Rent (Apr-Sep)    £30.00


It was proposed by Mr R Howes, seconded by Mrs S Wilson with all in agreement that these be paid.


Any Other Business

  1. Mr D Brozyna asked that an item from Parish Plan could be considered each meeting to see whether issues raised could be progressed.  He raised the issue of 20 mph signs on the back lanes. Cllr Andy Stewart reported that funding was available currently for a few trial sites near schools.  These need to be associated with speed bumps.  It was agreed that this could not usefully be pursued.  Thirty 30 mph signs can now be on village perimeter.  Clerk to ask for a review of the positioning of these signs in Eakring in conjunction with promised gateway scheme.
  2. Another reminder to be put in Echo re hedges and vegetation encroaching on signs and paths.  Brewery to be approached re footpath on Bilsthorpe Road.
  3. Item for Echo re dogs fouling particularly on Kirklington Road.
  4. Cllr Stewart to query when fingerpost at end of Wellow Road will be repaired.
  5. Cllr Stewart also reported that the preferred option is for parallel parking in the lay-by on Kirklington Road.  Plans are currently being drawn.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.30pm.  Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday 14th Nov at 7.30pm.


Signed: M Curry 14.11.07