A meeting of the Parish Council followed the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday 13th May 2009 in the Cator Hall



Mrs M Curry, Mr R Neale, Mr D Brozyna, Mr L Haslam, Mr R Brown.


Apologies: Mrs S Wilson, Cllr A Stewart



The minutes of the meeting held on 8th April were read.  It was proposed by Mr L Haslam, seconded by Mr R Neale and agreed unanimously that these be signed as a true record.


Matters Arising

  1. Street Name Signs – These were fitted on 24th April but unfortunately the Bilsthorpe Road/Main Street signs by the telephone box are in the wrong place.  Three phone calls have been made to the Clerk of Works Dept but they have not changed as yet.  Latest news is that the work is due Mon/Tues next week.  The Clerk of Works said the Highways Dept had raised the question of Wellow Road once having been known as Tork Lane.  The PC were of the opinion that there was no way of reverting to this name.  The question of the old street name signs having been left in place was raised.
  2. Parking on Kirklington Road – The PC were read a copy of a letter sent by Cllr Stewart to a parishioner on this subject outlining why the lay-by scheme could not go ahead.  The opinion was expressed that it was a pity the land was sold in the first place.  The possibility of making parking spaces at the end of Triumph Close was raised.
  3. Green Lane – The PC were concerned about the state of Green Lane on the section where NCC Highways Dept had recently placed road scrapings.  The PC decided to contact NCC Highways Dept and ask for the scrapings to be removed along with all the clumps of mud that had been placed at the side of the track.  They wanted the Green Lane returned to its original condition.
  4. Telephone Box – work to obtain paint, a noticeboard and repair the floor is ongoing.  A local tradesman will be contacted re external painting.
  5. Safer Neighbourhood Groups – Mr Haslam reported on Eakring’s crime statistics.  Relocatable, interactive speed warning signs, like that in operation in Bilsthorpe could be borrowed.  The PC expressed their interest.  It was thought that the extended 30mph limits in the village were helping to reduce the speed of traffic as it passed through the village.
  6. Damage to Playing Field Fence – Mr Brozyna did not feel that the continued damage to the fence near the garages would affect the playing field development.  Other councillors pointed out the potential insurance implications.


County/District Councillors

Cllr Stewart had attended a recent NCC meeting to discuss the new Highways Dept at Bilsthorpe.  The implications of which are that there will be major access changes to the A614 at the Eakring turn-off.



  1. Parish Council/Meeting Insurance Scheme Renewal 1st June 2009. It was proposed by Mr R Neale, seconded by Mr R Brown with all in agreement that the PC continue in the scheme for another year at a premium of £163.10.
  2. NCC BBC re gift of planter – a) Clerk to sign on behalf of PC agreeing to maintain planter. b) Mr Brown agreed to ask St Andrews Church if the planter could be sited on their land.
  3. NSDC Implications of BTs Adopt a Kiosk Scheme.
  4. NSDC Training on the Code of Conduct Course 3.7.09
  5. NCC County Council Civic Service 12.7.09
  6. Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire.  It was proposed by Mr D Brozyna, seconded by Mr R Neale with all in agreement that the PC take up the non-membership rate of £7.50.
  7. Tree Works – Hogwin House, Church Lane
  8. NCC Travel and Transport Briefing May 09 – article on grass cutting, clerk to contact Highways Dept for clarification on number of cuts in Eakring.


Items Circulated (20)

  1. NALC Countrywise April 09
  2. CPRE Best Kept Village Competition 09
  3. NCC Travel and Transport Briefing April 09
  4. NHS Public Board Meeting 21.5.09
  5. NSDC publicity run up to European and County Council Elections.
  6. Notts Fire and Rescue Response Magazine Spring 09
  7. Queensburys Shelters Brochure
  8. NCC Visits of Mobile Rural Contact Points 2009 – 1st 27th April
  9. Equality and Human Rights Commission Public Sector Duties.
  10. Notts Fire and Rescue Service Plan 2010-13 Consultation
  11. RCAN Newsletter The Playing Field Spring 09
  12. NCC Countylink April 09
  13. NSDC European Parliamentary and County Council Election 4.6.09 Posters
  14. NSDC Draft SHLAA NB Consultation Arrangements
  15. NSDC SHLAA Document Passport Results for your Parish
  16. NSDC SHLAA Presentation 30.4.09
  17. Komplay Brochure
  18. NHS Newark Healthcare Review
  19. Clerk and Councils Direct May 09
  20. Office Innovation




Application Number 08/02289/FUL

Erection of single and two storey extension

Laburnum House, Wellow Road

Circulated and returned 5.5.09

For 7 Against Nil


The following decision notice was received:

Application Number 09/00218/FUL

Change of use of building from general agricultural

Use of office and erection of single storey extension

Chestnut Farm, Wellow Road

Approve full planning permission 15.4.09


Planning Applications referred to last month.

Application Number 09/00438/FUL

Erection of new dwelling (retrospective)

Church Barn, Kirklington Road

Circulated and returned 6.4.09

For 6 Against 1


Application Number 09/00407/FUL

Erection of summer room and porch

Rhodwyn, Wellow Road

Circulated and returned 6.4.09

For 7, Against Nil


Cator Hall

Work on refurbishing the toilets is nearing completion.  The hall has a number of bookings.


Recreation Ground

Although NCC Landscape Services have agreed verbally to match the other mowing quote of £30 a cut, a written quote is still awaited as is last years bill for mowing.



Telephone Box Electricity Supply (Eon) £20.48.  It was proposed by Mr R Neale, seconded by Mr D Brozyna with all in agreement that this account be paid.


Any Other Business

  1. Mr Brozyna commented on the high standards to which Mr Meanley was maintaining the footpaths around the village.  The PC agreed and it was resolved to send a letter thanking them for their work.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.00pm.


Next meeting scheduled for 10th June 2009.


Signed:  MJ Curry 10.06.09