Minutes of the Meeting of Eakring Parish Council

Held in the Cator Hall, Eakring

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 11th July 2018


Councillor R Ford (in the Chair)

Councillors, R Brown, L Haslam, T White

Also Present:  4 Parishioners and Cllr L Tift (District Councillor)

70/18         Apologies of Absence

Cllr M Curry, Cllr J Sweeney, Cllr J Pennicott, Cllr J Peck (County Councillor)

71/18        Variation of Order of Business

There was no variation to the Order of Business

72/18        Declarations of Interest

Cllr R Brown declared an interest in agenda items 14 and 16.1 (the Cator Hall)

73/18        Public Participation

The Parish Council newsletter was raised by a parishioner as a good source of information. It was reported that there had been some areas that hadn’t received one. Cllr Ford stated he would make sure those houses received a copy. The council website was confirmed as eakring.org.

It was reported by a parishioner that litter was becoming an issue around the village. The allotments were raised as suffering from this problem and the verges were not being litter picked before cutting so leaving chopped up litter all over them. It was suggested that the issue of litter be placed in the Eakring Echo to raise people’s awareness.

Other issues at the allotments were raised: the stile at the top end is broken and there is a new gate post required for the gate. The Clerk agreed to contact the County Council about them. It was raised that people were parking over the gate at the allotments and generally cars were being parked poorly around the village causing issues for residents. It was suggested that this also be placed in the Eakring Echo.



74/18        Report from Police and/or County/District Councillors

Cllr Linda Tift (NSDC) reported that she would be attending Mr C Parson’s Judicial Review about the decision over the eco houses in support of Mr Parsons although the NSDC were against the eco housing development. The issue of the verges and footpaths not being cut was raised and Cllr Tift reported that the County Council were in the process of changing their contractors over issues with things not being done. It was noted that Wellow have their own contractors cutting their verges at their own cost however they were only able to cut a small way out of the village.

75/18        Minutes

 It was RESOLVED after proposal by Cllr Haslam, seconded by Cllr White and agreed unanimously that the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 13th July 2018 be amended on page 5 to correct Cllr Pennicott’s name and then approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

76/18        To Determine if any items are to be moved into Confidential Session

 It was determined that no items were of a confidential nature.

77/18        Planning Applications

Comments to be submitted to the District Council on the following applications.



Application Number

Description and Details






Application for repair work to 3 existing chimneys including removal of cement render, carry out remedial masonry repair works and re-point with lime mortar. 


Walnut Tree Cottage Main Street Eakring Nottinghamshire NG22 0DD

No Objection



Application for repair work to 3 existing chimneys including removal of cement render, carry out remedial masonry repair works and re-render with appropriate lime render. 

Walnut Tree Cottage Main Street Eakring Nottinghamshire NG22 0DD

No Objection


County Council Ref No: F/3848

Expansion of current site use including new buildings, plant, tanks, flood lighting, resurfacing, drainage and associated works.

Oakwood Fuels, Brailwood Road, Bilsthorpe, NG22 8UA

No Objection


78/18        Finance

The Council considered the schedule of payments to be made.

It was unanimously RESOLVED, after proposal by Cllr Brown, seconded by Cllr Haslam,   

(1)   To pay £250 towards the cost of the Clerk’s Cilca training.

(2)   That the schedule of bill payments detailed below be approved.

Chq number




Budget Item










Foys Solicitors

Cator Hall Purchase Work Deposit

Misc Provision




Glasdon U.K.Ltd

Dog Poo Bins and Posts

Environmental Provision




Playing Field Committee

Transfer of Windfarm Community Benefit 2018

Playing Field Maintenance




Sian Bacon

Clerk's Training Course Fee
















It was RESOLVED, proposed by Cllr Ford and seconded by Cllr Haslam, that due to the difficulties of accessing funds over four different accounts the election account should be closed and the funds transferred in to the deposit account and ring fenced there.

79/18    Chairman’s Announcements (if any)


 There were no announcements


80/18    Parish Council Plan


Cllr Ford reported on the meeting he and Cllr Brown had with Matt Duckworth of Nottinghamshire County Council about the siting’s for the dog poo bins. Triumph Road and Tenters Lane were both agreed as acceptable sites. The one to be placed on Brail Lane however is to be relocated to the junction of Back Lane, Mill Lane and Side Lane due to resident’s preferences not to have one on Brail Lane. There is some dispute as to the ownership of the verge at the Tenters Lane site and it was suggested that when the County Council install a finger post at that location the bin could be placed on that. Cllrs Pennicott and Ford will install the bins. During the meeting Cllr Ford reported that the issue of verges was raised and that the County Council were dealing with them.


