Minutes of the Meeting of Eakring Parish Council

Held in the Cator Hall, Eakring

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 12th December 2018


Councillor R Ford (in the Chair)

Councillors, T White, J Sweeney, M Curry, J Pennicott and L Haslam.

Also Present:  1 Parishioner, Cllr L Tift (District Councillor) and Cllr J Peck (NCC).

152/18         Apologies of Absence

Cllr R Brown

153/18      Variation of Order of Business

There was no variation to the Order of Business

154/18      Declarations of Interest

Cllr M Curry declared an interest in item 16.2 (the playing field)

155/18      Public Participation

A parishioner notified the council of pending works to their trees on their property. The council received the notification with thanks.

Cllr Haslam raised that he had received feedback about the Christmas light switch on from parishioners who had enjoyed it though some of the newcomers had been a little confused as to what was happening during the event itself. The council noted this feedback for next time. Cllr Ford stated that the number of attendees was about 60-70 and noted that this was an impressive amount of people.

156/18      Report from Police and/or County/District Councillors

Cllr Peck (NCC) updated the council on the proposed unitary authority plans. The consultation had had 3000 responses on the issue. The business case for had been received but ultimately the issue was withdrawn by the Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council due to a lack of support and appears for now to be completely off the table. Cllr Peck noted that some considerable upset had been caused and that there was some bridge building to be done with the district authorities.

Cllr Peck also reported that the NCC had put a reduction in funding in place for disabled adults which had not gone down well with many people including many of the councillors. It has stripped some people of up to £56 per week with only seven days’ notice of the changes in some cases. Currently it had been placed on hold due to the poor handling but would be going ahead from April 2019.

Cllr Peck also noted that he was continuing his efforts on getting potholes around the village dealt with and that he was open to receiving all reports of potholes as often he is able to get them repaired a bit quicker.

Cllr Ford queried the timescale of the improvements to the A614. Cllr Peck reported that nothing had been set yet but that the Ollerton Roundabout project was unlikely to commence work for a couple of years due to the size of the project.

Cllr L Tift (NSDC) reported that the district council had unanimously voted against the unitary authority plans over the concerns about the loss of localism. However, the district would be willing to work with the county council to make savings and improve cost effectiveness.

Cllr Tift noted that the new local community police inspector Heather Sutton was very good and eager to connect with the community. She was due to attend the meeting at Rainworth and would be happy to attend Eakring’s as well. It was also noted that the updates from Inspector Sutton were very informative and a positive step.

Cllr Tift also reported issues with Travellers cutting off bolts to access land with 22 vans moving through Rufford, Edwinstowe, Mansfield and Rainworth. At the moment everything is calm but it should be kept an eye on in case they move again.

Cllr Tift informed the council that due to the issues with the Universal Credit rollout NSDC had made grants available for people impacted by the rollout they just need to call the district council.

The planning application for the land adjacent to Fish Pond Farm was raised and it was noted that the site had been stripped of trees without permission and then the box ticked stating there was no tree removal required as part of the application. The conservation officer reportedly is fine with big houses being built despite the village requiring smaller properties.

157/18      Minutes

 It was RESOLVED after proposal by Cllr White, seconded by Cllr Curry and agreed unanimously that the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 14th November 2018

158/18        To Determine if any items are to be moved into Confidential Session

 It was determined that no items were of a confidential nature.

159/18        Planning Applications

Comments to be submitted to the District Council on the following applications.


Application Number

Description and Details






Conversion and extension of existing outbuilding to form a one dwelling and the erection of three further dwellings

Land Adjacent Fish Pond Farm Main Street Eakring Nottinghamshire NG22 0DD

After discussion the Council RESOLVED to OBJECT by letter.


Planning Decisions made by the District Council


Application Number

Description and Details





Variation of condition 3 attached to planning permission 16/00883/FUL to alter the rear window to a french door and install a Franklyn Juliet Balcony


1 Tenters Cottage Tenters Lane Eakring Nottinghamshire NG22 0DQ

Allowed by the District Council


160/18      Finance

The Council considered the schedule of payments to be made.

