Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 8th. June 2011 at 7.30.p.m. in the Cator Hall


Present:Mrs M Curry, Mr  Neale, Mr R Howes, Mr L Haslam, Mrs S Wilson, Mr P Lambert, Cllr N Armstrong, Cllr B Laughton.

Apologies:Mr R Brown.


Minutes:The minutes of the meeting held on 11th. May 2011 were circulated prior to the meeting.It was proposed by Mr R Neale,seconded by Mrs S Wilson and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.


Matters Arising:

1.National Grid Signage: Cllr Stewart had contacted NCC Highways and they had agreed to the placing of a National Grid directional sign below the Triumph Road name plate. A meeting has been arranged with Bryan Ashford( NG-Site Manager) 14.06.11 to decide on wording of the sign.

2.Overhanging hedge on Kirklington Road: Mr Howes reported that this had now been cut back.

3.HMRC Employer Status: The Parish Council is now registered as an employer. Initial implications appear to include that Clerk’s salary will need to be paid more frequently, at least 3 monthly and the last payment will have to be in the tax year worked.  Discussion followed about the extra work and cost involved in administering the PAYE  legislation with no benefit to the Parish Council or its Parishoners.Mrs Curry agreed to write and express the Meeting’s feelings to the local M.P and will examine the Clerk’s contract.

4.New Anti Dog Fouling Signs: Mr Neale said that these had now been positioned around the village except for two near the allotments which require backing first. Mrs Curry suggested that a notice be placed in the Eakring Echo reminding owners to keep their dogs on leads on or by roads.

5.Election Results: The reason Eakring did not appear to receive any Parish Council election results from Newark and Sherwood D C was that they had been sent by Email Unfortunately they had chosen a now defunct private address to send them to along with all pre election literature. The Parish Council decided to set up their own official Email Address for Future use: Eakringparishcouncil@gmail.com The Parish Council discussed the increased costs of computerisation both in time and hard and soft ware. Cllr Armstrong offered to explore the possibility of Newark and Sherwood D C supplying a computer either cheaply or second hand.

6.Parish Walkabout Follow Up: Mrs Curry noted that the promised  work on the signs around the village, cleaning etc,  had still not been carried out and asked that Jo Horton (NCC Highways ) be contacted.


County/ District Councillors:

The Parish Council offered congratulations to the District Councillors on their re-election to office.

1.Cllr Armstrong was asked when the Highbury Planning Application was due before the Planning Committee.She believed it was the end of the month but promised a firm answer by phone.

2.Mrs Curry was concerned about the possibility of work starting on the wind turbine project and queried if all the conditions for commencement had been met.

3.The Parish Council explained to Cllr Laughton their concerns about the unsuitability of the Caunton Road for HGVs. They were increasingly using it as a cut through between the A614-A616  and there had been a number of near misses between cars and lorries.Cllr Laughton advised contacting Cllr Richard Jackson at NCC to ask about an Environmental Weight Limit.( Copy to Cllr Stewart)

4.The Parish Council informed Cllr Laughton that they had received an apology for the confused cancellation of the Outlaw Triathlon visiting Eakring. The Great Nottingham Bike Ride was visiting Eakring instead but the notice received was rather late.

5.Cllr Laughton was informed of overhanging trees causing access problems to pensioners’ bungalows on Triumph Close. He provided the number of Frank Bartle at NSH who would help.



1.NCC. Outlaw Triathlon Sunday 24 July 2011:Will not be visiting Eakring and apologies to Cllr Stewart,Cllr Laughton and Parish Council for confusion. Also announcing Great Notts Bike Ride will be visiting Eakring

2.Perfect Motion Sports Marketing. The Gem 106 Great Notts Bike Ride  Sunday 19th June

3.NCC.Event Notification  Great Notts Bike Ride : The Parish Council discussed these three letters and concluded they required more notification as it was too late to put details in the Eakring Echo or cancel the Eakring Father’s Day event which had already been arranged. It was decided to send a letter to the organisers asking for more notice in future years.

4.NCC Advance Notification of Closure of C25 Eakring Road Wellow.

5.NSDC Armed Forces Day-Fly a Flag. The parish Council agreed to support this event and will ask Mr Martin if he will fly the flag.

6.NSDC Training in the Code of Conduct course- 23.6.11

Items Circulated:

1.NHS Public Board Meeting 21.7.11- poster

2.Administrative Surveys for Local Councils

3.NCC Licence to Install Hanging Baskets over the Highway

4.NSDC At Your Leisure

5 Notts Fire and Rescue ‘Response’ magazine



                 Application Number11/00594/FUL

                 Householder application to install solar panels on south

                 facing roof

                 Hogwin House Church Lane Eakring

                 Circulated and returned 23.5.11

                 For 7 Against Nil


A late agenda item:

                Application Number 11/00620/FUL

                Householder application for works to restore external features( walls,paving

                driveway ) to traditional character in keeping with the history of the property.

                Remedial works to distorted retaining wall. Painting of existing windows.

                Hall Farm Main Street Eakring


                Application Number 11/00621/LBC

                Works to restore external features ( walls,paving,driveway ) to traditional

                 character in keeping with the history of the property. Remedial works to

                distorted retaining wall. Painting of existing windows.

                Hall Farm Main Street Eakring

These planning applications were discussed and voted upon:

No: 11/00620/FUL- For 6 Against Nil Absent 1

No: 11/00621/LBC- For 6 Against Nil Absent 1


Cator Hall:

Mr Neale reported that plans were still being sorted for the refurbishment of the kitchen area but that one decision that had been made was to make a door in the north external wall.


Recreation Ground:

Mrs Curry told the meeting that invitations had gone out to tender to move the sewer. Other news was that she had a meeting arranged in two weeks time with Phil Beard and JamesTroubridge ( a specialist on sources of funding based at Groundworks)



1.The audited figures for 2010/2011 (ending 31.3.2011) were presented. It was proposed by Mrs S Wilson, seconded by Mr L Haslam with all in agreement that these be accepted.

2.The Annual Governance Statement was approved by the Parish Council and signed on their behalf by the Chairman and Clerk.

3.                           Councillor Training                                                         £ 15.00

                              Parish Council Insurance                                                 £171.74

It was proposed by Mr R Neale, seconded by Mrs S Wilson with all in agreement that these accounts be paid.

4.Late Accounts tendered:

                             a)  Telephone Box Electricity supply                                  £  20.48

                             b) Internal Auditor-Thank you token                                  £   11.98

a) Proposed by Mr L Haslam ,seconded by Mrs S Wilson.

b) Proposed by Mr R Neale, seconded by Mr L Haslam  

with all in agreement that these two accounts be paid.


Any Other Business:

1.Application to site Notts Police Aid Convoy Clothing Bank:After discussion in which consideration was given to such factors as the size of the village and the fact that there was already a fortnightly clothing collection by ROB it was decided unanimously not to support this application although there would be no objection to a bag collection.

2.New Village Noticeboard: Parish Councillors expressed their views on this subject and it was decided to take up Mr Lambert’s generous offer to make a new noticeboard to an agreed design.The Chairman and Clerk will bring three designs for consideration to the next meeting.

3.Jubilee 2012: Mrs Curry announced that an initial planning meeting had been arranged for Thursday 16th June 7.30. p.m. in the Cator Hall.

4.Safer Neighbourhood Group: Mr Haslam could not attend the next meeting but would pass on concerns. These included lead missing on Kirklington Road and vandalism to a bridge on Sandy Lane.

5Fixed Asset Book: The Parish Council agreed to review this at the next meeting.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.50.p.m.

David Ottewell.