It was noted that the current village signs cannot be seen due to the overgrowth of hedgerows. The Clerk reported that she had also been dealing with the County Council over the issue and would continue to do so. The Clerk also raised the possibility of Lottery funding from the scheme Awards or All to fund the new village signs proposed in the Parish Council Plan. She will investigate and report back.


81/18    Release of Sky Lanterns and Helium Balloons on Council Property


It was unanimously RESOLVED, proposed by Cllr Brown and seconded by Cllr White, to ban the release of Sky Lanterns and Helium Balloons of council property to protect wildlife, prevent littering and limit the risk of fire damage to property.


It was requested that the Clerk place a potential ban on the release of fireworks on council property on the next agenda to be considered at the next meeting.


82/18  Risk Assessment and Health and Safety Policies 


The Clerk reported to the council that she had been working to update a range of new policies for the council to bring it into line with what is required. To date a new Risk Assessment, Lone Working Policy and Health and Safety Policy had been completed and were ready for adoption.  It was agreed that Cllrs Ford and Brown would check the Council assets as per the new Risk Assessment.


It was unanimously RESOLVED, proposed by Cllr Haslam and seconded by Cllr White, to adopt the new Risk Assessment.


It was unanimously RESOLVED, proposed by Cllr Ford and seconded by Cllr White, to adopt the new Health and Safety policy. This was then signed by the Clerk and the Chairman.


It was unanimously RESOLVED, proposed by Cllr Haslam and seconded by Cllr Brown, to adopt the new Lone Working Policy. This was then signed by the Clerk and the Chairman.


It was also agreed to place the new policies on the Council website.


83/18  Cator Hall Purchase Update


The Clerk reported that she had been contacted by the Council’s solicitor, Ben Couch of Foys Solicitors, and sent the firms terms and conditions of business for the council to sign and send back to formally instruct the solicitors to move forward with the purchase. They also requested an initial payment of £500 for the disbursements initially made by the firm. The documents were signed by the Clerk, the Chairman and Cllr Haslam.


84/18    Town Clerk’s and Councillor’s update of matters in hand


Bilsthorpe Incinerator Planning Appeal Update: There is at present no new update on the appeal.


Wind Farm Update: The issue of noise caused by the turbines was raised in an email to the Chair from a parishioner. It was agreed to contact Laing’s about the issue.


Flooding Issues with Drains and Gullies, Highways and Verges: The Clerk reported that she had reported all issues to the District and County Councils and that things were getting done slowly however she would keep chasing them about ongoing issues and the issues raised in the meeting.


85/18    Reports from Representatives on Outside Bodies and Working Parties


Cator Hall: Cllr Brown reported that things were continuing on as normal at the Cator Hall and the committee were waiting on the updates of the Cator Hall purchase.


Recreation Ground: There was no update on the recreation ground. Cllr Ford mentioned there were some scheduling issues with GroundForce and he would speak to Cllr Sweeney for an update.


86/18   Mompessons Cross Update


It was reported by Cllr Ford that there seemed to be no litter or vandalism at the Cross but that a bench needed painting. It was unanimously RESOLVED, proposed by Cllr Haslam and seconded by Cllr Brown, that Cllr Pennicott be asked to repaint the bench and the council would pay the costs for the materials.


87/18   Correspondence/Information

Correspondence was received from:

1.     Nottingham Association of Local Councils (NottsALC) with a HR update from Personnel Advice & Solutions Ltd.

2.     A parishioner quering the placement of the dog poo bins down the bottom of the village – the Chair had spoken to the parishioner regarding this prior to the meeting.

3.     A parishioner asking whether the Parish Council could contribute towards the restoration of the Stoke Hole – it was decided that at the present time the council do not have the funds available.

4.     NottsAlc – the new constitution for NottsALC is available for comment.

5.     Streetscape inviting the parish council to an information day regarding their products.

6.     A parishioner reporting the overgrowth of verges and hedges in the village – the Clerk will report the issues to the County Council

7.     Came and Company confirming the council’s insurance renewal.

8.     Newark and Sherwood Clinical Commissioning Group sent a poster about evening appointments now being available in local Doctor’s surgeries. – the poster will be displayed.

88/18   Date of Next Meeting and Confirmation of Meeting Dates for the Year

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 12th September 2018 beginning at 7.30pm in the Cator Hall.

Confidential information

No Items were moved in to the confidential session

The meeting closed at 9.05pm