It was unanimously RESOLVED, after proposal by Cllr Sweeney, seconded by Cllr Haslam,   













Chq number




Budget Item
















Miss S L Bacon

Clerk's Salary (Oct - Dec)

Clerk's Salary




Miss S L Bacon

Clerk's Petrol Expenses (Oct - Dec)

Clerk's Salary




Eakring Echo
















(1)   That the schedule of bill payments detailed below be approved:


The invoice for the Playing Field mowing was passed to Cllr Sweeney to be paid out of the Playing Field Committee account as agreed at the November meeting.


161/18    Chairman’s Announcements (if any)


 There were no announcements



162/18    Parish Council Plan


The Clerk reported that the collection round for Mill Lane, Back lane and Side Lane dog bin had be started. She also reported that she was still chasing Via about the agreed finger posts.


163/18   Cator Hall Purchase Update


Cllr Ford raised the issue of a survey being required and a proper valuation for insurance and purchase purposes. Cllr Curry noted that the diocese had still not give the council a definite figure as yet and that it ought to be raised that the village had put a lot of money into the Cator Hall in the 70’s for the church which should be taken into account during the discussions of the purchase price with the diocese. It was agreed to wait for the diocese to come back with a formal price before the survey is commissioned.


164/18   Change of Council Email Address

It was agreed to change the council’s email address to a more formal one and issue each of the councillors with their own password protected email addresses linked to the council one. It was agreed to ask Cllr Brown to assist the Clerk and Cllr Sweeney in doing this.


165/18    Parish Clerk’s and Councillor’s update of matters in hand


Bilsthorpe Incinerator Environmental License Update: The Clerk reported that there was no current update on the appeal at present though she had seen there were issues reported in Derbyshire with the companies’ plant in Sinfin.


Wind Farm Update: the wind farm has no updates at present.


Flooding Issues with Drains and Gullies, Highways and Verges: The Clerk reported that all previously raised issues had been forwarded to the respective authorities and would be dealt with though she would keep chasing the authorities. 


166/18    Reports from Representatives on Outside Bodies and Working Parties


Cator Hall:  The Clerk reported that Cllr Brown had sent her a message stating that the Cator Hall was fine and that the Post Office one day plan was still being worked on with an update to come in February’s meeting.


Recreation Ground: Cllr Sweeny that he had met with Sovereign two weeks previously and looked at a draft proposal. He is to meet with Peak Playgrounds on the 13th December. He reported that Sovereign seemed very good and that rough drafts had been sent over. Topographical details had been retrieved from Groundworks to save time and the equipment offered by Sovereign looked good and was manufactured by themselves. A report on Peak Playgrounds would be given at the next meeting.


It was noted by Cllr Sweeney that a committee meeting would be held early in the New Year.

167/18   Mompesson’s Cross Update


Cllr Ford reported that Mompesson’s Cross was fine and that there had been no changes since his last report.


168/18   Speeding Signs


Cllr Ford reported on his meeting with Mr Keeling from NCC on the 20th November. Mr Keeling had informed Cllr Ford that a speed survey would be required to assess the need for speeding signs. The Clerk noted that she had received an email from Mr Keeling requesting the councillors decide a suitable location and notify him. A location was selected and the Clerk will email Mr keeling to make the arrangements.


169/18   Correspondence/Information

Correspondence was received from:

1.     An internal auditor offering their services to do the yearly internally audit of the council’s finances.

2.     Citizens Advice – notifying of their Christmas closing times.

3.     NottsALC – updates on the new website regulations and digital mapping toolkit.

4.      Utility Aid – offering services as an energy broker for the Council’s utilities.

5.     NSDC – precept setting and application information.

6.     NottsALC – salary scales update.

7.     NottsALC – legal briefing and updates on the forthcoming elections.

8.     NottsALC – legal briefing on council’s liabilities for councillor’s actions.

9.     Nottingham Police and Crime Commissioner – The Beat newsletter - Dec 2018

170/18   Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 13th February 2019 beginning at 7.30pm in the Cator Hall.

Confidential information

No Items were moved in to the confidential session

The meeting closed at 8.50pm